Wednesday, October 30, 2013

*EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW* and a review. What more could you want?

If you've been meaning to get back to reading real books and not just buzzfeed posts and blog entries (guilty), I'm telling you...Pope Awesome is the place to start.  If you're accustomed to reading real books all the time, like Jessica of the awesome book-reviewing skillz is, make this book the next on your list.  Just move aaaaaaaaaaaaall the other books down a notch and wedge this one right in there.

I'm not really good at writing book reviews I don't think.  I never know how much is too much to give away, so I never include enough details.  I don't consciously pay much attention to themes and fancy things like that.  I guess I just wait for the book to squeeze into one of the myriad cracks in my broken heart and heal it right up.  That's how I decide if it's good.  And Cari's book is good.

About a year ago, I remember hearing that verse from John:

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God

And it was as if I was hearing it for the first time.  It gave me chills.  17 simple words to rope a person's soul.  Then I was reading Cari's book and she talks about that verse suddenly grabbing her, peeling her eyes and heart open.  And I set the book down and sobbed. 

This is what it means when we talk about God being outside of time.  It doesn't matter that she read it back then and I heard it at a different then, and then he wrote it and I read again.  Like it happened in some kind of line.  God has no line.  He wove all of that together in one moment.  He wove us together.  In word and in The Word.

I am so grateful to have been giving the gift of knowing her.  And you can know her too.  In her silliness, in her humor, in her gratitude, in her struggles and in her triumphs.

Anyway.  Enough sentimental blubbering! I also let my big girls read it.  It has just enough grown-up stuff in it to make them feel like they've reached a milestone- they're "in the know" so to speak.  But it points them to holiness and the beauty underneath the messy exterior of our human lives.  Perfect.
Want to read better bloggers give actual reviews?  I loved Rebekah's and Jessica's both.


D.B.: If you were stranded on a desert island and there was only ice cream to eat, how long would it take for you to admit that it's actually totally delicious and that your professed aversion is just part of the charmingly-quirky persona you've so effortlessly perfected?

C.D.: False. Everyone knows that on a desert island the ice cream melts too rapidly to consume. Which is good, because ice cream is gross, and even better because it reveals the chocolate cupcakes beneath. Chocolate cupcakes with extra chocolate frosting. And crème in the center. How do I find one of these dessert island things upon which to be stranded? I’m jonsing for a cupcake now.

D.B.: What is your most coveted soon-to-be-not-secret tip to having the world's greatest nails despite apparently sometimes doing actual things with your actual fingers and if this fame and fortune thing gets old would you consider opening a mobile nail salon? In rural southwest Michigan?

C.D.: I am actually in talks with the History Channel to do a reality show about that exact concept. In it, I load up my lovable but rag-tag family into our prison bus passenger van and roam about the country, stopping at random points on the map and bringing mobile nail salon services with me. Think of it as a trendy sort of pop-up store but with way more kids employed that child labor laws probably allow.

 Also, I bring booze with me on all the adventures and have my customers do keg stands before getting their nails did (keg stands are the real secret to a gorgeous manicure).

The pilot tested really well with 11 year old girls and Christian bikers.

D.B.: Whatever happened to your short-lived obsession with choosing clothes and hair color based on your season thing? If readers send in photos, will you provide complementary style consultations in the way of proper colorationing? Also, will you teach me how to word this question so that it makes sense?

C.D.: Ah, colorationing. Did you know that the word “colorationing” actually comes from an Indo-European root meaning “You will never find clothes in colors that flatter you when you have the money to buy them”? That’s all I have to say about this question. I’m still thinking about chocolate cupcakes.

D.B.: So here's something weird. We both believe in God and that He wants us to be happy, but then....and I'm still trying to wrap my head around LEAVE the comforts of your temperature controlled, snake free, poison ivy free home and VOLUNTARILY sleep in a moist, mosquito-ridden tent with 6 children under the age of 12? And by sleep I mean, of course, don't sleep? And 5 feet away is another family doing the same thing? Why would you do this? Is this like some kind of modern-day version of flagellation? And did you know that the first time I heard "flagellation" my friends and I giggled madly because we thought it was "flatulation?" Which apparently isn't even a word? And does that count as all one question?

C.D.: So on the road to heaven, there are those who are further along the path than others. I am one such person. I am just more holy than you are, so I am not so attached to the things of this world like “running water” and “flush toilets” and “walls”. My profound sanctification manifests itself in the ability to almost completely detach myself from creature comforts (except chocolate cupcakes), and so camping actually reminds me how saintly I am, though I could see why it would make you uncomfortable, throwing into sharp relief the progress you still need to make. It’s ok. I’m praying for you.

Funny AND generous with her prayers.  What more could you ask for?

(p.s. if you click on the Pope Awesome square on the right sidebar, it'll take you straight to Pope Awesome land.  No one is paying for that ad, yo.  I just love it so.)

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  1. You guys are both....THE best. This interview confirms my fears that were we ever to meet in person I would just sit there staring at your majesty in silence while you created string after string of interconnecting one liners. Sounds like a good time, l'll bring the ice cream!

  2. I love you both!! I'm with Rebekah. I want to come and I promise to sit in shock and awe and adulation as I watch the Dweej and Cari show.

  3. Um... hang on... she doesn't like ice cream but she does like camping? I'm sorry, I just can't believe this. She's not a real person, is she? She must be some sort of cyborg with really nice, realistic nails.

    1. I know. Anti-ice cream and pro-camping are pretty much the definition of my DO NOT MAKE FRIENDS WITH THIS PERSON! But then you meet her, and you can't help but love her.

      Great review and interview Dwija!

  4. I think everyone's on to the real next reality show - Dweej and Cari, headed fpr prime time! :)

  5. Amen to what Annery said ^. (Also, I'm not gung-ho in disliking much, but I sorta get the ice cream thing...)

  6. Ok, now that was ridiculous! Love it, girls!

  7. You guys are awesome. I've got her book in my Amazon cart - just waiting to add a few more items before I complete my order :)

  8. You two are so funnnnnyyyyyyyyyy! Love it all.

  9. Great interview! :)
    Dwija, I know what you mean about not being good at writing book reviews. It's the details that get me, too.
    I read Cari' s book and loved it. I wrote a little about it today in my yarn along post.

  10. I so needed this today! You both are such a welcome dose of sanity and levity in my world of chaos. Thanks for sharing yourselves with the masses. (That's a lower case m, you know.)


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