Thursday, March 31, 2011

Goats are for hugging

Some days are just regular and boring and normal.  Not much happens and telling a story about it is hard.  Well never fear, dear readers, because today was not one of those.  Today was awesome country-time fun in the dirt and the sun!

We started the morning with a simple challenge: build a zero-dollar coop for the chickens we don't have yet ("I'm not gonna spend $800 on supplies to build some elaborate thing just so we can save $3 a week on eggs" -Tommy).  With this pile of construction debris still rotting away in the middle of our pole barn...
and this lonely corner right over here...
Tommy is going to create something totally usable for my most favorite price: free ninety-free.  But it's not done yet, so you'll just have to wait to see the finished product, but I gotta tell you- it's ingenious.

Then, halfway through the afternoon we got a call: our baby goat who we had never met had been born a week ago and he was ready for visitors and did we have time to go and see him sometime soon and Ohmygoshareyoukiddingme?  Of course we have time!  How about we come over this very second?!?!?  Okay fine, the very second our big girls get home from school?!?!?

Oh yes, I know.  I know!  He is just the most precious tiny nugget of goatiness you have ever seen in all of your days on this earth, isn't he?  His name is Lucky and he is a perfect little Toggenburg buck.

His mama was there too, just as sweet as can be.  He pranced around and nursed and let everyone carry him around like he was a glorified plush toy, and oh, oh, oh we are all...just...smitten.

And not only do our sweet friends have goats, they also have a mixed flock of 13 free-range chickens...
who were cute and docile and quite happy to exit the scene when our boy arrived wielding his super-secret spy binoculars.

They gathered fresh eggs for us in this impossibly cute basket...

..and packed them up all safe and sound for us to bring home and enjoy.


  1. Rachael, I am not joking when I say that I have become *obsessed* with that little guy. He's as cute and graceful as a horse, but tiny and furry. He'll eat all sorts of crazy underbrush but he's going to poop less than the dogs, even when he's fully grown. It's amazing! We're hoping to get a female as well (they're herd animals) so we can get milk, but we're not quite ready for that yet. Baby steps!

  2. OMG, you're living my dream! I'm so jealous you're going to have chickens. Ugh that's my dream!

    Good luck with the goat!

  3. Cham, you guys should come visit someday! Maybe in September or October when those heat waves hit- the weather here is especially awesome during that time....and hopefully we'll have our backyard barnyard under control :)

  4. The baby goat is so adorable! I just stumbled upon your blog and I love it here. I am now following you thanks to Fab Friends Friday, and it would be so nice if you could share the love back on my blog;)
    Also today we have the coolest blog hop there is... no rules just fun and would love you to join in with us at Boost My Blog Friday, where you can meet lots of friends and have a great time:) See you there!
    Happy Friday

  5. "Free ninety-free"! You are so funny Dweej!

    The little guy is so sweet - I wish I had a goat to mow my lawn for me, but he probably would also eat all my perennials. Oh well, life is a trade off. Our lower yard might have worked, but we have opened it up for a Community Garden (a much better use of the land than a goat yard)!

    Have fun with the new kid on the block - pun intended! Your chicken coop is looking good! We have a big old wooden dog house that our dogs don't like. It might make a good rabbit hutch....hmm.

  6. Yes, we struggled with the wanted plants vs. unwanted plants quandry too and eventually I just had to accept that the beutiful things will have to go outside the fence. No lovely planters at our windows just yet :) But we do have an upper and lower yard, so maybe someday we'll exile all plant-munching creatures to the forest and I can revel in some BH&G landscaping...hah! A girl can dream!

  7. I really want chickens. We live in a typical suburban neighborhood so I am not sure how my neighbors will feel, but I am going to look into the city codes.

    I love the idea I having fresh eggs and my city kids seeing where their food comes from.

    I hope the coup goes well.

    happy friday,


  8. Yes, do look into them because a lot of areas have modified their ordinances to allow for backyard chickens as long as you don't have too many or whatnot. Make sure to keep us posted on your progress! :)

  9. Also, sometimes you can get around the ordinances with a little note from your pediatrician. Back when we lived in the city, our pediatrician wrote a note to our HOA. She pretty much just explained the health benefits of eating fresh food, and then she expounded the necessity of a fresh, organic diet for young, developing bodies. It was a pretty persuasive argument.

  10. You are a smart woman, Mrs. Davis. A smart woman indeed!

  11. Aw!! THey are so cute. We have goaties here at our place in Germany and I love them. They really are funny animals with funny personalities. Ya'll will have a blast with them!
    I stopped over from FTLOB and glad I did. Have a great weekend

  12. Yay! Then they'll fit in great over here ;)

  13. Neat blog. Nice meeting you on the hop.

  14. Lovely little goat - you might enjoy the "Nanny Goats in Panties" blog, and could submit your photos to it.
    Visiting from no rules blog hop

  15. Thank you for the recommendation, Jewel! I'll check it out. Thanks for visiting :D

  16. *girly squeal* Look at the babies!! I want baby goats!!


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