Sunday, January 13, 2013

Wherein I do not know how to shut up {wiws}

Let's call this "Installment 2 of  a good camera does not a good photo make."

See, I force my children to photograph me for this link-up because I am mean there's always something they can learn from these kinds of projects.  Today I set the aperture and shutter speed and then handed the camera to my 11 year old.  You know what I forgot to do?  Take the lens off of manual.  If the lens were on auto, I may have gotten some shots that were both clear AND featured me looking like at the camera AND not acting like a goon.  But since it wasn' dice.

 Pretend I'm just trying to be artsy, okay?

Running my mouth

Quintessential "acting like a goon"

Also, I might need a haircut.

Turquoise turtle-neck: Target
Tweed tulip skirt: J. Crew via Ebay
(I love blues with browns in case you couldn't tell)

THE boots: Kohl's
Brown tights: wherever you want
Santa necklace (I think he found it on Etsy)
Burgundy stone (that's the geological name, I'm sure) earring: kiosk at the mall

Here's where I should add something about something but seriously my kids are going berzerk and the baby needs to go to bed and  I hear the microwave going but don't know who started it and as we speak my husband is trying to get my attention yet I AM STILL TYPING OH MY GOSH DWEEJ SHUT UP!

What I Wore Sunday linkup

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  1. Ahahahahahaa Dweej I love you.

    Seriously though, I'm stumbling through learning how to use my camera too...and in the end it doesn't matter because my husband takes the pictures, and he has no desire to learn manual. Oh well.

    I love that shade of blue! Very very pretty for you and your brown hair :-) It goes well together. And never apologize for wearing the same boots every week, because I wear the same boots almost every single day too. :-)

  2. love. it all. you look great!

  3. Love blues and browns, too. And the shirt/skirt. And your bedroom floor. I've told you how much I love that floor, right? Super rustic and awesome.

  4. I've been waiting all week for your WIWS post with the new big-girl camera....and even with the oops, you never disappoint! Your blue and brown looks fab, I love the necklace, and a little "artsy" never hurt anyone :)

  5. Whoa, your right leg looks cool (2nd photo), like you moved it super fast. LOL. The blue/brown combo is very very nice. Lookin' good, Dweej!

  6. That blue looks SOOOO good on you! Wow!!!
    LOVE the necklace too!
    My guy breaks necklaces. I can't wait to wear them again.

    Next week, my kids are on camera duty. This helped me know what to expect! haha

  7. My husband said to me this morning, "I need to get you a nice pair of boots." So of course I said, "I know someone who loves her boots!" But, alas, they are apparently not available anymore. Sad face.

  8. Don't get a haircut. In fact, I wish my hair was doing what your's was in these pictures. I think it looks great.

  9. You look fab, dear. I wore jeans to mass this morning and halfway through realized that my left shoe was falling apart. Mom life, right?

  10. You so cool. And yeah, it doesn't matter how quickly I post my WIWS; somehow, my husband seems near death every time I blog.

  11. Love your necklace, Dweej, and that's a great tweed skirt! You look great.

  12. I'm loving the tweed skirt! And we just got a grown-up camera, too, so I'm trying to learn how to use it... definitely a work in progress!

  13. Such a lovely color of blue! It is almost the same color of a paint that I have fallen in love with. OH and not fashion-related but I LOVE Your floor. Those are the wood floors that make me swoon. They are so old and rustic looking. I don't necessarily care for floors that look seamless like a sheet of glass. It needs character and yours have that!

    1. Thanks! The floor in that one room (yes, just the one!) are the only redeeming quality in this house. The rest is very....well, crusty :)

      In case anyone is wondering, they're white pine which is a nearly extinct variety of tree that used to be plentiful here in Michigan. It is hard, hard, hard, crazy durable hard and a really warm color. So even in their distressed state they manage to be lovable.

  14. I love your whole outfit. Every last bit of it. Proud of you for going manual. Very proud. And my gosh that sounds horrible. Proud of you for putting your camera on manual. There. That sounds way better.

  15. That skirt. Those floors. Those boots.

    Sorry, just listing things I am going to steal from you...

  16. I have always loved that turtleneck.

  17. Love your outfit! Especially that necklace! *swoon*

  18. It all looks great, Dwija! But the best part is the fact that you let the kids take the pictures. They are wonderful photos!

  19. I think your girls need to step out in front of the camera and get in on this WIWS action!! My daughter could use some older girl inspiration (anything other than Hello Kitty would be appreciated!)

  20. That is a super cute outfit!!! Blue looks good on you!

  21. Ha!! Well I wish my kids could help they are still too small.

  22. The blue brown combo looks great. I loved the commentary too. Hopefully the house didn't burn down too much in the publishing of the post.

  23. There are not many things my husband and I both find funny. Your posts are in an elite company. :-) I told him we have to meet you if we ever drive through Michigan; he agreed. (Although the only times I've driven through MI were from Canada on my way to WI, and neither of us have valid passports currently. So, don't hold your breath.)


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