Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I said those loathesome words...

Well, I know you want me to bore you with details of my daughters' birthdays (insider tip: try to have all your babies on the same day so you can throw combo birthday parties.  So handy.) but you're just going to have to be patient because today is a day to talk about what this blog is supposed to be about: this house and un-scary-fying it. 

For reasons that I'm sure were good but which I can't seem to recall (probably something to do with children and snow.  Who knows), back in the fall we stopped laying the new floor just short of the edge of the kitchen door and have since just dealt with a very Jekyll/Hyde motif in our entryway.
standing at the front door

looking toward the front door

But we are finally going to have our first over-night house guests in just a little over a month and so I said the horrible thing that I haven't said in a while which Tommy loathes with his whole heart and soul: "So...what are we going to *DO* today?"

And with only minor injuries and a little bit of hollering, this was my answer!

Clearly, there is still work to be done (tomorrow, by golly!), but it's a good, good start.  As I refuse to leave you with the sight of an unfinished project burning holes into your untainted retinas, however, I will also share this, which I have so far forgotten to do: the wall on the second-half of the kitchen that used to look like this..
But now looks like this...

And it even has a fancy floating-start-that-has-a-special-name-which-I-didn't-bother-to-learn...
I know!  He's so talented!

But the very best news of all is that two tiny seeds that were just planted on Saturday have already, as of Tuesday, sprouted their adorable little sprouty heads out of the dirt.
Just three days from seed to seedling... and apparently I still haven't killed them yet!


  1. I love combo birthday parties! We had one last year and plan to do it again this year. :)

    The floor is looking great! The "fancy floating-start-that-has-a-special-name" is quite lovely too. ;)

    The sproutlets are adorable. I can't grow things. I manage to kill every plant I come in contact with. :(

  2. Do you ever get the urge to find the previous owner and, just after shaking the crap out of him/her, show them what they missed out on? All it takes is imagination, creativity, and hard work...and money, and your home is looking amazing. You guys saw the potential that they didn't/couldn't see. :)

    The floor looks great, and I really like the new chair rail. :)

  3. @Rachael- I am a chronic plant killer too, I swear. That's why every day that they aren't dead yet is a total victory for me!

    @Dave- We have said such awful things about the previous owners during this renovation, you have no idea! The property, aside from the inside of the house, is so gorgeous and in such a prime location- apparently they just couldn't appreciate it the way we can. Their loss is our gain :D Have you seen how the other half of the kitchen looked when we first got here? Such a disaster. It's really come a long way :)

  4. We have so much to do in our house - new siding, new flooring in bedroom, built in bookshelves, painting the laundry room.

    Time and money. Well, I have the time, but not the money! I guess I just need to break it down into little steps!

    Thanks for the inspiration (and I'm glad you liked the shout out on my blog)!

  5. I have the same problem, Paula- way more time than money! And with the kids and the dogs and trying to maintain some semblance of a social life, well...you know how it can get. Just trying to strike a balnace these days :)

  6. You go girl! The floor looks great. That whatever its called looks good on the wall as well.

  7. I am growing vegetables for the first time this year and have been blogging about it as well. It has been SO exciting to watch something grow from a SEED that I planted! My tomatoes plants are getting SO big....I feel like a proud mamma! Is that weird? Only 2 more weeks and I can plant them in the ground!!


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