Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Trying to enjoy the splendor but wishing for spring!


  1. Is that ice? Do you guys have a hill nearby? One year in high school, we had a very icy winter (Maryland) and the hill behind our house was solid. I took the dog for a potty break and she slid ALL THE WAY to the bottom, little paws (well, big paws, she was big) scrabbling the whole way. It was really sad, but I couldn't stop laughing. Then I had to help her up, and I got stuck at the bottom, too. Fun times.

  2. Yes! Everything was covered in ice. Our road from the intersection down to our house is a hill and the dogs on the walk....totally hilarious! Poor things ;)

  3. That is beautiful. I can see why you love living there.


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