Monday, August 13, 2012

Weekend Road Warriors

"Oh, I know!  I'll write a story about a doctor whose last name is Acula and he can't figure out why everyone's scared of know, Dr. Acula?"

"Baby Mary sounds like a crazy chicken."

"When we go to the Arthic (sic), baby Mary can be friends with a penguin.  And I will throw a giant snowball at her.  GIANT SNOWBALL!!!!" (insert many children squealing and throwing imaginary snowballs at each other)

That's what's been going on thus far this morning.  Note the absence of "getting dressed" and "cleaning the bathroom".  That's okay.  I just need for none of you to come over unannounced, mkay?

On Saturday we scurried over to the east side (of the state.  Not our town.  Because that would take, like, sixteen seconds.  And then we'd have to hang out in the cemetery.) for a family bbq.  That's a three hour drive there, five hours partying, then a three hour drive back.  With five kids.

Totally worth it!

1. "I love smiling.  Smiling's my favorite."
2. Is she really asleep?  Oh thank you sweet baby Jesus....
3. childhood memories
4. super healthy snacks
5. rainy day + overpriced caffeinated beverage= heaven

Okay, enough.  The pajamafied children do beckon me.  And I think I'll post another giveaway from Aquinas and More this week.  If you have any special Jesus-y prize requests, slap 'em in the comments why don't ya?

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  1. Sounds like fun! And we have spent more than one day in our pajamas this summer.

  2. "Jesus-y prize requests"
    Love it! Can't currently think of any good ones, though.

  3. Hey you have Starbucks and candy - what more does one need on a road trip? (okay, oodles of patience. And toilet stops)


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