Thursday, December 13, 2012

A day trip- and we all survived! {p.h.f.r.}

I'm gettin' brave in my old age. In my two-vehicle havin' life.

Last Friday I loaded up all five of my darling offspring and drove the 1 hour and 22 minutes (not that I was counting) (fine, yes I was) to lovely- dovely Holland, Michigan.

I didn't take this photo.  source

We went to see my bloggy friend Rhonda's new casita, stroll the quaint streets, chat, hang out, give our kids a new know, all those things that people do.


Y'all. Her house is gorgeous.  Seriously.  With the columns and the woodwork and the floors and the built-ins and the high ceilings.  As if I wasn't already over this ramshackle tent of a ranch style house of evil we reside in.  Gosh it is so pretty.

Tres awesome toy store downtown with tres awesome castle containing tres awesome train table made the boy tres tres tres tres happy.  Just catchin' a smoke break while he sets up the safety signs...


Fabulous candy store bursting at the seams with every kind of sweet treat you could possibly imagine...and my small ones choose tootsie pops.  Tootsie pops!  Tootsie pops.  I'm so ashamed.


Also typical.

round button chicken

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  1. I live in Holland, and right near the lake (well, kinda like both of them actually)!! It's a beautiful place to live or visit. Yum for the candy store, so many good candies live there. Thanks for coming, it was nice to have you!!

  2. Replies
    1. More than any other candy ever created in the history of the universe??? Because they had all those. I swear.

  3. Is the Saint Nicholas Center a place one can visit? I know they are based in Holland and have all kinds of awesome stuff. I bought a puppet, an Advent calendar and my Christmas cards from them this year!

  4. LoL, tootsie pops! I know that feeling: you take them to a buffet, with just about every imaginable thing and they eat.....pepperoni pizza.

    1. Seriously! What, you don't want Ritter Sport? Or Twix? Or even a dang Kit Kat????

  5. Taking 5 kids solo on an hour + drive?! I can't think of the last time I went out alone with everyone beyond my comfortable 10 mile radius. Looks like fun too. You're a rockstar and I raise my lighter to you.

    1. The raising of the lighter image just totally made my day.

  6. The only comment I have on this is that I was immediately attracted to the giant Georgia G flag at the candy store. It' beautiful.

    1. It's* (I promise that us Georgia grads know how to write.)

  7. I probably would have picked something lame like a Tootsie Pop when I was five, too. Fear not- my tastes are a bit more refined in adulthood.

    Also, whoever thought of that castle with a train table? Genius.

  8. what a great afternoon! thanks again for hosting, rhonda. just a question though d, the last typical: is it us standing around laughing, us surrounded by children, or my lizzie taking all day to make up her mind. i'm sort-of feeling all 3, but just wondering...


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