Monday, August 06, 2012

Help for a Family in Need

Rachael grew up with my husband.  They were little kids playing little games making big memories.  And then we were in college together.  And then we were in Rome together.  Now we're all grown up- Tommy and I here in Michigan, Rachael and her hubby down in Texas.  We started blogs.  We laughed at all our ridiculous adventures.

But now Rachael is on a new kind of a journey.  The kind of journey that makes my heart ache for her and her family.  God has plans for her that we cannot know, but while those plans unfold, we must do all we can to help.

I'll try and keep it short and then send you to where you can read more in her own words. 

First, for the past three years, they've had so many and such severe plumbing problems in their home that multiple rooms have flooded.  Floors have been torn up.  Walls have been broken down.  And now their "lifetime warranty" on the expensive repairs is now under review.  Meaning, of course, that the company is not interested in actually backing up their promises.

Then, in the middle of a Texas summer, their a/c was discovered to be leaking, causing more damage to their home, necessitating repair of not only the air conditioner but also an entire new portion of the house.

But all of these are just expensive inconveniences in light of the heartbreaking news they received six weeks ago.  The baby boy Racheal is carrying, her unborn miracle, has been diagnosed with Trisomy 13.

If you've not heard of Trisomy 13, you can read more here, but the short version is that her sweet baby, who is already so loved, has a chromosomal abnormality that will present immense health challenges and a survival rate past one year of just 10%.  And if that news weighs on me so heavily, I cannot begin to imagine how difficult each day must be for her.  You can read her thoughts on the day she heard the news on her blog.

In light of all these burdens she's been asked to carry, her brother has kindly set up a fundraising page so that we might help to alleviate some of the financial stress so she can focus on loving and caring for her family.  Please visit the page and read his thoughts and if you can afford it at all, contribute even a little bit to this beautiful family.  I'll also be adding the fundraising widget to my sidebar so that if you come back later you won't have to hunt for this post.

Please, lift the Chambers family up in prayer and if you can, share their story with others.  They can use all the love and support they can get right now.  Thank you all in advance.  Our Lady of Mercy, pray for them!

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  1. Praying for them. Also pass along this blog as a bit of hope. The mommy who writes this blog has a 4 month old born with Trisomy 13.

    1. Thank you for the link! I'll pass it on to her for sure.

  2. is a great site and the organization is a great resource for any mom facing an adverse prenatal diagnosis

  3. I wish I had more to give, but I know that lots of little gifts will add up. Praying for this family. I feel like this is the kind of thing that would happen to me, but I would be throwing a tantrum, given that I cry when my Internet goes out. :( I'm amazed by their fortitude.

  4. Thank you all for your prayers and support!!
    It really does mean a lot and I am grateful for your thoughtfulness.

  5. I gave birth to a trisomy-13 baby nearly five years ago. We found out at 18 weeks that he would likely not survive the pregnancy, and then I carried him another 20 weeks and gave birth, and he lived an hour. Though it was so very painful, it is also one of the most beautiful memories I have.
    If I could pass along one piece of advice, I would encourage them to look into This organization recruits photographers to shoot the births and afterward times of babies that are stillborn or die shortly after birth. While it was very painful for a long time to look at the photos of our Benjamin, I am so thankful now that we have them.
    Peace be with you and your friends. We will be praying for them and also for you, in the ways you will have to support them. I know the pain they are going through. My heart just breaks for them.

  6. There's a group called prenatal partners for life, that offers supportfor families who've recieved diagnosis like this. I have 2 dear friends who have had support from them. They are in my prayers.

  7. Oh sad. I'll pray for them.

    Also, I'm all caught up now.


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