Friday, February 17, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday: It was like Christmas in February!

Remember last week when I asked for your advice and opinions on making or acquiring super long curtains to act as closet doors for my fortunate children?  Well, thanks to my bloggy friend Kristina (who doesn't have a blog or I would tell you to go read it), we now have our fabric because she packed up an adorable collection of linens that she doesn't have any use for.

People really are so good and generous!  We can't wait to finish so we can dive into the reveal. Before and after pics are my absolute fave, in case you haven't noticed.

On Wednesday when I posted those 10 random things, I think I was a little too hasty when I wrote #6.  So here I am to say that when "someone" is empowered people taking a stand for what they believe in, then I absolutely believe in and support that kind of "something".  And when the "something" is getting rid of existing laws that give undue protection to one group over another, then I'm totally all about that, too.  I just find that piling new legislation on top of old legislation instead of scrapping the old, obnoxious stuff results in more confusion, more bureaucracy, and more cost for all of us in the long run.  So if the "something" that we want done is for the government to somehow work magic and when the "someone" isn't individuals but rather a bunch of suits working behind closed doors, that's when I get itchy.

In light of all that (and sorry for boring you those of you who either have no idea what I'm talking about or do but aren't interested!) I love that 300,000 organic farmers are joining forces to sue Monsanto for using their enormous wads of money (it's always about the money!) and insane political clout (I mean, seriously "...what was President Obama doing when he appointed Michael Taylor, a former VP of Monsanto, as Sr. Advisor to the Commissioner at the FDA?") to put them out of business while simultaneously contaminating everyone's crops and seeds with their freaky science experiments.  Virtual fist bump, angry friends!

Oh, last thing on this general topic, I promise: Feds shut down Amish farm for selling fresh milk.  Really?  And at gunpoint?  I mean...really?

Back to your regularly scheduled rambling.

With this:

Generous friend makes my day, part 2!
A couple of weeks ago I confessed that I may be interested in learning more about cloth diapering, and the response was AWESOME (of course.  'Cause y'all are awesome.).  Then my darling friend Olivia, who is moving to Poland with her hubby and four kids this summer, sent me all of her newborn sized diapers and Girly McGirlerson diaper covers.  For free.  Natch.  There must be, like 30 diapers in that box.  Plus not one, but two, of those bags-for-holding-unmentionables.  Christmas in February!  So please hop over to her blog and tell her how awesome she is, will ya?

As my parting gift, the results of Paul trying to take a picture of Cecilia:

Happy weekend!

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  1. People really are so good and generous! Can't wait to see the reveal.
    Cute pics ;)

  2. You are good people Dweej, which is why your friends are too! Have a great weekend!

  3. You are welcome! I am so happy someone I know is getting to use them. It makes it a little easier to see them go. ;)

    Those "wet bags" are pretty cool and the green one has a bit of flannel stitched to the inside where you can put a couple drops of your favorite scent/essential oil to keep the smells at bay between washes. I love them! And the little blue one is for out and about.

    If you do use them, then you absolutely have to post pics. of a sweet baby bum in those girly covers!

    1. As I went through the box, I had visions of her out on a blanket on a hot July day and I got absolutely GIDDY!

  4. When I learned (through my asking) you don't cloth diaper, I was surprised. (And a little disappointed.) It just seemed like with all you're doing to live simply, that would be a given. So I can't tell you how pleased I am that you're giving cloth diapering a try! Yay! And I'm glad someone is allowing you to reuse their diapers (and that was a fun phrase to type, gotta tell you.)

  5. that's awesome that someone gifted you some cloth diapers! We're going to be doing them again with the new baby. I have a stash that one of my GFs just dropped off to me.

  6. Since I'm the token "man-whose-willing-to-admit-he-reads-your-blog," let me put in a word on behalf of your hubby: HAVE YOU TOLD HIM ABOUT THE CLOTH DIAPER "IDEA" YET? Because, after all, he is going to...ummm ... y'know ... participate in this project, right? No doubt about it! Please, tell the man. He really wants to know. He needs to be mentally prepared, heh.

    1. Oh, he is...tolerating the prospect. While hoping I drop it ;)

  7. Those are awesome materials! I can't wait to see how the rooms turn out!

    Also, awesome diapers! My husband probably would have left me if I had tried to cloth diaper. He's a total germaphobe. I can't even get him to use the natural cleaners I made or the laundry soap. Ingrate. ;)

  8. Her pigtails are so darn cute. That's like the number one reason I want to have a girl - for the pig tails :)

    And lucky you with the diaper stash! I have a pile of different styles and used them sporadically with Jack. It was hard to CD and work full time (so I only did it on weekends, hehe). With new baby I will have to try CD full time!


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