Friday, December 14, 2012

7 Quick Takes- Wailing Women and a Par-TAY

Because you do not want to hear any more, not even a little bit more, about the plague of horrible deathly death that befell our house over the last 6 days, I'll start with this song that's been stuck in my head all morning...


And now you know even more about my new-agey acousticy wailing-women musical preferences.  Paula Cole anyone?

Photo of babies in pajamas!

Also, baby on left = 5 months old.  Baby on right = 2.5 years old.  How many days until they're sharing clothes?  I'm guessing three.

Also part 2, note developmentally appropriate plastic timer toy in left-baby's mouth.  Mom of the year.

Don't forget to watch Elf with us tonight at 9 p.m. EST, okay?  Because a) best movie ever and b) twitter parties about stuff you're watching together are the bestestestestest (evidence: the Minor Revisions party last night).  Hashtag those tweets with #clanunseen (because all the regular Elf hashtags are taken, those bums!) and join in the fun.  

But if I want to be allowed at my own party, I better clean up this sick den of a hovel of a house.  Time for a hoarders confession shot:

Oh my gosh.  Never let your house get like this, okay?  I don't care how much vomit is to blame.  Darn.  I mentioned the sick after all.


Not very.

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    And I had to skip co-op today to clean my hoarder/hovel of a house so I can come to the party, too!

    East Coast division of ClanUnseen

  2. So bummed I have to miss the twitter party! Elf is one of my favorite Christmas movies. But I'll try to interject random Buddy quotes into the family get-together we'll be at tonight.

  3. That mess isn't so bad for 5 kids! I only have one and sometimes our apartment can rival that.

    Cute babies!

  4. Love the name ClanUnseen :) I hope to be watching Elf and wrapping gifts since you know I'm not like cool enough to be on Twitter.

  5. My house looks like that twice a day.

    Also, did you and Cari meet online? What is the story behind your friendship? Just being nosey.

    1. Yes, we met via Hallie Lord who happened to tag us both in a facebook comment one day. And the rest, as they say, is history!

      Does every single room of your house look like that twice a day? Because EVERY SINGLE ROOM OF MY HOUSE looks like that right now.


    2. And I ingratiated myself to her by commenting on her gross, deformed cucumbers. But not on the actual blog post, which is odd. Why didn't I leave my cucumbery wisdom for the whole world to benefit from?
      I'm so stingy.

  6. Love, love, love Elf; I watch it every year while I wrap presents! So far I haven't come remotely close to wrapping anything, so needless to say, I have not yet had my annual Buddy fix. Oh, and good song choice! I have recently taken to watching Dawson's Creek on Netflix (I know...), which I was too young for the first time around, and have been really enjoying all of the 90s lady music =)

  7. There is NO way your child is five months. She's gargantuan and waaay too cutes. How much does chunk-o-love weigh? Because Jordan is 16 months and 23 pounds....I feel like yours might be beating mine.

  8. Your #7 picture just looks like a day in the life of my childhood ... and it will probably be the case for my kids.

  9. That picture of your kids is sooo cute! Elf is my absolute favorite Christmas movie!! :)

  10. Elf... I watched it in the movie theater and hit my head on the seat in front of me from laughing so hard... multiple times.

  11. My kitchen plus your living room would be a knockout episode of Hoarders.

    Is it beer:thirty yet?

  12. LOve your blog! funny hoarding picture!!

  13. My 2 month old is nipping at the hand-me-down heels of my sister's 12 moth old too! My guy is 24 inches, her's is 26 inches, lol. They are both comfy in the 9 month sleepers.

  14. elf!!!???? i love it! only i'm not on twitter either, but i guess i cant blame it on being too old anymore as i heard the pope just sent out his first tweet recently. you guys have fun tonight!

  15. I hate that I missed the Elf thingamajiggy. Too much else going on.

    OMG BABY!! First thing that really made me smile today and it's... 11:04p central.

  16. LOL. Our house does look a lot like that and it's only with 2 kids. Better a messy house than an empty house is what I say. I hope y'alls Elf Twitter party was off the chain.


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