Thursday, March 24, 2011

A dragon, some sushi, and not-dead-yet seeds

Boy howdy...if you are not sick of hearing about our stupid fence yet, then you have not been reading this blog.  Lord knows I am sick of talking about our stupid fence.  But behold, ye weary readers: the fence is going up!
installing a goat fence

Why she is on the wrong side of it, I do not know.  (Those of you with children will agree that sometimes it's best not to ask too many questions.  As long as they're not dying (or some other such emergency), I try to just go about my business.)  But I know that she knows that we're a step closer to that goat of hers.  I think she was more excited than the dogs!

And my darling Katy, who has not been feeling very well these days, even humored me with a "modified thinker" pose whilst she sat on her "portable stump chair".  We're quite resourceful these days, aren't we?
But even more exciting than the fence (to me.  Shhhhhh, don't tell Tommy) is that my seed order arrived today.  And as of right now, I still haven't killed them.  Huzzah!

And totally unrelated to our outdoor adventures, but so cute I couldn't help but share, is this adorable dragon (or "dray-gon" as Katy says, because she is starting to talk like a Michigander.  True story.) named Cheese.  
Katy sculpted, glazed and fired him over a period of a couple weeks in her art class.  Herself.  In fourth grade!  When I was in fourth grade, I carved a heart from a bar of soap.  Their school is so awesome.

It occurred to me today (if you'll bear with another tangent) that your vision of our life might be us tromping through the woods for 8 hours a day and talking to a stuffed donkey the other 16.  That, of course, is ridiculous.  The Donkey discussions last 12 hours, max.  And between that all sorts of regular life stuff also goes on too, but most of it is so...regular- except for THIS:
sushi restaurant portage kalamazoo michigan
And to answer your question, no, that sushi did not taste as good as it tasted better.  So much better that my mouth is watering just looking at this picture!  Oh my gosh.  Yummers.  Now see, I have eaten more my share of sushi  and spent the better part of many people's salaries on overpriced fish in my day (9 years in southern California has that affect on a person), so you can believe me when I say that Sakura Sushi in Portage is worth every minute and every cent.  And just like that, like the "you'll never find good Mexican food" warnings I received before we got here, it turns out you can get good sushi in Michigan.  Double huzzah!


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  2. I found your blog via your comment on Why I Am a Catholic! I'm so glad I did! Very nice blog and I love your pictures! I have been looking for another Catholic blogger (I know there are many, but I mean one kind of like me...not that you are like me, I don't know much about you...oh never mind)!

    Check out my blog if you like!

  3. I learned about your blog from the Pure Michigan website. I am really enjoying reading about your Michigan adventure. You and your family are doing something that I have always thought would be awesome to do, but just haven't had the guts to do. Thanks for sharing.

  4. If you ever need any information or inspiration, please feel free to email me directly: HouseUnseen{at} . It was definitely hard for us to let our hope be bigger than our fear, but the challenges have been so rewarding :D

  5. Thanks for the offer! Maybe later this week I can get an e-mail sent off to you.

  6. Oh, seeds!! My hubby is a Master Gardener, nothing cheers him up more than a bag of seeds or some clot of dirt he gets in the mail.
    Its coming along. The fence looks great!


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