Wednesday, April 23, 2014

5 Favorite things for kids and pregnancy

It's you babe prenatal cradle

A few days ago, I mentioned that my midwife had suggested I purchase and voluntarily wear a sort of elastic torture device so that I could maybe take more than three steps without ye olde irritable uterus causing scary-ish contractions, sending me to the sofa way too often for this far away from delivery.

As much as I objected (and really, I did vehemently object), I also needed a solution.  So I didn't get the Nacho Libre style wrestling suit and instead opted for this bad boy:
See, my back wasn't really the issue.  I didn't need a lot of back support. I needed something to physically lift the belly so we can all pretend as if my ab muscles haven't been pulled apart again.

Lemme tell you, friends: LIFE CHANGING

You mean I don't have to constantly feel like I'm in early labor?  That's a thing???  Su-weet.

Warning: the elastic will make your skin really itchy and uncomfortable if you don't wear something under it, so my torso dressing routine now consists of bra-cami-belly lifting device- shirt- optional: cardigan.  I know.  Cumbersome and annoying.  But not as annoying as being completely incapacitated.  Lesser of two evils, I choose thee.

The Trumpet of the Swan

Like responsible parents, we've owned the E.B. White box set for many, many moons.  But like irresponsible parents, I don't think either of us have ever read The Trumpet of the Swan.  But then Cari and Jessica both recommended it and....I thought about reading it.  THEN we went to the bird sanctuary yesterday (free for Earth Day!  Thank you belly contraption for allowing me to be mobile and give my children a proper homeschoolish experience.) and I knew it was time.

We are just three chapters into this little treasure (a read aloud for Paul, 6 and Cecilia, 4) and they are enamored.  As am I, to be clear.  I mean when your 4 year old begs you to read another chapter of a book that's filled with lots and lots of words and very few pictures, you know you're onto something good.

Dansko clogs

All the time, but particularly during pregnancy, these shoes are the shizzle my nizzles.  Even the uber stylish Grace of the Camp that bears her last name agrees with me on this.
But seriously don't pay full price if you don't have to.  Check Ebay first.  They are worth it but maybe not over $100 worth it.  But maybe they are.  I mean, they are pretty dang great.  Maybe the very reason my back pain is no mas.

My kids not whining

That's all I can think of right now because Mary is in her crib NotNapping (my husband and I both agree that she has a secret stash of tools in there and when we close the door, she busts out the hack saw and mallet.  WHAT IS SHE DOING IN THERE OHMYGOSH????) and hollering all sorts of things, while Paul is sitting in the seat across from me with a dish towel on his head saying "now can I get up?  now can I get up?  noooooooooooooooow can I get uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup??????????????".  I need to to record myself saying "You have to sit quietly or it doesn't count" so that I can actually accomplish something while he's being punished.

It just took me 37 minutes to write that paragraph.

edited to add: the towel on his head was all his doing, not mine.  Worry not friends for my consequences rarely include the wearing of linens.

MegaFood Blood Builder

This is my second shout out to Grace in one post (JUST GO LOOK AT TODAY'S POST ON HER BLOG AND YOU'LL SEE WHY YAY!)

Last summer during the sucky suckiness of suckness, Grace sent me some of this and it was amazing.  I had a few left after all the physical stuff blew over and passed it on to a friend who needed it.  Well, the other day I was feeling really slow and low and a bit lightheaded.  I real quick 2-day-shippinged this to myself and lo a few days later I am back to my overthinking, ridiculous self.  Good stuff, y'all.  Super good.

Whew!  That took way longer than you're imagining.  Zoinks.  Only blogging at 11 p.m. needs to be my new motto.  Linking up with Hallie and her fave-o-rite thangs.

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  1. So, this blood builder is good for tiredness? Please please please say it is. If so: Must find.

    Also, I think you're bringing sexy back with that brace and those clogs. Seeeeeeeeexxxxxxxyyyyy. ;)

  2. Trumpet of the Swan was my first favorite book… and it took years for another to take such high rank.. that would have been the chronicles of narnia… says something it took 7 books huh? :)

  3. I'm SUCH a blood builder fan! Grace hit the jackpot there.

    And I'm glad you got yourself a belly lifter and the overexcited uterus is settling on down!

  4. Love the Dasko clogs too! Check 6pm shoes for good deals. I know my size and what styles I like and they usually have something in the under $100 range.

  5. We just covered discipline in foster parenting classes. You'll be happy to know that putting kids in time out is still approved, though corporal punishment of any kind is not. I should ask if it's okay to put a towel over the kid's head. That sounds like it might be an interesting variation. (Yes, I know he did it himself!)

  6. Looking into blood builder now! It sounds miraculous - I can't even believe how tired this pregnancy is making me.

    Also Trumpet of the Swan was one of my faves as a child - I should add it to the list of books to read to my kiddos. Thanks for the reminder. =)

  7. Danskos are totally worth even full price if you work n a hospital. My pair got me through med school and residency, and except for being a bit scuffed they are still in great shape after 5+ years of 60-80 hour work weeks (and 2 pregnancies) involving much standing. So support, much comfy.

  8. Blood builder, you say? I think Imma have to check that out!

  9. My mom read Trumpet of the Swan to us when we were little and it is one of my favorite children's books (along with Narnia, Little Britches, and Cheaper by the Dozen). Such a sweet story - I enjoyed it just as much, if not more, listening to it as an adult when my mom read it to my much-younger siblings. Great find!

  10. I love this book! I wonder if my Littles will sit still for it? They loved The Boxcar Children. Right now we're reading Joan Windham's Sixty Saints for Boys with great enjoyment. Then we'll dive into her Sixy Saints for Girls ... so many books, so little time!

  11. My olders loved The Trumpet of the Swan. I was just thinking the other I should go find it and it to the youngers.

  12. Ooh, might try that blood builder stuff. And so glad your brace is helping you!

  13. I have problems with my feet, so I ordered DANSKO Professional Clogs, and no more foot pain. I got mine on eBay, they were pre-owned but like-new condition, so my price was AWESOME compared to full retail.

    Can't recommend them highly enough.

  14. Awesome blog. I enjoyed reading your articles. This is truly a great read for me. I have bookmarked it and I am looking forward to reading new articles. Keep up the good work. Eltern

  15. Ok, my Blood Builder has arrived! How many do I take?


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