Saturday, February 18, 2012


A quiet house on a Saturday morning.
February, no snow on the ground.
Small flakes drift lazily from the sky.  They'll melt before the sun is high.

Some write to sort their thoughts.
I can't write 'til thoughts are sorted.
In my head a thousand things. The heaviness life sometimes brings.

We'll eat, we'll clean, we'll play.  We'll live.
But what am I doing?  Where is this going?
More faith, less reason.  Perhaps the calling of the season.

I don't pray enough. I don't plan enough.
I worry too much.  Yes, still.
Lead me, hold me, tell me, Lord.  There is nothing if not your Word.

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  1. My husband will say he is always in prayer, always in a constant state of conversing with God. It gives him peace in moments, great peace, and it's a practice I'm working to adopt.

    My deepest prayer times are in my car, on the way to work. We talk God and me, and it's so good!

  2. i can't write until my thoughts are sorted, either. Each blog post lives in my head for hours and hours, if not weeks and years, before it's able to tease its way out of my brain and heart.

  3. thanks for the lovely words, dweej!

  4. Great poem! I think we all need to strive for that!

  5. Just helps me to look at the seasons & remember that life on earth is (mostly) fall & winter & spring. God always saves the best for last!

  6. Hmmm. I came to this blog for some laughs, but this is better. Although I suspect your "planning" is pretty good. "Worry" is the devil of daily life. Interesting observation about writing. I definitely think things through by writing (which means that people often get long messages from me because I forget that I'm writing to someone else and just start thinking aloud--like now, for example...). I wrote a poem on my blog this morning too. But it doesn't rhyme! God bless you!

  7. I love this... I know living the faith is hard some (a lot) times... I'm struggling right now too :-/

    For Love of Cupcakes

  8. I live about an hour north of you - WAsn't it a beautiful day today? The birds were singing, the sun was out, a dog barking in the distance, a train rumbling through town, spending tme at the thrift store, read my Bible sitting in the sunlight - praise God for a wonderful day!

  9. Thank you for that, really beautiful. Made me pause and ponder.

  10. This makes me smile, and think that we're on a lot of the same wavelengths. I struggle to SLOW down, and rest in quiet contemplation -- it doesn't work that well for me, sadly.


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