Thursday, February 14, 2013

Trees and Leaves. In Winter. In Michigan. Yep.

Oh winter, you multi-faceted fool...
Just kidding, you only have one facet.
Okay fine.  Sometimes two.

Today, clouds abound
Not a leaf to be seen
I've got the saddest photos around

How 'bout these ones?  They're fake.
They live in the library.
Oy, this project was a mistake...

Hey, look...those are leaves.
See them on the rug?
(The only rhyming word I can think of is "heaves")

Fine.  How 'bout some rotting broccoli?
It smells super great.
And nothing rhymes with broccoli.

Oh, we do have a birch tree....
Yep, this is the best I can do.
Seriously, take this camera away from me!

(Linking this whole mess up with Theme Thursday at Clan Donaldson.  This week's challenge: "Trees or Leaves".  Go check out the betters!)

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  1. Well, I have to say the rotting broc is quite the pic!

    But really, I love the outside the box thinking with the's adorable.

    It's kind of one of those get what you get on these grey winter days.

    Looks like you live on a lake?

  2. Even with a tribute like that, I can't wait to get back! Less than two weeks :) I can't wait to see all that dreary deadness again!

  3. Nothing does rhyme with broccoli, except for jockily. Which, I'm pretty sure, isn't a word, but it sounds like an action describing a person who imitates horse-racers.

    (You're welcome)

    1. Love. What about an adverb? I laughed jockily at the jocularity?

    2. Now accepting all submissions for words that rhyme with broccoli!

    3. Lemme know when you find words that rhyme with orange!

    4. What about "hock at me"? Like, "I gave him rotting broccoli, he, in turn, saw ham and threw the hock at me."

      I'm a wordsmith.

  4. Follicley (as in follicley challenged, or bald).

  5. "Fine. How 'bout some rotting broccoli?
    It smells super great.
    And nothing rhymes with broccoli."

    I am crying right now, I'm laughing at this so hard.
    "It smells super great".

  6. How do you pack so much darn funny in all you do? Seriously, the birch pick was perty.

    1. I'm like Chandler Bing with my defense mechanism against being taken seriously ;)

  7. I have that same plant :) (not the rotten broccoli, the plant!!) What is it called??

  8. I love the birch trees.

    the rug fern,was a nice touch.

    And whatever that houseplant is - I love it!

  9. HAHAHAAAA!!!! You are awesome. And does it mean I'm just really friggin hungry if the rotting broccoli is my favorite?? ;) I swear I don't know how you have time to punch out quality posts. I'm hoping one day I can put my kids to work on my blog so I can sit back and just read everyone else's all day :)

  10. The broccoli is my favorite. Not in real life though. It's stinky when it's "fresh" and I don't want to imagine what it smell like in the throes of rotting! Good pics!

  11. I like the broccoli. And the bark. And I hear you on winter deadness.

    But what I really want to know is why Blogger doesn't have a "like" button on comments. So many of the above had me crying so that if I wore mascara I'd be a raccoon right now.

  12. I did not even know broccoli COULD rot while still in the ground. I have so much to learn...


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