Friday, April 11, 2014

Dishwasher, belly device, a winner and more (7qt)

So I was feeling proud of myself (can you hear the ominous music playing in the background?) a few minutes ago.  We'd just wrapped up a surprisingly successful catfish nugget dinner (which Cecilia announced was "so much better than LAST night's gross food..."  Um, thanks?), the non-outside toys had been brought in from outside AND the dishwasher was loaded and ready to go.

So I happily skipped over to this here computer (when I say "skipped", I of course mean "waddle" because ginormous, gravity defying belly) and was like "I can do my quick takes and continue being productive and it'll be great!"
Until I realized that the dishwasher was making not a sloshing noise but rather a humming noise and oh, this is not good.  Not good at all.

Stupid being proud of myself.

False alarm!  I mean, we should probably still be alarmed, but we're choosing not to be because we're in denial.  We googled a few fixes for cheapo dishwashers and then Tommy turned the awesome and fancy dial on the front back to the starting position, which we had already tried five times previously and BADABING, it came to life.  I'm not asking any questions, friends.  I'm just saying a prayer to whomever is the patron saint of dishwashers.  If you know who that is, feel free to share.

Time to announce the winner of A Little Book about Confession for Children.  Yay!

Using the highly scientific method of asking one of my children to pick a number between 1 and 67, comment #42 is our lucky gal.

So if your google name is Cmerie, quick like a wink email me at dwija{at}houseunseen{dot}com.  See?  Sometimes it DOES pay to be trolling blogs at 1 a.m.

On the morrow (I'm fancy) I will be making one of my semi-annual pilgrimages to Le Salon du AntiFrizz and let me tell you: wimmins get excited about hairs.  I love it!  Check out the fun chatter over on the IG re my potential haircut and think of me tomorrow afternoon whilst I chop the mop, will ya?

Also.  Oh my gosh.  Wanna see what I had to order from Amazon today?  Brace yourselves.  And be  ready with the brain bleach.

 Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!  Torpedo belly is just too torpedo.  My back has actually been okay for the last week or so, but it does feel like baby is going to fall out any second and at just 31 weeks, I...I just have to try something. How am I going to go to free day at the bird sanctuary or haul the kids to the zoo or putz around in the garden if every moment of every day already feels like the time right before I'm in active labor?  I DON'T LIKE WALLOWING ON THE SOFA. 

Go ahead.  Laugh it up.

Let's clear the image cache of your eyeballs.

The level of spring around here has reached 11, friends.

Baby in sandals!

Food and drink and knitting and books in the out of doors!

Ah.  It still hasn't lost its magic.

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  1. Spring is the BEST! Especially when your dishwasher works and your belly isn't threatening to leave your body.

  2. You will love, love the support brace. During the last 4 weeks of my first pregnancy I could not drive because I could not reach the brake or excelerator. No joke. I'm only 5ft tall and I feel your pain about being a torpedo. Our bodies do some crazy things.
    Happy Spring!

  3. Dayum mama. But let's be honest, you'll make that thing look goooood.

  4. That belly thing looks awesome possum. You'll have to tell if it helps! I'm almost 34 weeks and it's getting very painful to haul this belly around, too. It just might be a tad bit hard to hide all those straps underneath spring blouses? ;) Oh well! Who we tryin' to impress anyway?? :)

  5. I was so close, 1:33am.

    I'm 30 weeks with #4 and I can't decide whether that support system scares me or is awesome.

  6. St. Zita?
    Here's hoping your dishwasher and your baby both do what they're supposed to!

  7. I totally shouldf have used belly support of some kind.

  8. ALL OF THE SPRING THINGS. I love putzing around with books and homework outside, too. :)

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Pretty excited that someone else says awesome possum. And that's all I got. Happy haircut!

  11. When in doubt, we assign St. Therese as the patron saint of things, including needing a parking spot. That one, she has never failed on.

  12. I hope Michigan is nothing like Arkansas. We had 80s on Friday and today, they've issued a freeze warning for tonight. It's April for Pete's sake! Enough already with they schitzo weather.


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