Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Day in the Life in 10 Pictures

A day in the life in 10 pictures on the 10th of the month.

Shhhhhh....pretend you see protein in this breakfast #coffee #bagels

A little pajama-fied coloring time on spring break? Don't mind if we do!

Normally we'd be knee deep in school work now, but instead I used my precious to tend to the den/playroom/schoolroom.  I still heart my Hoover after almost a year, btw.

Sun!  And happy children outdoors!  And a boy on a princess ride-on toy!

Proof.  I truly didn't think it would happen this year, people.

And now a little lunch.  Why she feels the need to deconstruct her sandwiches I will NEVER know.

"Sorry for the huge mountain of laundry guys..." "That's okay.  Is this it?" "Yes. Except for the whites in dryer.  And, um, the load in the washer too."  "Oh.  Well, we can just pretend we work in a Taiwanese laundry facility."  "What does that even mean?"  "I...I really don't know.  Is there a place known for its excessive laundry?" #blankstares 

As part of the 40 bags in 40 days Lenten challenge, I went through tiny shoes today.  Only sizes 0 thru 11.  There is a serious problem at my house.  Serious, serious problem. Because this is not everything.

And then dinner and then bedtime and then I packed the fun bag for the pre-school class at co-op...

Gosh I love a day spent entirely at home every now and then.  What a treaty treaty treat treat.  I love you, this day in spring.

Linking up with A Day in the Life at Making the Trek and Ten on Ten at A Bit of Sunshine.  You should definitely absolutely play along too.

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  1. LOVE the flower photo! Thanks for the uplifting reminder!

  2. It's a known fact that shoes, when left in the dark for too long, multiply and make more little shoes. I don't know how it happens, but we have bitty shoes in our basement that neither child has ever worn.

    1. But they don't make matching pairs. Only single shoes.

  3. Hah! My husband used to have a Tobaccoville mug from his misspent youth working at RJR. Too funny! :-)

  4. My toddler is a deconstructor of sandwiches too. So glad you're having a beautiful spring day!

  5. The lighting in these pics is stunning! #nerd. What a beautiful day that seems

  6. The laundry. The shoes. So awesome to know we aren't alone in that mountain of never-ending crazy!! Happy Spring!!!!

  7. Dwija, your blog is such a pleasure to read! I heart you.


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