Friday, February 08, 2013

A Cautionary Tale {7qt}

Sometimes, when you live in A Very Snowy Place, you will wake up to an additional six inches of beautiful, freshly fallen snow resting atop the many inches that were already there. Which is lovely if you can sip coffee in your fuzzy slippers and read aloud from Anne of Avonlea whilst periodically gazing out your picture window and sighing and the splendor of God.  Not so lovely if you have to get two of your children to a Folk Dancing class at 9 o'clock in the morning.  And I do not use the term "have to" lightly in this case, but the story of the "have to" is so complicated that you would surely poke the eyes out on the voodoo doll you have of me if I started telling it to you, so I won't.

So you're all "Get dressed!  Release the chickens!  Someone feed the dogs!  Cecilia is sleeping in TODAY of all days for the very first time in her life?  You have got to be kidding me.  Here...go start the van and try to push some of that snow mountain off the windshield.  You, other human- shove these waffle-food-products down your throat, will you?"

And you finally get outside and it is 8:58 a.m. and your road, because it is dirt and many streets from "the main" has not been touched by a plow of any sort.  And you are driving a Toyota Sienna minivan.  But you press on!  And on!  And the people who apparently decided to go joy riding in their Chevy Impala and are now stuck in the snow at the end of that one road....well....they aren't REALLY in your way, are they?  Okay fine- ask them if them if they need help.  ("help from the lady in the minivan with the five kids?" say their faces).  They do not.  Press on!  Press on!

Front grill of minivan is acting as substitute snowplow.  Nissan Sentra driving eight miles per hour with its hazard lights on pulls over to let you by.  Men, walking down streets speaking into walkie talkies look at your vehicle with a special mixture of pity and reverence.  Press on!  Press on!

Arrive at the homeschool partnership building at 17 minutes after 9.  Shoo the large ones inside so you can park the van.  We did it!  We made it!

"Mom?"  Why are they back out?  Did they not wear the correct attire?  Because if that's the reason I'm finna get medieval on those.... "Mom.  The class doesn't start until noon."

End Scene.

My husband is my favorite.  He loves observational humor and noticing....I don't know....little things. Like the salutations that people use on emails, for example.  He sent me an email the other day and signed it "Bestest Regards".  It's stuff like that that totally brightens my day.  I don't know.  Maybe I'm just easily amused?  Oh, and this baby....

(I know it's horribly overexposed.  Forgot the camera was on manual.  Work with me, people.)
Can you see her two precious teeth?  He calls her Upside Down Rabbit.


And oh, in parting, this lovely video.  If you've seen it, commiserate with me about how great it is.  If you haven't seen it, watch it, then commiserate with me about how great it is.  Cari sent it to me yesterday because she knows what's good.

Also, how much do we love that he's wearing a Hendrix t-shirt for this audition?

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  1. It's a rule, they ONLY sleep in when you need to get somewhere early (or think you need to get somewhere).

  2. Oh, yes. Mama told me there'd be days like this...

  3. Yeah, that happens to me all the time, whenever we need to get out of the house early, she sleeps in. And we make noise and get dressed in the same room and talk and turn the TV on really loud...nothing. Any other day she wakes up at the drop of a needle..argh!!!

  4. You'll get time outta purgatory for always being able to make me laugh, D!
    Bestest regards, Glenna

  5. I just want to tell you how much I love the phrase "Release the chickens!"

  6. Oh my gosh, sounds like craziness! My life kind of craziness, though, so I can totally relate. For instance, right now in my kitchen, there are the remnants of an upended container of cocoa powder, second time this week. It has to be cleaned in phases apparently because, man! That stuff makes a huuuuuge mess! And, when you have a screaming, overtired baby clinging to you (quite possibly the one responsible for the mess), it's a *bit* overwhelming. Anyway, this rambling comment is just to say, Glad I'm not the only one having a kinda crazy day! ;-)

  7. Release the chickens and Upside down Rabbit. Oh my gosh.
    And the video I sent you was waaaaay better than the video I put on my blog today. Except now that I think of it, that bug in my video sort of looked like he had hair like Jonathan.

    No Hendrix shirt, though.

  8. Good thing it's Friday, right? After enduring all of that to get to practice and then find I was WAY early, I'd be lit. And vow to never drive anywhere on these blasted MN roads again. #shesaysasifthatsneverhappenedbefore

    Agreed that kids only sleep in when we really need to be somewhere. All the other days, it's a race for mom to get to the coffee before any one set of children's eyes makes an appearance. lol.

  9. Oh man... that would of made me CRAZY too!!

    I actually like the picture of your Upside Down Rabbit! It's great! :)

    I love that video too! :) There's some good ones out there!

    Blessed weekend - stay safe and warm!

  10. Hah, that video rocks. I'd forgotten about it. Can't begin to imagine how mad you were about that class not starting til midday! Well done though, A* for effort.

  11. Love the video. I'm still in pjs, woke up from a nap to find the baby in tights, because she literally has no pants, and that video made my day.

  12. I rushed out the door last night for a co-op meeting that turned out to never have been scheduled but was for some reason on my schedule. At least I didn't have to be a snowplow in the process.

  13. Hearing about your morning made my heart hurt.. All that effort! Maybe it's time to buy a house unseen in Texas... The tower calls from snow-free Irving..

  14. Oy...sounds like a crazy day for sure! Thanks for posting that video...I had not seen it. What is it about music that touches the soul and can evoke such emotion???!!! Beautiful.

  15. Love the image of you in the van, "Men, walking down streets speaking into walkie talkies look at your vehicle with a special mixture of pity and reverence. Press on! Press on!

  16. I made what felt like a heroic effort to get all five kids in the car and get my own Cecilia to choir yesterday afternoon, only to find no one else there! Agh!
    I had not seen that video. Now I understand why you said "commiserate". Because I'm sobbing! The shocking beauty of his voice, and the deeper beauty of their friendship.

  17. That video is awesome. Seriously crying over here.

    Omg, aren't mornings fun ><

    Cutie baby.

  18. I am always running late - this would be a first for me, to show up early. I hope you celebrated! :) *Did* you end up going to the Dance class after all?

    1. We did! Back less than three hours later because I am the nicest mom EVAH.

  19. I am jealous of your Toyota Sienna. We are in the market...although we only have one kid. Does that make me a weenie?

    And, um, huge props for going back to dance. I would have parked it at Mickey Ds for a couple of hours or just stayed home!

  20. Oy! What a story! Well now you know that with mounds of snow you can get there in just under 20 minutes!

  21. That video got me. Simon Cowell needs a smack upside he head sometimes. :)

  22. Honestly, your husband is a favorite of mine and I never met him, seriously, whatever happened to that donkey guy?

  23. That is terrible. Did you at least go out for a huge donut breakfast or something to make up for all the stress????

    And HOLY COW- HE IS AMAZING! Do you think they dropped her mic volume to focus on him? I could barely hear her. But that is the coolest video!

  24. I love everything about this post.Isn't it remarkable how the worst days turn into the most hilarious writing material ever? (And you're all like, "I was stuck in the snow, woman.") But still hilarious!

    Also, I want to squeeze your baby.

    Also, thank you for sharing that video on this unexciting Saturday night. Watched it twice. Love!

  25. HA! I'm sure that story wasn't as funny when it was taking place, but it was hilarious to read! I'm impressed by your mini-vans snow plow skills too!

    PS - Your upside down rabbit is pretty darn cute!


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