Friday, February 21, 2014

Food and funny stuff and dishes and math and.... (7qt) (phfr) (TT)


Lately I've been intrigued by the idea of charisms, but I think figuring out a charism is like...scratching a back.  You just can't do your own.  Or at least I can't do mine.  But I can do my husband's, oh yes I can.  And do you know what his charism is?  Finding neat dishes at thrift stores.

I could take 30 pictures of the cool stuff he's found for $0.99.  Hey, I probably should have done that.  But I didn't.  Surprise!  I just took one.  Lucky you.

 If I had to choose one item that perfectly encapsulates my decorating style and color-love, it would be this little pitcher.  So love.  Much cuteness.


Yesterday Pointy Bird turned (at least) 24 in-utero-weeks old and gosh...I am just so, so grateful.

I've never shared this many belly photos with any previous baby, but I just feel so celebratory to have this sweet boy that I feel compelled to commemorate every week.  Jessica talked the other day about belly pics and sensitivity to our sisters struggling with infertility and it was so heartfelt and beautiful to hear the compassion in her words.  I loved reading it.  And I think this is another great example of how the Holy Spirit works differently through each of us.  We are all coming together from very different places, seeing life through our unique experiences, and then sharing what we've learned in the best way we can manage.  Right now for her it's to not overshare the belly bumps and for me it is embracing the oversharing of the belly for the first time.  I love that no matter where we are or what we need in this journey, God can use us and speak to us as long as we are willing to do and listen.


Okay, I don't have my own photo for this, but wow, this is so funny and the perfect start to your weekend.


The other night I was up way too late thinking of ways I could best exceed my recommended daily caloric intake when I saw the Pioneer Woman tweet a link to her queso fundido recipe.  Shame on her!  Because of course I had to make it as best I could at 11 p.m. and I'm pretty sure I passed out at one point from deliciousness overload.

I was so obsessed that the next morning I made a modified version for breakfast and we were all enamored.  Try it.  Love it.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, that's probably why I've already gained 30 lbs.  At 24 weeks pregnant.  With ONE baby.  Good times, friends.  Good times.

When you have big kids around, the things your babies learn to say are...different...than what your eldest kids said at that age.

Which is why Mary can say "Butt sooooooooo stinky!" but not "I want more." She'll be well served by this her entire life, I'm sure.

And to conclude, sans segue of any sort, last Saturday our chemist friend offered to give the big kids a lip balm formulating seminar.  You guys, there was a LOT of math.  The perfect kind of math for 6th and 7th graders (finding percentages of decimals and comparing the ratios of one formula with another) especially.  And no one minded because they were making their very own vanilla peach/spearmint/delicious flavor of your choice lip balm.  Hello!  Girly bliss!

No idea what this expression is about, but it makes me laugh every time.
Okay, go see Cari for some more Theme Thursday: dishes photos, Leila for more {p,h,f,r} and Jen for all the quick takers taking their 7 quick takes.

Happy weekend, peeps.

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  1. Dwija, you have NOT gained 30 pounds, you little liar! You look so great :)

  2. Love them all - especially the bump. I love Jessica's beautiful post too. As someone who struggles with infertility/low fertility, I like to see the wonderful things that God sending into the world through others, gives me hope for my own journey, so keep the baby bump pics coming! :)

    1. Tagging on this thought, I love that there is so much respect for each other in this community that one person can offer a "this is why I don't share belly pictures" and another person can offer a "this is why I do", and there are no judgements or arguments about it. Both opinions are valued and respected without people feeling defensive or judged.

  3. Jealous of your lip balm making workshop! My girls would love that!

    And, I'm a bit upset with your for posting that queso fundido dip recipe. That looks amazing and simple and it's going to take all my willpower NOT to make it.

  4. Wow. Lip balm making? Coolest math lesson EVER.

    My hubby also has a penchant for finding stuff at second hand stores and garage sales... too much of a penchant, really. That's why every inch of my home is packed full.

  5. This is why (1) I should homeschool and (2) I should have girls. Gestating boy #3 right now: not sure any of them will want to make lip balm. Le sigh. But they will like blowing stuff up, so that's cool.

    Also, glad your kids say "butt." Mine do too. It was a naughty word for us growing up but I'm, um, gestating.

  6. That queso.... It's time for second breakfast!

  7. I'm with Colleen...there is NO way you have gained 30 pounds - you look too good! At 32 weeks I've already gained 45 pounds - and it shows! Everywhere!

  8. I love you mentioning how the younger sibs in a larger family say,uhm, interesting things. My sweet boy Peter has learned the word "Jerk!" and regularly hollers it at those around him. That coupled with the fact that he won't say "no," but only "no way" keeps me from a properly stern countenance. "No way, Jerk!" sigh :)

  9. Love your vase...that would match my kitchen decor perfectly! Ah yes, it is different raising babies and toddlers with older kids in the house. My 5 year old says the phrase "for no apparent reason" all the time (to be fair, she probably got that from me). Her birthday is coming up, off to google "lip balm recipes" for her party!

  10. Oh my goodness, my husband also is so good at thrift store deals that our friends, when finding a good deal, call theirs "a Howell of a deal." Good men!

  11. Long time lurker, just dropping in to make you feel a little bit better with my comment that I'm 23 weeks today and tipping the scales at a 32lb weight gain. Also with just one baby. My 5th. Please, Lord, don't let this be the one that I "never lost the baby weight with after!"

  12. 1. I love the vase.
    2. I lied to the nurse educator at my 16 week initial visit about how much weight I'd already gained. It's wasn't 10 pounds. It was more like 27. And she was all, "You'll want to gain about 25 pounds altogether," and I was like, "Oh, yes, of course, okay, thanks for that!" And then we went out for bacon cheeseburgers and had dessert, too.

  13. You look awesome! Love that growing belly!


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