Friday, October 25, 2013

Los Siete Take-os de Quickitos

Have you ever had one of those days....yes, I'm pretty sure you have...where everything just seems blah?  When I don't have something to look forward to, this happens.  Or when the weather first turns gross, this happens.  Or when I'm being a moody bword, this happens.  So this happened on Saturday and it was raining and not even 50 degrees out  and all of a sudden I says to my husband I says "Clearly this is the ideal time for me to force everyone into complementary outfits and put the timer on on the camera and get that elusive family portrait we've yet to achieve since the birth of our 5th child."

Except I didn't say it like that.  It was more like "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, I am so boooooooooooooooooooooored.  We don't even have any family piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiictures.  It's gonna be Christmas agaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain and we won't even have doooooooooooooooooooooone it and then it'll be, like, snowy and junk and everyone will be in snowpants and hats and complaining that they're coooooooooooooooooooooooooold."

I am pleasant.

Luckily he is so much a better person than I am and agreed to my ridiculous demands (read: insufferable whining) and changed his clothes and told the kids to be happy or else and we set up the timer and this happened:

Yeah, I can tell you're totally impressed.  Clearly I have a future in fine family on-location portraiture.  Of course, I am mean and unreasonable and made everyone pretend to be happy for six hundred twenty tree more shots which resulted in exactly zero of Mary looking at the camera.  So we're just going to send out Christmas cards featuring the side of her stubborn chub of a face and NO ONE BEST BE COMPLAININ', YA HEAR?

Oh man.  I read Cari's book from cover to cover in one evening this week but she is not permitting me to review it until next week because she is also mean and unreasonable and that is why we are friends.

Gah!  Stupid blogger won't let me make that picture any smaller unless I change the size in the html code and ain't nobody got time fo' math.  So you'll just have to stare at an enormous, blurry photo of my head while you read this.  You're welcome.  Also buy it and read it and then give it to other people to read and laugh and cry and be a happier person.

So I'm giving Birchbox a whirl.  $10 a month, if you have it to spend (and I know we don't always.  Boy do I know), is worth the excitement of getting a present in the mail that's just for you filled with stuff you'd never be able to try.  After two boxes, my very mucho fave thing is this Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel for sensitive skin.

The itty bitty trial size that arrived 6 weeks ago is only barely starting to run out.  So I'm thinking if you have any budget at all for girly stuff, this would be worth the buy.  Like, I want to go wash my face right now just so I can use it and feel all tingly and small-pore-ified.

What else? OOOOOH!  Thank you to everyone who made purchases through ThredUp and Twice since I first started recommending them.  In addition to being able to get my big girls their back-to-school clothes using your referral credits, we've been able to order nice clothes for families in need and have them delivered straight to their door.  No cost to me, no cost to you, and a very welcome blessing for the recipients.  So thank you, thank you, thank you!

I got nothin'.  Allow me to peruse photos....

Still nothing!  Ack.  Oh, do you use the instagramz?  I have an ipod for the sole luxury of being able to use that stupid site without having to pay a smart phone bill every month.  Anyway, more photos of poor quality awaiting your perusal.

Now go see CARI, who is hosting Los Take-os instead of Jen today.  Bueno weekendo mis amigos!

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  1. So, imma get on the birchbox thing, because I love me some presents. And, it appears to be a box full of little presents right?
    Also, you should use the pic of your family that you included in these takes for your Christmas cards. Because it is awesome. And will bring people authentic joy, which is what the season is all about!

  2. Wait wait wait. I can't see Mary's face AT ALL. Can you try again? ;)

  3. I didn't get the peel in my box...and it keeps tempting me to buy it. You ain't helping...

  4. There were five kids in my family. One time we had pictures made of just the kids and my baby brother, who was about a year and a half, had this really painful heat rash on his back. As the only girl, I was OF COURSE holding the baby and the photographer wanted me to hold him in a certain pose that was painful for the baby. I calmly and respectfully explained the dilemma. My parents were out of earshot, I believe, because they didn't intercede. When the photographer brushed aside my concern and insisted that I do exactly what she said, my older brother tried to explain how it was painful for the baby. The photographer was nasty about it and as a result in the picture my baby brother is crying and my big brother and I are both angry. My other two brothers were looking sort of uncomfortable too. Good times.

  5. Love your instagram - Pope Awesome is on my reading list - looking forward to splurging on some books closer to Christmas - can't wait to read your review :)

  6. You're a much better person than me with your Twice moolah.

    And, just finished Pope Awesome-est book ever tonight :)

    Finally, three words: aspect ratio calculator

  7. You just turned my Quick-Take-#-1 day around. :-D

  8. Ha! We're also friends because we have excellent taste in friends.

  9. All I keep thinking is damn, that girl has some gorgeous blue eyes. ;-)

  10. Replies
    1. I was basically just going to say the same thing ;)
      ...and that family photo rocks.

  11. I totally think you should use that one as your Christmas card. It would so be everyone's favorite and they'd be like, "Man, that's so original, I really wish I was brave enough to do that"

  12. I'm a-fearin what our Christmas family photo is going to look like, anytime anyone other than us try and take Caitlin's pic she looks terrified. Love yours!!
    Pope Awesome on it's way ~ Can't wait!!


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