Thursday, August 25, 2011

Will you even see this? P_OBABLY NOT!

Okay you guys, I am stressin' over here.

See, I thought I would be fancy and get my own domain name so I could be all "I'm so fancy!  I have my own domain name!".  So I checked to see of was available and then I was all "holy-macke....

Wait a second.


I mean DUDE!!!!  Now the lette_ __ isn't wo_king on my keyboa_d!

Oh fo_ the love of Pete.

I like to say stuff like that on my blog, p.s., so that eve_yone thinks I'm all holy and I don't eve_ say totally _ude and inapp_op_iate things at my stone-aged compute_.

So fine, the_e you have it.  No lette_ __ AND my domain name is all jacked up. 

This is bad and w_ong.  BADONG!

Has eithe_ of these things eve_ happened to you?  Did you successfully switch to a custom domain?  Did you_ blog bu_st into flames?  Did you_ keyboa_d bu_st into flames?  And then not allow you to use one of you_ vey most favo_ite lette_s EVE_ in the histo_y of lette_s?????

This is not good, people.  Not good at all!

And in the spi_it of un_elated photog_aphs, I leave you with this shot of Lizzy and he_ homemade ma_ionette puppet.  And Paul, making the same face I'm making while I t_y and type this without the use of the lette_ __.

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  1. Dang, girl! No advice (I just blame my kids when something breaks!), but I'll be sending a TON of prayers and positive thinking your way. Oh, wait! On second thought, maybe you need a pirate to fix your computer! You know, they love their "Aaaaarrrrrrgghhs"!!!!!

  2. Your blog is funny and sad today, but Mary Kate's comment made be scare the dog I was laughing so hard.

  3. I've switched to a custom domain name. Blogger makes it super easy. the only glitch I ran into is that I cannot have a "naked domain" (i.e., when you want to access my blog, you HAVE to type "". You can't just do "".) I don't know if this a Blogger-specific problem, or just me. Probably just me.

  4. I just did a search, and if it really bugs you, and you purchased your domain name through, you can do a bunch of hoop jumping to make the naked domain work. here's the article if you're interested:

    It's a Blogger thing, but fixable, if it's important to you.

  5. Oh my gosh you guys....I think it's working!

    Look: Letter R!

    Look: People are leaving comments!

    Look: I'm not crying anymore!

  6. So glad it's all back to order! I just got my own domain too! I feel so professional and all!

  7. Hooray for your own domain. You are so professional! I always thought you were anyway. I bet you make a million dollars from the blog now...wait? Are you already making a million dollars?

    I've been thinking blog makeover and switching to wordpress and all sorts of stuff...but it sounds like a lot of work.

  8. Woo-hoo!! So glad you can use R again, although I did enjoy my little brain work out _eading wo_ds without it. Ha. Congrats on your very own domain name!

  9. Can you see me?? Sorry you're having issues. Be sure to back up your blog today!!

  10. Yay, so glad you're on your own domain and IT WORKS!!

  11. I blog at my own domain name, it is nice to have one, and the blog does not go up in flames. :)

  12. I don't even know what a domain is - that's how much of a Luddite I am!

  13. Oh, no!! Glad I read this post AFTER the letter R made it's triumpant return. :) And also very glad that the domain is now working, because when I clicked on your link the other night and couldn't read your blog, I panicked.

  14. I'm waaaay behind, but in futu_e you can _educe usage of the lette_ _ by w_iting "busted" instead of bu_st. ;)


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