Monday, April 14, 2014

Splurge vs. Steal : skin care

I like to tell myself that despite the fact that majority of the girly products (not to be confused with feminine products, because ew) I use on the regular are purchased from the grocery store, that I'm still an excellent real world judge of goodosity vs. badosity because I'm allergic to wasting money.  But the truth is probably that I just have too many opinions and my own blog that lets me talk about whatever I want.  Proceed with those delusions of grandeur, dweej.

Let's do some more splurge vs. steal then, shall we?  We shall.


Sadly I have no incredible, Earth shattering before and after photos to show you the way I did with the undereye concealer rec because nothing really happened to my skin overnight.  It's more of a general not looking like a half dead raccoon (HDR) that has sold me on this facial cleanser, especially as pregnancy generally makes me vvvvvvvv HDRish.
Liz Earle Cleanse & Polishâ„¢ Hot Cloth Cleanser
Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser
Now don't get me wrong- if you are in save mode, I still stand by my trusty Lever 2000 bar, which my eldest daughter of the incredible skin uses daily.  But if you want to spring for something nicer, this stuff is....nice.  It's a little weird how you put it on your skin when it's dry and then scrub it off with the "hot cloth" (glorified wet washcloth) after several minutes, but hey, if it works, I ain't fixin' to argue.

Anyway, I have a love/hate relationship with Birchbox now because it's totally their fault that I even found out about this, but I'll for sure be cutting that tester tube open to eek the last bit cleanser out of it, marketh my words.


The thing that I get the most from the B-box, though, has got to be moisturizers.  I swear every box has at least one, sometimes two or three, different tubes of moisturizer each offering an spf of 7000, the promise of all day radiance and a pet unicorn served on the side.  What I experience, on the other hand, is a sticky sheen pasted to my skin and a pile of pimples.  Non grazie.

Probably I'm giving myself cancer with this or something.  I don't know.  It just works so good.

(works so goooooood, come on baby make it work so good, sometimes moisturizer don't...something... like it should, come on and make it work so goooooood...)

If you have a skincare routine that you swear by, bestow your hours of research and years of trial and error upon your internetty friends, okay?  We will love it a lot.

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  1. I am a loyal Oil of Olay girl myself. The only beauty product I use every day. Otherwise my skin feels like parchment. Old crusty parchment at that. :)

  2. I use Cetaphil cream on my face, hands and feet. I live in the desert southwest and mega-dryness + flip-flops makes for some nasty cracked feet, let me tell you. They were so bad last summer! I started putting the Cetaphil on my feet every night with cotton socks over the top, right before I went to bed. Wow!!! It's like God gave me new feet. They are so much better. I don't always do the socks anymore since it's getting warmer again now, but I do continue to use the cream. And as for my hands, they get those winter knuckle-splits and this keeps it to the minimum. On my face, I love how it moisturizes without making me greasy. Just works well for me all around. I get mine at the Walmarts or Target.

  3. When I was a young girl, I put away those ya-ung girl ways. Now that I'm gettin older, so much older (27) I LONG for those young girl days. With a moisturizer like you (Olay Complete)...

    -Jessie Cougar Mellancamp

  4. I do!

    Wash your face with hot water (finger scrubbin' action and no more), then put a hot, wet washcloth on for 20-30 seconds. Pat dry with a clean towel. Then rub olive oil into your face, wiping off the excess so you don't look so shiny.

    I positively glow afterward. People will say things like "Well, YOU sure look nice today!" (Because often, I don't. lol) When I *don't* do this, I get teen-acne face.

    (-Mariel Proulx)

  5. I am a fan of olive oil on the face, wiped off with a hot washcloth too. If I ever remember to do it that is. Soooo Laaazy...

  6. Man, I use jojoba oil from Trader Joe's, but everyone I know with glowing skin uses Oil of Olay!

  7. Mi madre has used Oil of Olay since I was a wee thing. :) I'm a Clinique gal myself, though. I love their products (even though they are overpriced...).

  8. I've had good luck with pretty much anything by Aveeno or Garnier Fructise. Grocery store buyer completely over here.

  9. I wash my face with Witch Hazel because I'm not down with chemicals. I did some research & found it was the most natural astringent out there. I guess that's true? Does anyone have any other feedback? It works, great, and is non-drying. I keep it in a spritzer, spritz my face, then wipe down with cotton rounds.

    At night I use avocado oil on my face (I put it in a mister and mist it on so I don't get too greasy) and vaseline as under eye cream.

    During the day I use Vitamin E cream found in the vitamin section of my local grocery store. It's pretty thick, but I have really dry skin & it keeps my skin from drying out.

  10. I wish I got more moisturizer in my Birchboxes! It seems makeup never gets used up - I love to try all the new stuff, but I don't wear makeup every day. Moisturizer I put on twice every day, so I need more of it.

    I did get that Liz Earle cleanser. I liked the scent (and used the whole tube) but lost patience with the cloth after a few days:)

  11. I have very dry skin and my routine is to use Oil of Olay Complete for Sensitive Skin but I add a few drops of Vitamin E oil (I have a bottle from the drugstore). The oil helps the lotion be at the hydration level I need. I also use a bit of oil when my undereye area gets dry. I use brown sugar occasionally as a facial scrub.

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