Sunday, August 21, 2011

My Pinterest Experiment

I just saw something hilarious on Pinterest and I said "by golly, I'm going to try that!".  (p.s. If you are not following me on Pinterest yet, get thine virtual hiney over there this instant!  Just clicky click over on that red Pinterest button and no, they are not paying me to make you do this.  Although they should.)

For all you non-crafty types out there: have no fear.  There is nary a hot glue gun nor circuit machine in site.  Just me and my handy dandy computer.

So here's the funny thing I saw.  Feel free to click on that bad boy to go to the original source.

So I repinned it with the caption "How to Make it Big on Pinterest" and then promptly decided I would do an experiment and give it a try.  Voila!

This is a photo I took when we were in San Antonio back in '08.  I slapped some vintagey-ness on it and procured myself a quote from these here interwebz.  Mashed it all together with the power of picnik.  As soon as I publish this, I'm going to pin this picture and we shall see if Mr. Advertiser Guy's theories are correct.

Commence experiment in modern marketing!

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  1. Hah! Let me know how it works!

    It is true though, pinning something from your own blog onto Pinterest CAN drive traffic to your blog. If it's interesting enough :)

  2. I love it! I totally buy that theory!

  3. I love it, Dweej. The quote, the "vintagey-ness" of it. And I love Pinterest. :)

  4. So funny! I'm totally stealing this!

  5. Yes! Do! I wanna see your custom inspirational photo :D

  6. I'm so going to do that too! That's a great pic, btw. Which church in SA is that? My hubs is from there.

    I've actually been making some cute little printables for my laundry room in Picnik tonight.

  7. Helvetica is my favorite font to say, what a fun word, Helvetica!

    And this is too funny, and very likely true!

  8. You are so funny. (It's also funny because it's true.)

  9. Well?! Just wait till I stumble your pin... LOL

  10. HA! LOVE IT. And it's so true, too. I've made at least two of these photos. For non-crafty people, they are the perfect crafty-seeming thing to trick the crafty people into thinking you may be crafty. Yes THAT just happened.

  11. Ok I missed this back in August. I THOUGHT I was a faithful reader of all things Dweej, but I apparently blinked for about 10 months because I had not read this or more than 1/2 of the rest of your blog.

    So, how did your experiment go? I have to tell you that I think this is brilliant (I see TONS of these vintagy photos with inspiring quotes on them all over my friends' Pinterest boards), but I hardly ever pin any of them, unless the picture and quote are both Winnie-the-Pooh.


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