Thursday, February 06, 2014

Laugh then say WOO HOO!

Look!  I just hopped in my car and leisurely drove to our parish church and took this photo of a baptism in progress to link up with Cari's Theme Thursday: church windows.  Aren't you impressed with my gumption?  Or some other more appropriate word?

Lying.  This is from December 2012 because: my nemesis (snow).  But I did take this!  Before I got my big girl camera, I had a Nikon Coolpix point and shoot for several months, which is what I was using here.  The colors always came out a little brassy for my tastes, bee tee dub.  One of the many reasons I'm still a Canon girl.

Oh my gosh, my husband makes me so happy.  I could've put this in "funny" but I had something else for that spot.  Anyway, that's him on the left with Mary on his shoulders.  That's his co-worker and close family friend on the right with his little boy on his shoulders.  This has nothing to do with my story except that he emailed me this photo yesterday.

Here's the thing that made me laugh...

Tommy, last night, apropos of nothing: Paul and I need to enter the Greater Kalamazoo Father/Son Dance competition.

Me:  Wha.....?

Tommy: Yeah, we can choreograph a speed skating themed routine in honor of the winter Olympics!

Me:  I....just....

Tommy:  Is shiny spandex expensive????  (attempts to do his version of a triple lutz, which has nothing to do with speed skating or dancing, in the middle of the living room.  Crashes into sofa.  Children rolling on the floor in hysterical laughter) 

The other day I heard a bunch of clanging noises in the dining room.  Upon investigation I discovered this cooking lesson in progress:

Cecilia: And then you get the paprika crusher and crush the paprika and add it to the bowl....


 This is happening, people!!!!

 After Beelzebub pooped his heinous white slop all over us yesterday, I was rewarded for not bursting into tears with the official announcement that the official website for the first official Edel Gathering was up and ready and oh my gosh is it July yet??????  You can read all the details in Jen's post but really all you need to know is this: get your tax refund.  Use it meet up with us in Austin.  Boomshakalaka.

Dying.  Dead.  Cannot stop continually dying.  Because oh my gosh WE NEED A BREAK, Y'ALL.

Linkin' this bad boy up with Leila's Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real and Cari's Theme Thursday.  You go read while I plan my Friday night shoe victory.

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  1. I personally like how the underpants became the chef hats. I mean, I never knew that's what my meals were missing, underpants chef hats. No wonder the toddler won't eat anything anymore.

  2. So Tommy did a triple CLutz? He he. See what I did there? I have names like that for all the figure skating terms... like instead of a triple flip they do a triple SLIP...

  3. Great pictures with even better stories! Most Excellent!

  4. Aw nice! We have those coffee makers too.

  5. Where?? How?? Did you say Austin, as in, Texas?? As in, "Keep Austin Weird"?? Because, I can *do* that! When? July?? :D

    1. And can I bring the new little one? Because nursing... and who wants to be away from their 3 month old...

  6. Is it just me that thinks the stain glass window looks like a weather system map?

  7. Thanks for joining -- love the cooking lesson. No one would believe what goes on in homeschooling families, I always think. The gentle play! But also just fun.


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