Sunday, December 09, 2012

I Am a Vomit Hating Heathen (w.i.w.s)

I feel guilty even writing this. Truly, I do. Do you know why? I never actually wore this outfit to Mass. Oh, I was going to.  I really, really was.  But then I didn't.  You wanna know why?  No?  Oops, here I go anyway...

Last night, Cecilia barfed onto her bed every two hours.  The first time was a surprise, so I had to change all the linens and her pajamas at midnight.  But because I am old and wise, I put a towel down "just in case" it were to happen again.  Which it did- four additional times.  That's 2 a.m., 4 a.m., and 6 a.m. and then 8 a.m. (that last time into the potty.  Aren't you thrilled with the details of my child's digestive tract?  I thought not.).

Because we are kind souls, we opted to not drag the freshly barfified, fragrant toddler to church but rather to have her stay home with me and the baby while Tommy took the older 3 to our regular Mass.  I planned to go to the 5:30 p.m. service at a different parish over yonder with the baby.

Well guess what?  The 5:30 p.m. Mass is not AT 5:30.  It is at FOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUR THIRTY.  A fact I did not discover until 5 p.m.  Ugh!  So I have officially missed all Masses for the day.

Vomit is stupid.  I HATE missing out on going to Mass ohmygosh.  If I were on the twitter right now I would write #needEuchariststat or something like that.  Boo.

Anyway, wanna see what I would have worn had I been proactive and confirmed the schedule several hours earlier?   Shazam.
(yes, yes, we need fruit.  Poor lonely banana, sitting there all by his lonesome.  Monday is grocery day, y'all.  I swear!)

Turquoise wrap sweater- gift from my  mama.

---If you are a nursing mama, get yourself one or eight of these kinds of cardigans.  They are SO awesome.  Built in nursing cover, yo.  The regular torso part keeps the belly covered if you're lifting the shirt and you can use the long wrappy parts to cover the upper portion of your chest if baby is using your neck hole for access.  Does that make sense?

Ruffle-front blouse- Ann Taylor Loft via Goodwill.

---I may have worked a magical alteration on that shirt this afternoon that you may be able to gander at in the near future over on Fine Linen and Purple.  But you didn't hear it from me.

Straight leg jeans- Levi Signature via Goodwill

---I have nothing special to say about these. Just have some.  All purpose.

1) Dark purple mary-jane style ballet flats- Mossimo via Target
2) Requisite cheapo dangling earrings- local cheapo jewelry mart (I love me some obnoxious earrings.  You should have seen the ones I wore yesterday to Mass/friend's baby's baptism.  They were enormous!)
3) Fantastic leather belt, actually being used for the intended purpose of belts- 99 cents at Goodwill
4) Close up of print on blouse (grey and yellow floral) next to the turquoise of the cardi.  Me likey.

And because my husband was my photographer today and has minimal patience for blooper reels, this is all I got for ya this week...

Oh yes.  always with the bossing of the children around.

Now go check out some holier gals who actually took their outfits with them to Mass, ya hear?

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  1. I just don't know if I can associate with you anymore. I'll have to refer to as my pagan friend for a bit at the very least.

    and now I'll be going. Julia just put Simon's license in the computer's dvd player.

  2. You know I love a ruffle shirt. That one looks great on you! :)

  3. I do, I do, I do have one of those awesome drapey sweaters where I can hide nursing babies and its awesome! I'm sorry to here about your barf fest. I have only been a mother a short 2.5 years and I know how it feels one too many times. And I'm sorry you missed Mass!! I've definitely been there too (screwed up Mass times). Humility sucks. Vomit sucks. And missing Mass sucks! I really do hope tomorrow is a better day for you!

  4. Been there, done that. The only time my oldest has been pukey sick, it was two days in a row. The first day, it was once and he was good. I wrongly assumed that the puke before Mass would be the only one for the day. I will not go into details, but it was a bad choice to attend that Mass for the 20 minutes we were there. Good for you to not take the chance!

  5. Great outfit. Too bad it was wasted on a simple car ride where no one got to see you. Until now, when you post it for thousands to see. Hmm.
    Hope the vomit is confined to that one and only child.

  6. Ooh, now I want a drapey nursing sweater! Sucks that you missed mass as a victim of PPP, but at least your intentions were sound. I haven't had to deal with the barfy aspect of motherhood yet, and I'm not sure I'm quite ready...

  7. Vomiting children are The.Worst. Especially tiny vomiting children. One of mine was sick once and throwing up about every hour. I took him into our bed, put him on the outside edge with a towel and a bowl and just rolled him over when I would hear him. At least we got a little sleep. For my littles, I teach them to do it in a big bowl, and I leave the towel and the bowl right in the bed with them so they don't have to try and make it to the bathroom. Which often results in vomit filled carpet. Not fun to clean at 3am.

  8. Nice tip with the drapey nursing sweater! Too bad with the bodily fluids. Such is life at times. I have one word for you: Shop-Vac.

  9. Ah, barf. What'cha gonna do?

    My husband thinks that this blog is hilarious, by the way. And by that, I do mean the blog as a whole- and not at the expense of your cookie-tossing daughter.

  10. Poor pumpkin. Everything happens for a reason, chica. Maybe God meant for you to stay home today. As it happens we missed mass today, too. I was planning on going to the 7pm mass instead, but everyone was wiped out. We did light our wreath and read from the bible. That counts, right? I hope your sweet pea feels better very soon! Cute outfit!

  11. Cute outfit- esp. love your cardi. Hopefully you will have a vomit-less week!

  12. You are SO cute. Will you fly here and help me buy clothes someday? You know, when I'm not broke from adoption. Lol.

  13. I will offer my communion for you tomorrow morning at mass.

  14. Me also likey the blouse. No likey the vomiting toddler. Why can't they figure out to get it in the can or the toilet before episode three or four when it's just dry heaves? And why can't husbands be better photographers? These are the questions that keep me up at night.

    1. It is pretty sad that a man who can speak 7 languages is a worse photographer than my 11 year old daughter. Fer realz!

  15. I love this outfit! That ruffle-ness you got goin' on looks awesome!!

  16. Uh, what is with kids randomly throwing up at night?!, I find it so mysterious that lying in bed for hours can make that happen. Happens to my kids randomly! And yeah man, the towel thing...boy that sucks to learn hey!

    but you still looked cute...and that's the important thing here!

  17. You look awesome for one who was up all night with a vomit-fest. The vomit bug hit our house too. It is so. much. fun. Not.

  18. That vomit thing as well as the flu are going around here as well. I am purchasing larges vats of hand sanitizer and dousing my kids in it every afternoon when they get home from school. (Because for some reason that makes more sense to me than just having them wash their hands in hot water with soap. Hmmmm...rethinking the hand sanitizer purchase....)

    Anyway, I love the sweater. I have quite a few drapey things myself and love them all!

    Wishing you a barf-free Monday!

  19. I have a priest friend who despises the carpet in his parish office. (This is relevant, I promise.) I was visiting him yesterday, and he told me that every time a baby comes into his office, he asks the parents to please let their child puke on his carpeting so he can have it replaced. You & the fam should come say hi. :)

  20. Shazam is right! I never would have guessed that you were up all night with vomit on repeat. I hope your sweet girl is feeling better and that you had a puke free night. And can I just say, I love your fruit baskets :)

  21. So cute! I love the ruffles and your sweater!:)

  22. Love the whole outfit. I think I wore a tee shirt and jeans to Mass the one time this weekend we managed to get there. Don't ask. Someday, I swear I will no longer have to dress six human beings before myself for Mass.

  23. I just like, "using neck hole for access." That is all.

  24. I feel guilty laughing about all the puke and the missed Masses, but you're just so darn funny! I hope your daughter feels better, and in the meantime, you are one stylish nurse--I love your earrings and the purple shoes!

  25. 1. I hate vomit too!
    2. Your outfit is cute, whether or not you got to church.
    3. When I saw your baskets, my thought was not, "What a sad, lonely banana," but "Oooh, I like those!" because my hanging basket doesn't have much in it right now due to the fact that it is being held together by a couple twist-'ems, and it probably should be replaced. But now that you've pointed it out, yes, I do feel sorry for the lonesome banana. ;-)

  26. 1. I love the shirt transformation on-the-cheap. You smart lady & me proud to be your sister.
    2. Tommy speaks 7 languages, so there's no room in his brain for things like photo-taking ability or patience.
    3. Tommy speaks 7 languages?
    4. This all happened on my birthday! Where have I been???
    5. I hope barfing toddler-baby-girl is no longer ill.

  27. He does! It's crazy. The way I memorize account numbers and passwords is the way he memorizes languages. His skills are so much more exciting than mine...


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