Wednesday, January 09, 2013

List Maker, List Maker, Make me a List...

My husband and I are super romantic. We leave notes and buy flowers and go on date nights...

Hah! Opposite day! 

No, we don't do any of that stuff. In fact, we each bought our own Christmas present this year and then thanked the other on Christmas morning as if the one just magically knew what kind of pipe tobacco the other was interested in receiving.  As if.

The one (me) really, really, really wanted a day planner with a calendar AND a place for a daily to-do list and how freaking hard is it to make such a thing?  I guess pretty hard because I hunted and searched and everything I found was lame.  Lame, I tell you.  But then I realized that every kind of good thing is available on Etsy and I ought to look there.

So I looked on Etsy and I found it.  IT.  A customizable, personalizable (which is apparently not a word according to Blogger.  I'm leaving it) day planner for the whole year of 2013.  Yay!  I will place my order! said I.  Which I did, and because Amanda is great and I am annoying, this is what happened next:

 Wanna see how even MORE annoying I am?

But she is still great...

Impressed with my screenshots are you?  Thought so.

As you can see, Amanda is fab.  And guess what?  My planner came and it is the BOMBDOTCOM (oh yes, I went there).  Check it.

Oh my gosh, this planner has really gotten my year off to an amazing start.  I have gotten more done in the last 9 days than the entire month of December.  True story. 

So I says to myself "Self!  You're gonna tell your friends about this!" and then myself says "Hey, you should tell Amanda and see if she wants to give out a discount code or something.  Because she was really stellar about the whole Boom Shakalaka situation and all that, so....."


Coupon code to Sweet Tea Paperie acquired, my peeps: HOUSEUNSEEN for 15% off your purchase

Now, her annual planners are so awesome that they're currently sold out (sad panda), but she has this notebook/journal which would be great for all ye list-makers out there.  Plus she sells invitations and stationary and phone cases and all sorts of lovely things and because she is great, I think you should buy stuff from her. 

And make it say something fun!

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  1. Oh man. Now I'm going to buy one, and Ken's going to kill me. But even worse than being dead is my sudden realization that with the wonky, first, last, middle order, my monogram will be CDC.
    Like, "Center for Disease Control".

    But hey, it could be worse, right? My name could be Amelie Sybil Southerford.

    Get it?
    Get it?

  2. well, thank you - I spit my coffee - thanks for starting my day off right!!!!! :) - jen

  3. ohhh...start a whatever you call it and ask your readers what their initials stated above: the hilarious Cari's would be CDC (love this), mine would be JAM - jen

  4. Dude. I need one of these. Thanks, Dwija. I'll just be over here obsessing until she makes more available. ;)

  5. Somehow I don't think Michele Quigley would create a new cover for us with Boom Shakalaka on it, but I'm quite enjoying my first one from her (that I've been eyeing for years). I do have need for a separate book just for making lists though...

  6. She has a menu planner!!!

    Shaking with OCD (thankfully, not my initials) joy!

  7. I am heading over now...SO excited!!!

  8. Laughing! I just bought a planner that is "O so proper and Catholic", but it tells me all the feast days and I perpetually forget feast days, even my kids, so it's so very properly the one for me right now. I could use a meal planner's one of my resolutions for the new year!

    Have a boom-shakalala day! I'm gonna remember that one!

  9. You are so fun and joyful! I can't think of anything better to put on a planner. Enjoy your giggles all year long!! So excited to peruse her site.


  10. Do you intentionally lose it so that you can ask everyone, "Have you seen my Boom Shakalaka! book?"

  11. I ordered one from The Confident Mom because the to do list is already listed. I no longer think, "I suppose I should DO something today," because it's ALREADY written down! My house is cleaner than ever!! Buti like yours, too....perhaps next year....

    And my initials? RAW. Perhaps I should add another R and become RAWR (like a lion)?

  12. My initials are boring: MQB. Not even pronounceable. Unless one is Eastern European, perhaps.

  13. I've been looking for something like this too and thought they have to make it somewhere!?! Thanks for sharing!!

  14. My initials before marriage were PTG. (boring). Now they are PGR (they don't spell anything). However, my sisters call me "Pete" because my initials were PT (Paula Therese). And now, at the age of 57, I am still Pete to my sisters, and that is pretty neat. I wish I was Pete to everybody. I should have just adopted Petey as a nickname when I had the chance.

  15. That's freaking hilarious and brilliant. I love it! I wish I had the brain power to use a planner. I have to use my phone or I can't keep up with it. Planners are so much cuter.

  16. Didja use your fancy new camera to take all those SPECTACULAR shots of your planner?! I'm super jeal and want to go to ebay and buy one just like you. Because like most of your devoted readers, I wanna be ;)

  17. I need a planner like yesterday! thanks for the laughs so sweet!

  18. My initials (using maiden name) are FIT. I have long-time friends that have called me Miss Fit since I was a little girl.

    Love the Boom Shakalaka, BTW!


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