Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Webby Wednesday: Magnetic Catholic with promo code!

If you are a Catholic mom or know a Catholic mom or have heard of these mysterious creatures called "Catholic moms", it is you lucky-tastic day.  It is also your lucky-tastic day if you are Catholic of any age or gender or are not Catholic but are interested in history and art because seriously can you study history or art without hearing about the saints?  That's what I thought.

Hold onto your hats, folks of any age or gender of any faith, because you are about to find out about a super clever new idea and you will say "I need to order right now!" and I will say "Wait!  Here's your code for 20% off any item in the store!" and then you will leap out of your seat, take out your framed photo of me and....

Wait.  Have I finally gone too far?

Okay, let's get down to business.

Remember the fantastic custom coat-of-arms from Monday? And the the snazzy custom magnetic paper dolls for grown ups from the very first installment of Webby Wednesday?  Well Melissa is back again (first time repeat contestant on the WW Showcase, for those of you keeping track) because she makes me laugh and is so nice.  Oh, and she is an artistic genius.


 Before I continue, let me just say one thing: squeeeeeee!

'Cause hello- who doesn't want a magnetic paper doll of their patron saint?  Or their favorite saint?  Or Blessed Pope John Paul II? F-U-N.  And just $12?  Seriously?  It's probably the most reasonably priced store in all of Etsy land (did you know that someone was trying to sell a jar full of sawdust on there once?  Not joking.)!

The idea behind Magnetic Catholic is to provide fun and modern Catholic inspiration that can be used every day in an easy way.  The dolls can go right onto the refrigerator, and then the saints, popes, and other famous Catholics will be right there, every time you walk by.  How's that for an easy reminder to pray?  Not to mention an instant CCD class right there in your kitchen while you're scrubbing the white board marker off the cabinet doors.  Off topic: white board marker is VERY hard to get off of porous surfaces.  Consider yourself warned.

Let's take a gander at some of the goodies she has up right now, shall we?
St. Therese of Lisieux
St. Francis of Assisi
G K Chesterton
Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta
Blessed Pope John Paul II
For any doll you order, you'll receive a full sheet of fantastic, appropriate accoutrements to use during the dressing up phase of your magnetic paper doll fun.  Observe:
appropriate accoutrements
Melissa will be starting RCIA this fall (shout-out to all my fellow converts!) so she is excited to use this adventure as an opportunity to familiarize herself more fully with the Catholic heritage.  She is really enjoying the act of researching each saint and historical figure and ohmygoodness, can you imagine a more fun way to immerse yourself in the whole process?  It just makes my heart swell!

And all ye churches and Catholic bookstores and gift shops take heed: she would love to work out a magical wholesale price if you'd like to place a bulk order for your establishment.  Just contact her at: magneticcatholic {at} gmail {dot} com or convo her on Etsy .  She is...the bees knees. 
And all you idea people: she wants to hear your ideas!  Which saints would you love to see?  What Catholic figure in history inspires you (and has good prop potential)?  Comment here or send her a message or write it on the fan page wall or send a carrier pigeon with your idea strapped to its leg.  Tell us what you think!

So, first show a sistah some love by liking her facebook page and sharing it with your friends.

Then go to her Etsy shop and peruse her selection.  Pick out what you like and then use the promo code houseunseen to get 20% off your purchase.
Let's show some love and support to this new mom and soon-to-be-Catholic-convert!

(This is where you give me a virtual fist bump.  On my other hand I'm wearing a foam #1)

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  1. I just passed this Catholic magnetic paper doll info along to my sister-in-law who lives in West Virginia and homeschools her daughter. I think she's going to fall in love with these. Is it OK to fall in love with saints and popes? I am Lutheran. :)

  2. Carrier Pigeons are extinct...did you know that? Isn't that sad?

    On a lighter note...I love these and I am going to buy one right now...maybe two, since we have a coupon code. Woohoo!

  3. Liv, I did NOT know that about the carrier pigeons were extinct. How does that happen? Pigeons? Really?

    I knew you'd love this coupon code!!!

    1. ahhh, no. The CARRIER pigeon is alive and well. In fact, Colette has a documentary about how one enterprising white-water rafting company was using them to fly footage of the rafters back to the office, so that when the weary customers trooped back into the office, their keepsake videos/photos would be waiting for them.

      the PASSENGER pigeon, which used to be so plentiful that its flocks coudl be measured in square miles and would literally DARKEN THE SKY (all Old Testament plague-style) is extinct.

      It is extinct for the same reason lots of other animals have gone extinct: humans destroyed their habitat (widespread deforestation for agriculture) and ate them in excess (there's an interesting chapter here which eplxores the Vices of avarice and gluttony in an environmental context).

      Passenger pigeons went from numbering in the millions to being extinct in a matter of decades. They were shot literally by the tens of thousands, fed fermented grains to make them easier to shoot, roosting and nesting areas were targeted...Early attempts at passing laws to protect the populations were shot down, do to speak, by claims that the birds were so numberous they "needed no protection."

      In short, they're a perfect case study for what's happening to most commercially harvested ocean fish right now.

  4. How cute are those?!? I am not even catholic and I want some, lol.

  5. I'd totally buy Jimi a Saint Dominic if it was available. This is almost better than the Jesus action figure, complete with loaves and fishes.

  6. You totally made my day. My third grade Sunday School class is going to have so much fun with these!

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