Monday, February 25, 2013

Everybody Vent Now!


Everybody dance vent now!

Things that have happened today:

-I woke up and it was Monday.

-The propane delivery guy came and charged us an amount greater than our summer property tax bill.

-The State of California, in whom we have not lived for two and a half years, notified us very threateningly that our automobile registration has been suspended.  Suspended, I tell you!

-A bill arrived from a local medical facility requesting that we pay the full amount of some medical procedure that should have been, should be, covered by the medical insurance that we pay dearly for every month.

-A separate claim for a different medical visit for a different person was denied by same medical insurance because it was billed incorrectly as a non-medically-necessary visit, which it totally was not.

-My two year old dressed herself like this:
even the dog knows not to disobey this one.
-Said 2 year old unfurled an entire roll, ENTIRE ROLL, of toilet paper all over the bathroom, during which time I thought she was simply dropping the kids off at the pool so I was not suspicious of her toileting silence.  Rookey mistake.

But the sun she was a shinin'.  And the kids they were a playin'. And the vitamin D it was a fillin' me up with its happy making-ness.  And I made a loaf of bread in the real actual oven and not the bread machine.  And it will be totally light out when my husband gets home from work and the time change hasn't even happened yet.

So rejoice, rejoice!

Oh yes, it smelled good.  So good.

Right before they started licking it like a huge, flavorless ice cream cone

Finally caught that sweet sunflare. Boom!

(Linking up this last pic with Sarah's Manual Mode Mondays.  I think the stats on the image are f22, 1/80s , ISO100 )

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  1. That bread looks divine and you caught a sunflare; the week is definitely looking up!

  2. Yeah, I kinda know exactly how you feel. Different circumstances maybe, but the same fight for joy. But it truly is ours for the taking, because God is good.

  3. Monday, YOU WILL NOT STEAL MY JOY!!!!

    And, now, I have that song stuck in my head and I didn't even click the link. Side note: I have an entire dance choreographed to that song.

  4. Beautiful bread!! Happy Monday :D SMILE :D

  5. annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd breathe.

    It's all downhill to the weekend now.

  6. I wanna see MK's dance. No, I gotta see it.

    1. You 'n' me both. We gotta make it happen!

    2. It is on like Donkey Kong. You may be my backup dancers. Do you both own Robert Palmer Girl dresses?

    3. Oh honey, you KNOW I will gel my hair back and e'rythang for you!

  7. Yes oh yes. Having that sun still out when the hubby gets home is reason to celebrate indeed!

  8. Your bread looks great! I am baking a loaf right now and my house smells divine. Yes, that was the sound of my stomach rumbling.

  9. Santa Clara County forgot to remove me from its voter rolls for about 7 years after I moved out-of-state. By the time they finally stopped sending jury summonses to my parents' house (which I then had to Fed-Ex back to the county with a note saying "I.MOVED.OUT.OF.STATE.YOU.MORONS!!!"), I had moved back to the state and to a different county. Somehow, that got me off the voter rolls faster than sending them my new address did.

    As for the medical bills, I think my insurance company would be paying me a five figure salary if I billed them for the amount of time I had to spend getting Daniel's bills from his birth and NICU stay taken care of. He'll be four in a few months and I'm still not sure that they've been taken care of yet.

  10. First, I was feeling all sympathetic anger with you. Then I saw your fat dog (though I'm sure the dog is not, in fact, fat, and is merely big boned, and why do I have to unload all my size-ism on your dog?) and the accompanying caption, "even the dog knows not to disobey this one" with Cici's little finger imperious upraised, and I forgot all about my anger on your behalf and snorted. Out loud. Which scared my skinny three-legged dog and make me laugh harder.

    Next week, on "As the random comment unfurls..."

  11. Was the bread amazing? If you want to branch out, I've got a seriously amazing focaccia recipe. But you might want to bake it when the kids are away, since you'll probably eat it all yourself... Not that I've done that or anything...

  12. I thought my husband was the only one who said, "dropping the kids off at the pool".

    Lovely photos!

  13. Dealing with insurance is the worst. Sometimes it feels like a full-time job. Bread looks awesome! Told you that you could do it....!

  14. Finding care homes in London is key if you want quality care for your loved one. Moving into a care home can be a very emotional experience for everyone source.

  15. My kid puked in his carseat. After swallowing whatever it is the dentist puts into a three year old's mouth at a cleaning visit. On top of sinus drainage. And I am severely afraid of vomit. Maybe I win? :)

    The bread looks AWESOME! Care to share the recipe? And yay for sunshine! As my hubby works nights, I cannot wait (CAN. NOT. WAIT.) until summer and the kid can play outside after dinner until bedtime. Cannot wait.

  16. So happy to have stumbled on your blog. I'm a city girl, whose husband moved her to the sticks, I now home school our 5 kids, raise chickens, and just entered the world of cloth diapers. And your post made me laugh and made me wish we were neighbors!


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