Friday, August 10, 2012

7 Quick Takes: Paul Simon is the Greatest

I've been trying to start writing this for at least 23 minutes, but Cari and Bonnie are being super entertaining over on facebook and completely distracting me.  I can't just walk away from a Paul Simon discussion.  I can't!  Which is why I'm listening to the entire Graceland album again right now.  I'm's become an addiction or something.  My newborn daughter is going to know every word to The Boy in the Bubble before she's out of diapers:
These are the days of miracle and wonder....don't cry, baby, don't cry.

Okay, here's a conversation that just happened between the 2 year old, sometimes referred to as "Cecilia" but henceforth referred to as "the Sleepless Wonder of No Sleeping who Refuses to Sleep because she's Clearly Made a Pact with Lucifer":

daddy: Hey, I'll read you your nap time story.
child: No! I don't want a nap!
daddy: Okay, fine.  Chevy will read you a story.  Did you know she can read?
child: No she can't!  She's just a dog.  She has no hands.  She just has paws-es

*sigh* If only the dog had hands...

Just look at this picture of sleepytime wonderment:
Baby Mary is 7 weeks old today and  slept for SEVEN hours straight last night.  Seven!  And look, she's so chubby!  And precious!  And adorable!  And delicious!  Do you know who did NOT sleep for seven hours straight?


That's right.  Cohort of Lucifer.  Be not fooled by her enormous amounts of cuteness.  She's the debil!  And before you get all "But when she gets older and reads this, she's going to feel so sad that you said these things..." look me straight in the eye.  I promise you: She. Won't.  She is wacky and ridiculous and will think her antics last night (including removing her pants and hiding in our bedroom) were hysterically funny and will proudly wear her child-of-the-devil label.

Let's get serious for a second.  Remember the other day when I wrote about my friend Rachael and her unborn baby with Trisomy 13?  First of all, thank you all for your words of support and your contributions to their fundraiser (you can check out the widget on the sidebar over there).  Secondly, please go read her response to the outpouring of love and support she's received.  Click here and read it.  Really.  But get a kleenex first.  So moving....

Also, I had planned on started the evil 30 Day Shred with the evil Jillian Michaels after posting my embarrassing "before" pictures, but, like, there were all these kids demanding unreasonable things from me, like food and unsoiled clothing.  And dogs who wanted to be fed.  And emails making that little beeping sound into my phone all afternoon.  And then someone would cry and I'd have to look at her in the mirror and say "Snap out of it woman!".  So I put the baby into the carrier and swayed back and forth while answering emails standing up at the kitchen counter instead.  That's pretty much the same as an actual workout, right?  Great.  I'll be in beach volleyball shape in no time!

I've never actually played beach volleyball.

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  1. no. 4 is the perfect counter to all those anti-mommy bloggers who insist we're inflicting irreparable damage upon our children by posting things like we post. Honestly. I think I know my children better than you do, Ms. Pissy Pants. I know which children will not care that I posted a picture of them shirtless and which will. I know which children will be sad that I called them spawn of Satan, and which will flash me the Goat and think it's hilarious.
    Sorry. Taaaaanget.

  2. Cohort of Lucifer sounds like a long lost relative of "Spawn of Satan" - my name for Natalie. So we can't be in-laws anymore. Sorry. I actually mentioned Paul Simon in one of my very first blog posts. He's one of my absolute favorites.

  3. We used to refer to my now 13 year old as " The Prince of Darkness" because he ruled the night, LOL. Cari, your post cracks me up because if I ever blogged, I would feel the same as you. See my friend's post on my wall when she said, " it was great to see Ryan's 4H picture because the last time I visited a dozen years ago, he spent the week in a woman's nightgown ( the "Cinderella dress") swirling his popsicles in the pool" ( and then slurping them up.) Scarring? Not to him, he said, "Hey, I liked my popsicles wet ..."

    Elvis week starts this week - I play Graceland every year during that week, just cuz. Love Paul Simon, saw him at Mud Island last summer, the guy is 70 and sounds just as great. YOu guys are fun!

  4. I look forward to reading your blog every day - Thank You! Love the Graceland, my hub and I are going on a date tonight, so it's gotta be our "try to look good" soundtrack. 30 Day Shred?? Uuuggghhh, used it after my last pregnancy. Couldn't stand her. Did the Kettle Worx dvd program instead and got in shape faster without hating the teacher.

  5. It sounds like Anthony and Cecilia are a match made in no sleeping hell. Seriously. Last night I was on the verge of strangling him.

    And I love #4. It drives me nuts when the self-righteous are all smug about things other people post about their own kids which will ruin their lives. Or maybe not. Maybe parents actually know their kids and maybe-- this is crazy, I know-- maybe mom's writing style is part and parcel of her communication style and of the general family dynamic and maybe her kids will get that better than a stranger will.

  6. YES! For #4 and all the comments applauding your #4. I don't want to sound redundant or lame, so I won't try and say anything else, but YES! For #4!

  7. You should make Cecilia do the Shred with you, then maybe she'll sleep. And if she really has a pact with Lucifer,(which, by the way, she is waaaaay too cute to) she and Jillian will have a special bond- or maybe if she has any chance of redemption, Jillian will steal her soul like she is going to steal yours when you start it. Maybe you should just start playing volleyball.

  8. So Jillian may be annoying so what I do is mute the tv after I know the moves and listen to my own music. I was so far out of shape after T that I need her tiers to get to a point where I could start to run and do the Insanity videos with the hubster.

    And if you think Jillian is annoying you should see Shawn T. Wow.

  9. I've done the Shred, Dweej...Jillian is SOOO annoying, so push mute on the T.V. and keep listening to Paul Simon. I grew up listening to Simon and Garfunkel...LOVE :)

  10. First world problem!! Oh man - My kids are hosed if blogging really will affect their esteem. But that's not reality. Reality is divorce, acne and being the last to get her first period. That is what really affects self-esteem. People are too worried about things that don't matter.

    And they are both ridiculously cute :)

  11. SEVEN hours? Jealous. Mine sleeps about 3-4 hours straight at most. Still, that's better than his brother when he was a baby. He used to wake up every single hour, then stay awake from 1-4am. And yes, omg Mary is precious! And so is Cecilia. Naughty as she may be. Heh.

  12. Take #4 had me laughing out loud to myself. And I can totally relate to #7. I have alot of my baby weight but still have some stubborn lbs to lose & none of my clothes fit in the waist. I keep THINKING about doing an exercise program to tone, etc. but never actually do because my kids are exhausting. Also, what type of carrier do you use? I just have a Moby but would love to buy a new one that's easier to get on and off.

  13. #7. That's something you need to remedy. I just saw four women religious play beach volleyball with a few other Americans on the beach here in Herzliya. :)


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