Monday, October 14, 2013

Attack of the Killer Baby

So last night I was up way too late because correcting a 6th grader's math work is about as exciting as getting a dental exam.  Except when you're getting a dental exam you can sit in a squishy reclining chair and close your eyes and enjoy slightly modified versions of to "Love Lift Me Up" or "When a Man Loves a Woman," so yet another a strike against boring dumb ol' responsibilities and clearly reading about the Whole 30 was a reasonable thing to be doing instead.  Because hello: procrastination

So I'm minding my own business, or rather ignoring my own business, either one works, and I read this: Your only job for the next 30 days is to focus on making good food choices

Girl.  Let's just stop there for a sec.  I do not know whose life you've been spying on, but it ain't mine.  I mean, I'm glad in a way because that would be creepy, but not glad in a different way because apparently there is a way to live that makes it possible for food choices to be, like, your only job.  Sweet sassy molassey, sign me up!  But no, don't.  Really.  Because how bored would I be?  Super duper bored.  I wouldn't even have anything to procrastinate and then I wouldn't run across interwebz gems like that due to said procrastination and then WHAT WOULD I TALK TO YOU ABOUT?  Food choices?  For 30 days?  You're welcome.

En. Ee. Way.  Have you ever heard of the underside of a sink sweating?  Wait, don't leave!  This is a real thing.  Or it could be a real thing, potentially.  During one of the rare moments that I wasn't thinking about food choices, I noticed that the under-sink cabinet in our bathroom had a thin veil of water over it.  So I gently emptied everything (which is German for: yanked it out like a raging madwoman because we were supposed to be out the door three minutes ago), organized it carefully (left it in a pile on the bathroom floor), and then asked my darling husband (that has no translation.  He really is great) to make all my problems go away.

Well, he couldn't find the leak.  It was weird.  So we put the stuff back.  And found water again.  And took the stuff out again. And couldn't find the leak.  And put the stuff back.  And theny esterday morning before Mass he found it wet again, took everything out again, and then reached up and ran his hand along the underside of the sink basin.  Wet.  It's's like the dang thing is sweating!  And the water collects so slowly that it's never flood-like conditions in there.  It's always just kinda soggy and gross.

Clearly I know nothing.  The situation is super fab because the sink and countertop are all one big piece (of course), so it's not like replacing a kitchen sink.  Nononononononono sir. It's gonna be a real If You Give a Mouse a Cookie moment when we yank that baby out.  So maybe I just put down a sweet bed of super absorbent rag-like items and pretend the whole thing never happened?  Yes, maybe that.

But seriously, if you've ever heard of this or anything similar happening, bless me with your housey wisdom, por favor.

Unrelated:  Blessedly it is clear that my 11 year old has no idea what "rated X" means.  Enjoy!

Attack of the Killer Baby from Dwija Borobia on Vimeo.

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  1. Laughing so hard at the video. X rated videos have never been so adorably wholesome!

  2. Weird on the sweaty sink. Condensation? Or it might be a faucet issue. We had a leaky faucet that was slow enough it wasn't findable except by a plumber. How's the humidity in the room with the sink?

  3. How hot are you taking your showers? Also, temp diff in the bathroom? Also, any ventilation in the bathroom?

    Also, awesome science lesson on condensation?

    I have no idea I'm just guessing.

  4. No help with the sink but I LOVE the video. The 11-year-old trying not to giggle while making menacing music was the best! And I love the Eraser Game video as well. How long will she play that one?

    Try this thread about your sink. Also the sink may just need some kind of coating underneath to be a barrier for moisture. Maybe ask a plumber. Good luck.

  6. I just finished the Whole 30 with my best friend. Super hard to do, but well worth it. Email me if you want to hear....! :)

  7. Both of my toilets "sweat" like all over the top part...I have no idea what that water holder plus flusher thingie is called...because its Monday and my words are gone. If you figure out whats happening, PLEASE let me know too! Thanks =)


  9. what *do* you eat on that Whole30 thing? :P
    ...ok, I looked at the shopping list. There is stuff on there. No brownies. No trail mix w/ chocolate chips in it. ...and there is a "Butter Manifesto". Wow. ;)

  10. BAAAHAHAHA!!! Killer Baby Video for the WIN!! She is so stinkin cute. And it is so true - point a camera at a baby and it is like flies to light!!

  11. She is so cute! I love your new blog picture too!

  12. Omygosh. I was just laughing so hard I couldn't breathe the X rated video!!!!!


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