Wednesday, October 16, 2013

5 fave sites for saving dinero + DISASTER BABY

Several (many) weeks ago, a friend suggested I put all my fave online money saving places in one spot.  And then I forgot. But I just remembered!  So here ya go.  For pictures of cute baby, skip all the yammering and scroll to bottom.  Enjooooooooooooooy!


If you change nothing about how you shop online, just start using ebates to get to your favorite stores.  If you've been reading this blog for a while, you already know how easy and great Ebates is.  If you haven't, you're about to find out right now.  So here goes: Ebates is so easy to use and is super duper great!  Companies contract with Ebates so that you're more likely to shop with them.  In exchange, you get a percentage of your purchase back as a rebate.  It is so easy and it absolutely works.  Ebates keeps track of everything and sends you a quarterly check.  An actual check.  Real American dollars!  Not a credit that you have to use on some random website or anything like that.  So sign up.  It's free.  It's easy.  You get cashback.  You get promo codes for free shipping and percentages off.  There is literally nothing to lose.


I've talked about this before, too.  (For anyone that already uses all these things, scroll to the bottom for adorable pictures of Mary!).  This place is addictive.  Used designer clothes at awesome prices.  Their quality is fab. u. LOUS.  I actually sent stuff to them just so I could get credit so I could shop with them without spending money.  That's how much fun it is to get a Twice order in the mail.  Aaaaaaaah!  Getting giddy just thinking about them!  Must. Window. Shop.


Sorry.  Focus.  So ThredUp is like shopping a really nice Goodwill online.  I'm sure they'd cringe if they read that, but after all my comparisons I gotta say it.  BUT- they carry kids' clothes, maternity clothes, and shoes and accessories, which my above obsession does not have.  Plus, some of their stuff is cheapcheapcheap.  Like a couple of bucks.  Twice's lowest price is $9.99.  So it's worth checking out but not my fave for the schmancy mama apparel.

So when I talked about stretching the budget the other day, I mentioned that I use coupons for condiments and cleaning supplies and tissues and junk because when they're on sale and you have a coupon, they're often cheaper than generic.  Plus, some generic stuff, like paper towels, is true garbage and you might as well just wipe your table with actual dollar bills and throw them straight into the trash.  Anyway, we don't get the paper but our neighbor likes to walk over and give us his junk mail, which Tommy always thought was a little weird, but hey, I'll take my free monies however I can get 'em, okay?  But I also go to to print out coupons before I shop- match 'em up to the sale flyer and blah blah blah.  So if you haven't jumped on this, give it a try


If you live in ye olde Midwest, maybe you shops at the Meijer, yes?  If you do but you don't, you should.  If you don't then you can't but try and see if a store around you has something like this.  Anyway, they're called MPerks, and basically it's a special extra section of their website you can use to get extra discounts that they don't actually tell anyone about.  I know!  Who does that?  Well, a store that wants to claim they have a special program but not actually lose any money I'm guessing.  So they have this but hardly anyone does it, so it's a win win for them and a.....forget it.  I'm confusing myself.  MORAL: if you haven't signed up for mPerks, do it.  I got an additional $15 off my shopping trip for absolutely nothing yesterday.  Whutwhut.

bonus fave!  Google!

If you think I'm joking, you are incorrect my friend.  When you shop online, open google in another tab when you're about to check out.  Google "_________ promo code." But with the name of the store in place of the blank.  Don't put the blank into a google search.  That would be weird.  So in addition to any promo code you find on Ebates, you might be able to add a second one on top.  I do this ALL THE TIME with Kohl's and it is a magical feat of wonderment each time.

Now, for all of you who've heard all of this criz-nap before, enjoy these  photos of my terribly messy, totally fantastic baby.

Five Favorites, hosted at

 p.s. some of those links are referral links, which means I get a treat if you sign up.  It doesn't cost you anything or whatever, but I gots to tellz ya.

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  1. Every time I go, they ask if I have any mPerks to redeem. I never took the time to check it out. I'm now signed up, clipped 23 coupons, and have $7 off in new member perks waiting for me. Thanks for the kick in the pants. Now, to remember to "clip" the coupons each week...

  2. Mary is so stinkin cuteeeeeeee !!!! My kids are both loving yogurt lately and that makes for quick n easy eats! :)

  3. Omigosh, I LOVE Mary's shirt. She is so super adorable.

  4. Gotta love the independence and "I'll do it myself" attitude of toddler-hood...embrace the messy!

  5. I kind of love that you let Mary eat yogurt independently, in spite of the mess. I hope I'm that laid back when we (hopefully) are blessed with children. She looks so happy. Adorbs.

    Also, never heard of Twice before, but just used your link to buy some new work pants. Hope they fit/look cute!

  6. Thanks for the links, I love new ways to save on stuff I was already buying. You should try It works like coupons only it links to your store cards and gives you cash back on things you normally buy. I've gotten back over $50 this year.

  7. That adorable baby is going to need a bath! STAT!

  8. Thanks for reminding me about Ebates! I love how many stores are on there.


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