Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer vacation and other stuff that makes me swoon

Today is our first full day of summer vacation!

It is a Wednesday at 8:47 a.m., only 75% of the children and 50% of the adults in this house are even out of bed, and 100% off all age groups are still wearing their pajamas.

I am eating dry Cheerios straight out of the box.

The animals are not pleased. What's up with that?

Don't they know it's summer vacation????

I had all sorts of high falutin' ideas about what we would be doing today, but somehow, given our current pace, I don't envision us making it to the grocery store, the library, the feed store, the post office, AND the farmers' market.

Oh my goodness...speaking of the farmers' market...

I was pleasantly surprised the other day to open my mailbox, the origin of all fun and excitement around here, and discover a small package inside. After tearing it open like a ravenous pterodactyl, this is what I found:

...which were sent to me by a sweet reader named Krista, the artistic talent behind the Etsy shop Cambria Laine
"But dweej" you say, "I'm not sure what they are!"

Never fear, reader dear, for I will show you here! (during the summer, I like to irritate my children by rhyming a lot.  Gotta practice.)


Aren't these the cutest, most creative garden markers you have ever seen in all of your days on this green earth?????  Customizable to fit the plants in your garden and just oozing vintage charm.  I'm in love! Take a gander at her cute shop too because she has a lot of other other adorable things that will make you swoon.

Thank you, Krista!  My garden looks absolutely lovely.

And p.s. can you even BELIEVE how huge the plants have gotten?  There are actual tomatoes and snow peas and spinach leaves right there, taunting me with their not-ready-to-eatness while simultaneously high-fiving me for my not-killing-themness.  Vegetables and their mixed signals.  Sheesh!

Okay, I hear the low rumble of an impending child meltdown.  Perhaps I should feed them.

Happy summertime friends!

Edited to add: I have just been informed that the fabulous garden markers were ordered for us by a sweet well-wisher who wished to remain anonymous.  Can you believe that?!?!  

Anonymous friend, thank you so much!  Your gift arrived on the same day that I was exhausted and a little sad and wrote that post about needing a break.  It was absolutely perfect timing! 

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  1. I am literally squealing about the cuteness of these. Those are so clever! I totally hear you about the mixed signals from the garden. Half the time I'm thrilled everything's growing and not dying. The other half of the time I wish they would grow *more*. Oh man, oh man.

  2. I knew you'd appreciate this post, Ada :)

    Someday soon....sooooooooon we will be munching them with glee!

  3. **I must let you know however that I am only the messenger, and the sender wishes to remain anonymous!*** Doesn't that make it even more fun?! Love it!

    I think today I am going to make markers with each of my children's name on them to add to our garden. :) Just another way to make them feel included!

  4. REALLY???????????

    I did not know that! That is incredible and wonderful!

    Now I have to find out who it was...stat! I am the curiousest George you've ever met!


    thank you!

    And the names on the spoons is an awesome idea.

    Super duper :D

  5. I love these! What a clever and thoughtful gift!

  6. I think I need to buy markers for my garden so they can remember what they are and what they should be yielding. And then a marker that I will throw at the clouds to make it rain.(I am totally picturing some poor person who gets hit in the head with it on its way back down and thinks that instead of the sky actually giving us the much needed rain, it is instead doing the exact opposite and trying to gouge their eyes out with a fork that says "rain.") A marker to go over the toilet to remind my 5 year old to flush...oh, so many uses...and in a pinch I can dust them off and use them as place settings for visitors. (well, maybe not the one from the bathroom...that's gross.)

  7. The cuteness is outrageous. Fabulous. One question. Will they tell you if the little seedling coming out of the ground is foul or fair? Cause I have a wretched time with that crud. Oh, and sometimes it's cause I throw some shasta daisy seeds in my garden and hope they'll grow...then I think they are growing and ALAS! They are weeds that I continued to let grow for a month before discovering their weedness and letting them pretty much kill my lovely roses. Sigh.

  8. They are so awesome! I want some for my garden. Except this year my garden is pathetic. We have three yellowish tomato plants and one oregano plant and one bed where the mint is esablishing a home base before it tries to take over the entire yard.

  9. these are so uber super duper cute!!!!!!

    and, girl you have the BEST readers!!!

  10. I wish my garden looked like that!

  11. Krista is a genius!! What great to check out Cambria Lane.

  12. Cutest markers EVER! What a great person anonymous is :)

  13. @Tenetia- It's true. I have been blessed with the best reader friends in the entirety of the interwebz!

    @Katie- Anonymous is so great, isn't she?

  14. Those are adorable. At 8:47am, we were all in our pajamas and barely out of bed. My animals feel your animals' pain. : )

  15. I love rings from vintage spoons. And now, I love garden markers from vintage spoons! So cute and much Klassier than the plastic markers I've got in my pile of dirt :)

  16. I agree, the garden utensils are adorable!
    As for the pace of your day, you realize I am completely jealous of the decadence of it all. Isn't it funny though how we're conditioned to go-go-go, and we have all these plans, and usually the best ones are those that require no movement at all.

  17. Love those! What a neat idea.

  18. Love these! I need just one, about 3 feet tall, that says "Eat and Die", to place in the middle of my garden for the dayum Deer.

    Assuming they can read, of course...

    Enjoy everything, Dweej!


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