Friday, August 26, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday: the best beer on earth and Malaria advice

A dear friend (you know who you are) treated us with a gift card as a just-because present.  She claims it was a thank-you gift, but I was like "You don't thank people when you give them lots of good advice and encouragement.  THEY are supposed to thank YOU." But the damage was already done, so we had to spend it.

I present to you: The Best Beer in the World

My husband, a man of many talents, is also a certified beer judge with the BJCP.  He took tests and everything.  When he tasted this Brooklyn Lager , there may or may not have been tears of joy in his eyes.  If you are ready for a special splurge of the hoppy persuasion, this will not disappoint.  Go!  Change your life!

Speaking of best things, the Binder Park Zoo in Battle Creek, MI is the best zoo either of us has ever had the pleasure of visiting.  Because we've both lived in really hot places for a long time and guess when people go to the zoo?  In the summer.  And it sucks.  It just does.  People like to pretend that they care about looking at animals, but when the heat index is 104 and you're trudging up and down cement pathways it is not fun.

But this zoo was TOTALLY fun!  So much shade and beautiful weather and pathways made out of all sorts of different materials.  Lots of different areas and habitats and a train and a shuttle bus and surprisingly not-gross food at the restaurant in Africa...shall I go on?

But the very mostest bestest moment was when my little boy, freshly turning four years old, fed a real live giraffe all by himself.
It was absolutely precious.

I feel silly saying this because if you're here you already know, but have I ever shirked from the call of silliness, pray tell?  No.  And I'm sure not planning to start today. So here goes:

Look, I have my own snazzy custom domain name= Yay!
So rss feeds and bookmarks and buttons all have the wrong url= Not so yay. 

If it strikes your fancy and you have any of those things, feel free to nix that .blogspot to make the url a neat and clean  But yes, I know....if you can read this you already know so why the foot am I going on about it?  Because I'm silly, don't forget!

Have I mentioned that I've taught three whole people how to read in my life?  I'm only saying this first so I can help pre-ease the fears that naturally will arise when I share with you my most recent bumble, fears that I possess no actual knowledge of the American English alphabet:
Yes, that's right my friends.  Homeschooler extraordinaire finished her preschooler's letter mat by sewing the Z on backwards.  Pray for my children, will you?

Tommy got this book at the library yesterday and read the entire thing, cover to cover, before dinner time.  It's that good.  If you appreciate the beauty and wonder of real hardwoods, traditional furniture making, or just learning new information, read it.

On the topic of our library, here is a book they have that I did NOT check out:
I mean really?

In parting, I leave you with my three favorite signs from our zoo adventure....
plain good advice, ya know?
This is what I like to call "captivity inspired habitat confusion"
Questionable judgement on this one, folks.  Questionable judgement.

Happy Friday, friends!

p.s. Did you notice the prolific use of the letter R throughout this post?  I know.  Another modern-day miracle!

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  1. Great job Dwija! Brilliant post!!! I absolutely love that you had sewn the letter Z on backwards! That's a wonderful thing! LOL CHEERS!

  2. Your children are going to be fine! Who hasn't sewed on Z backwards, I say.

    I'm intrigued by that book. Might have to go check it out, you know, after I finish the stack of books I'm currently trying to get through.

  3. Mark your territory? I wonder how many guys have taken that sign at its word. I'm guessing more than five, at least!

  4. I love the Z, and the photos at the end. Don't have anything profound to add, but I chuckled so I wanted to, uh..."mark my territory"! ;)

  5. Maladryn strikes back! Too funny! As for sewing the Z on backwards... I'm still impressed because I can't sew a straight stitch without extreme supervision.

    Oh, I haven't tried the beer you've mentioned but I'll go ahead and disagree and say that Shiner is the best. (but I'm no expert!)

  6. Hahaha...I'm laughing at so many of these right now. The "z" one is priceless, though. Really glad you didn't check that book out...the lady IS a little scary. Can't wait until beer time today ;)

  7. *howling* about your backwards Z :) And you know that crochet book? My MIL has given me similiar {horrid} books about knitting, easy afghans, and scrapbooking. And now they are all in my garage sale pile *sigh*

  8. And about the book that your hubs read... there is something incredibly sexy about a man that works with his hands (whether it is wood, metal, whatever). In fact, that used to be one of my favorite single girl sayings 'He has nice hands'. hehehe

  9. HI! It's me again, littering in your comment section. Your blurb about beer reminded me that AT THIS VERY MOMENT, my very own batch of homebrewed wheat beer is fermenting. Tom started it last week, just for me. That's love, right?

  10. Thank you for the gift ideas for my husband!! I just ordered that book and I sent an email to the Brooklyn Brewery asking where I can get me some of that lager in Massachusetts! It's super convenient that our husbands are interested in exactly the same things!! Please keep the gift ideas coming! :)

  11. I need to become a beer judge!!! You just inspired my future career path!!!! God Bless you... and that quick take on the beer brought tears to my eyes too... only not the joyful kind, the OH MAN WHAT DID I DO NOW I CANT HAVE BEER FOR 9 MONTHS kind...

  12. Hey- I assume you guys know about Bell's Brewery in Kalamazoo, but if not I recommend it. Good beer (which you can buy almost anywhere in Michigan), and if you want to make a little trip to Kalamazoo, their brewpub is pretty cool.

  13. You are so funny! LUVing your blog. Will be telling my husband about the beer. After this hurricane,we're gonna need some.

  14. Hilarious! I loved your "captivity inspired habitat confusion". And that crochet book reminds me of a book I actually owned as a kid and actually read from and actually followed about painting rocks to look like animals like foxes and bunnies and bears... because that makes sense, right? :) Happy Friday!

  15. that last sign could be dangerous! I wonder how many people take it literally?

  16. I second the bells brewery..... You really need to get your hands on some Michigan beers

  17. He has tried several Bells' and Arcadia beers, both breweries super close to home and they just don't measure up to this one in his opinion! Something about the source and clarity of the hops or something? I don't understand it, but he's the professional, so what can I say? Although, if breweries would like to send us free cases of beer just to prove him wrong, that would be just fine with me! :)

  18. Are you sure it's not a sideways "N"?

  19. If it's an "N" it's still backwards...which makes me a double dork!

  20. I'm a sign-noticing girl myself, so thanks for sharing those three from the zoo. My latest favorite sign came at a church festival where they were selling yellow beans "$2/handful." Gotta love it. My hands or yours?

    Another wonderful post from you. Enjoyed every word, although I have my own favorite beer, Strawberry Wheat from Brau Brother Brewing in Lucan, Minnesota.

  21. Z is a confusing letter. I mean, it hardly ever appears in any words anyway. So Zebra may never look the same again, so what?

    We're going to have to try that beer...oh yes, yes we are.

  22. When your son fed the giraffe, did it have a blue tongue? The giraffe I fed when I was a little girl had a bright blue tongue ... is that common?

    Your backward "z" gave me a good laugh!

  23. I wonder if I'll be able to find that beer here...must look soon! And our zoo now has giraffe feeding and it is way cool.

  24. We go to the zoo in the winter around here because it is much hotter than 104. It's 110 in the shade and 117 in the sun. No way. I can hardly make it out of the house for mass. Pray for me.

  25. Haha, don't lie, you soooo want a pair of those fancy, crocheted mitts. Styl-lin! Love your Friday run downs. Hope you had a great week. Looks like I am back in bloggyland for good. Or at least more than I have been in these last few weeks. Missed stopping by!

  26. I tried to comment on this yesterday, but my laptop hates blogger.

    What I wanted to say was that I had no idea what I would find in a post with a title like that. Love it. Also, I must try that beer. Wonder if I can find it in my neck of the woods. And I'm glad to see R made it back into your life even if you abuse the poor letter Z.

  27. 1. I should send you some Cold Smoke because that is some delicious Missoula beer. Even though I no longer drink beer, I still find it delicious when I sneak a sip.

    2. Pray for me for not realizing the Z was on backwards till you pointed it out. I need sleep.

  28. That Z is a tricky trickster, I tell ya what!

  29. I beg to differ about #1: Alaskan Amber is undoubtedly the best beer in the world!

    I thought you were having trouble with the letter R, not the letter Z!

  30. Someday, by the grace of God, I will make peace with all 26 letters of the alphabet at the same time :)


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