Thursday, December 27, 2012

Who put us in charge? {phfr} {wiwoc}

I've fallen through some kind of space-time something sci-fi sounding and woken up on a day that pretends to be Thursday.  But there is no way that it's ACTUALLY Thursday, right?  Because that would be crazy.  I mean, I'm lol-ing at the idea right now.   Just listen.... (***tee heeeeee heee heee heee!  hahahahaha!***).

Thursday.  Pfffffffffffft.

Wait.  What?

I mean...just....what????  Send help!


At Dark O'clock on Christmas morning, three biggest kids wait patiently for two littlest sisters to wake up.

Santa's coming toniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight???

This girl just doesn't roll homemade style. Tiny (not actual) computing device for the win

Sure.  Yeah.  I'll have some gum. (note Michigan shaped wooden teether)

He did see my list. I put it under the tree and he saw it!

Ol' baby-one-sock strikes again


I seriously do not know how we got put in charge.

So I had this whole idea (a brilliant one, rest assured) of doing one of those one-sweater-two-ways kind of posts where I show you how I turned the same casual black sweater from Sunday into a Christmas-worthy ensemble.  But you guys I am not joking: Christmas day was CUH-RAY-ZEE and I couldnotcouldnot get a   single head-to-toe photo of myself with shoes on for the entire day.

This is honestly the closest thing I've got, which was taken with my cousin's phone and then subsequently stolen off her facebook page:

I flat-ironed my hair for baby Jesus!
LUCKILY I had the presence of mind to take a couple of detail shots while sitting in the car on the way over to Detroit (Fine.  Not Detroit.  I like to say "Detroit" because I feel like it kinda gives me some street cred or whatever, but really we go to Grosse Pointe Woods which is just a leeeeetle bit different.) so you can perhaps imagine the ensemble using your powers of visualization:

Fun leaf necklace on a super long chain: Santa via my stocking
Rerun earrings : Tommy several Christmases ago (the stone is pale green)
Black tights (I swear they're black. Ignore dog hairs and lint): local purveyor of tights
Red peep-toe pumps: Nine West via TJ Maxx
Black and White cotton circle skirt (knee length): Forever 21
Rerun black sweater: Banana Republic

And I kept it really real by kicking off my shoes 17 seconds after arriving at the family Christmas party and then complaining all night about how short I am and how everyone else should take off their shoes too just to make me feel better.  Which they refused to do.  Because "they ain't no 'slack' in 'Cieslak'"

For more outfits that actually show, like, the whole outfit, go visit Grace.

And for more {pretty happy funny real}, hop on over to Leila's

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  1. Love your posts they are so funny!!! loved your picture of the sweet baby with one sock how adorable!!! looks like you had a fun time!!!

  2. So that picture of reindeer hubby is priceless.

  3. I think your family is so cute, especially baby Mary! Your outfit was really stylish - I love the necklace. I wore a dark blue velvet dress, black tights and an orange-ish shawl to cover my oh so trendy arm sling. See picture on my Christmas post!

  4. Ca-YOOOT pumps!! Love them! Cute necklace too! Looks like you had a wonderful day!!

  5. Of the outfit that we can see, it looks fab!

  6. 1. Seriously. Why does your baby look so much like my baby?
    2. Only wannabies call Grosse Point ANYTHING "Detroit". But when **I** say that our house in Dearborn Heights was "Detroit", it's legit.
    3. Baby Jesus is pleased with your flat ironed hair. He told me.

  7. I put your outfit together in my head, and you look fabulous!


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