Thursday, February 28, 2013

Scrumptious Wumptious + Stupid Animals {phfr}


Ready is not a strong enough word to describe how I feel about spring, but I guess there is still beauty out there even now.  I went on a little walk with my Lizzy on Saturday and the way these hanger-onner leaves blew in the wind was lovely.

 Eek!  Scrumptious baby!  8 months old!  Best age evah!  (linking this one up with Theme Thursday because, hello...HAPPINESS.)

p.s. someone is an excellent student of the open-mouth party smile, is she not?

I'm pretty sure that these are supposed to be pictures I take but...well...
Thank you, Mary Kate!


Ugh!  I so wanted to finish my project in time to link up with Ana but my "helper" has been making it super duper.....

Wait a second...

Oh!  Thank you sweetbabyjeezus!  She's extended it!

Imma finish that thing and link it up REAL GOOD.  Mark my words.

round button chicken

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  1. You used it!!! Awesome!!!! Still laughing!!!!

  2. Your pretty picture is very pretty. But, dude. The wildflowers are coming up in the Great State. Just sayin.


    Also, OH MY! Cute baby. She's so adorable.

  3. Look at you with your bad photog self! How long you been messin' with that camera! The leaf picture just screams O'Henry.

    And your beautiful little one, happiness personified!

  4. Why can't I see the third photo? Why would you do that to me? Not on my iPad, not on my computer... Harrumph.

    OK, sorry for the fit. Baby Mary is just snoogly and adorbs and I will eat her like I plan to eat Veronica (in a totally non-cannibalistic way). Too much? Sorry. She's dang cute, though.

  5. double-bottom-front-teeth-smile! Thank you for sharing!

    And I Ana not the BEST? A reprieve!

  6. I love the picture of your hand on Paul's at the sewing machine - the image coos "patience being practiced here." I may frame it and hang it on a stick in front of my face so I see it every waking moment. I am in awe.

  7. Love the leaf photo! Gorgeous use of depth of field!

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