Thursday, February 27, 2014

Nothin' to see here, folks

Right before I sat down to write this, I was making 20 copies of color and shape sorting worksheets for the pre-schoolers in our co-op tomorrow and packing my extrabag (all one word) with art supplies and an ergo and seven shirts that can be worn as smocks.  Because you just never can tell with 3 and 4 year olds.

Before that I was sweeping the kitchen.  Before that I was loading the dishwasher.  Before that I was packing snacks and laying out the little kids' clothes for our early departure tomorrow morning.  Hey, 8:15 is early!  It totally is. You can't convince me otherwise.

Before that I was tucking Cecilia into bed.  Before that I was nursing my back on the sofa thinking "oh my gosh....I forgot to blog.  Stupid posting seven days in a row.  Stupid internet." Because remember: rule follower.  I won't just shrug and be all like "no one will notice if I only post six times..." even though NO ONE WILL NOTICE IF I ONLY POST SIX TIMES.

Issues, man.  I gots 'em.

Which is all to say: keeping a house going is sometimes sooooooo booooooooooooring.  I mean, you barely stayed awake during the above yammering.  Which is why sometimes I don't blog.  Because you don't want to hear about how I used a magic eraser to clean the outside of the bread machine, do you?

Anyway, normally I'd just link up something for Theme Thursday, but today's theme is "fences" (which I totally thought said "feces" the first time I read it) but guess what?  It was freaking cold today.  And windy.  So windy!  White out conditions this morning, in fact.  Like- schools cancelled, North Dakota winters of ye olde times white out.  Please, someone knock me out until late April.  That way I can be warm AND skip lent.  Hollah.

Instead, look at this "bird feeder" we made, courtesy of this week's bird packet.
Clearly it's a clementine peel with bird seed encrusted peanut butter inside.  Clearly.  And don't tell me this wouldn't totally win on Iron Chef: Bird.  I mean tres magnifique!

So now our leafless maple tree is sporting this fine specimen, both halves of the peeled clementine that used to reside within, a jar filled with (now frozen) orange juice and an entire piece of bread shoved onto a twig.  And zero birds.  Classy.

Et voila, an entire post about nothing.  You. Are. Welcome.

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  1. This challenge-- I tell ya! What is it with Day 4? I actually asked my husband for inspiration. I hated writing it. I'm surprised anyone read, and I'll be kissing virtual feet if they come back tomorrow. And yes, pleasepleaseplease can this winter be over??

  2. Hey, a shout out to North Dakota! ;) Here in ye old ND, it's been frigidly cold. Fortunately we don't have a lot of snow to go with it so no white out conditions currently. Or maybe not so fortunate - because with the clear skies events go on and we are expected to venture out in the 30 below wind chill! BRR. SO MUCH COLD. Yes, I agree, late April sounds much more favorable!!!!

  3. No, no, you can't skip Lent! Very tempting, of course, but would Easter be as magnificent without Lent?

  4. I cheated and used 4 year old fence photos for my post today.

    1. (and I'm forced to use my super-old google ID to make that comment, oof, wordpress identity issues) - nancyo

  5. February is over, soon it will be spring! And, in like a lion and out like a lamb! And, last year I saw our first robin on the ides of March (but you will see them earlier because you are in the country)! Now, if that all doesn't just cheer up every Michiganian reading this, I don't know what will. It's all I got to get me through the next few weeks of winter....

  6. On behalf of a grateful Internet, thank you for your post about nothing! It's least as good as the show about nothing that ran for forever!

    I'm sure the birds will come to dine once polar vortex number 5,642 moves on.

  7. Love it! Sometimes we all just need to hear that we aren't the only ones living that oh, so boring life! We still love it, though :)

  8. 8:15 is TOTALLY early. I tell people all the time...anything before 10 is just super hard right now.

  9. Hahaha I love your bird feeder! I choose not to feed the birds around here. They'd probably thank me by pooping on my welcome mat even MORE. As if that were even possible.

  10. I read your post about "nothing!"

  11. Hello Dwija,
    Two things:
    1. I was wondering if you'd ever be willing to give us a glimpse at your co-op day. Just what materials you guys use, how many families, how you structure it and share the teaching, etc? I don't think you've done that, but correct me if I'm wrong. We're in our first ever year of of a co-op that I started with a friend, and we're looking to tweak a few things for next year. I'm just curious, ignore me if you're not interested in that post!
    2. My three-year-old son just pointed out the picture of you at the top of the blog, and then proceeded to imitate what he thought you were doing there. It was pretty hilarious, thanks for the laugh!

  12. I would totally like to read about bread machine cleaning adventures with magic erasers! I love little peeks like that into other mom's housekeeping lives.

    Also 8:15 is early! I defy anyone who says otherwise.

  13. Just so ya know you're in good company....St Catherine Laboure was asked when she was in her fifties if she didn't ever get bored just taking care of old men everyday. She said that doing Gods will is never boring. :-)


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