Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wallpapering your closet doors isn't fancy.

The reason I haven't written in so many days is that WE HAVE FINISHED THE ENTIRE HOUSE!


No, not really.  I wish there was some awesome reason, but sometimes you gotta live the life you're writing about and it's not always that interesting to your audience.  Oh, and yesterday was Ash Wednesday and my blood sugar was so low that I could only just barely function, what to speak of spin a yarn for all you fine folk.  But I'm back today to say that the baseboards and chair rail are finally going in the kitchen.  Woo hoo!  Now, I know what you're thinking right now: "In HGTV land, that would have been done on the same day as the rest of your dang kitchen, you lazy bums!" but real life is, deplorably, unlike "reality" television and the fact is that sometimes there are acoustic ceiling tiles in the way of your peace and happiness.  What I mean is no chair rail until vertical trim.  No base boards until vertical trim.  No vertical trim until crown molding.  No crown molding until current ridiculous, time-warp ceiling is replaced.  No time-warp ceiling replacement until we happen upon a huge pile of cash (because, you'll recall, we are refusing to go into debt for a house that cost $27K) and can pay someone else to do that part because I would like my husband to avoid having a stress-induced stroke before the age of 40.

"So that means you got all that done?!?!?"  Hah!  No way!  No, as usual, I got impatient.  And totally sick of looking at a pile of trim in our living room and keeping the baby from crawling on it and keeping the boy from using them as so many streets for his Hot Wheels and so decided that we (Tommy) could just guess where the crown molding will eventually end up and put up the dang baseboards already.  And it is looking so good already!  Still not done, so no photo yet, but you can see the trim-less pics here and then wait in happy anticipation for the 'reveal'.

But as I don't want to leave you with no photo of happy and/or ridiculous, I'll share with you some pictures of the babies' sleeping room, the closet of which had been wallpapered right along with the rest of the room way back when those silly folk who nail barbed wire to trees still lived here:

The day we arrived.  Note the lack of baseboards, the lovely light fixture and the lace curtains adorning the windows.  Oh yeah, and the wallpaper...
which they used to cover the closet doors as well.  Tres chic!

After taking off the first coat of paper, we found this lovely specimen that was so adhered to the wall beneath it that we couldn't even get most of it off.

But we persevered and look what happened!  New carpet and baseboards and paint and curtains- a beautiful room for two sweet babies.  Two sweet babies who still both insist on crawling into mommy and daddy's bed at 3 a.m. And also, it still has no electricity.  But whatever...look at what we did!


  1. That is quite an accomplishment. The difference is amazing, and the finished result b-e-a-utiful!

  2. Thanks Priya! It was the first room we really did, but I am not one for chronological order these days :)

  3. It's perfect! I love the carpet. It looks very easy to clean. Did you put in new windows, too? They look new.

  4. Wow, good eye Mitzi! Yes, we replaced all of the regular sized windows in the house back on November. Eventually we hope to do the picture windows and sliding door too, but those thins are *expensive*, so they had to wait. Baby steps!

  5. That is wonderful!!
    I now learned not to wallpaper the closet.

  6. Aren't I just full of all sorts of useful advice?

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

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