Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What the fam is saying- Mardis Gras edition

Paul: Mommy, why don't you watch t.v.?
Me: Well, I guess because....
Lizzy: It can lead to obesity???????


Paul: Mommy, I reawy don't wike your hair wike that.  It wooks weird.


Cecilia: I'm a merdaid!  Swimmin' in the water...
Me: What color is your tail?
Cecilia: Um...stripey legging color?


Tommy: Hey Ceci, make an angry face!
Cecilia: Okay!  RAWR!
Super scary, right?  I mean, she might wipe that peanut butter all over your sofa or something...

Paul: But I need to go potty!
Katie: But I need to go to the bathroom!
Lizzy: Hold on, I need to go potty.
Cecilia: I wanna go potty...in my DIAPER!

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  1. Oh my that is the cutest picture. I want to wrap her up and bring her home.

    1. She is totally a squishy cuddle-muffin. Can't even *pretend* to be mean!

  2. Sooooo funneeeeee!!!! And cute. OMG.

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