Friday, April 19, 2013

Boys, cereal, beer

If you are banished to a region of America sans the wonderous establishment known as Meijer, look away. Look away, I say!  Well, okay, don't look away because Paul looks really cute in one of these photos, but you can totally stop reading the words.

Anyway, so Meijer sent me three boxes of free cereal (oh yeah...I'm big time now, baby!) so I could tell you that
a) they're redesigning their boxes (not very exciting)
b) they're making a bunch of their cereals with non-GMO ingredients (exciting)
c) you can get their cereals for 50% off right now, as in today and on Saturday (super exciting)

Let's talk nom nom, shall we?

So this is the old look of the boxes.  Note how my non-eating child is clearly ACTUALLY EATING said Blueberry Muffin Squares.  Miracle.  But if you do not like the idea of, say, a pop-tart flavored donut for breakfast, you will probably not love this cereal.  Conversely if you do then you will.  Are you pickin' up what I'm throwin' down?  Great.

Specimen numero dos!
See how snazzy the new boxes look?  Totally snazzy.  And will you look at that boy?  Charmy McCharmerson in person.  This is one of their nonGMO cereals (take that, Monsanto).

Now, it seems impossible for any generic version of an "O" cereal to create the Os with rounded edges.  This one is no exception.  Not too sweet, healthy enough, receives approval of cereal-loving picky pants...but squarish edges on the Os.  If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you just keep right on ignoring my ramble.  But if you DO, and I think you might....well...there's your pertinent cereal review information, mkay?  Mkay.


Nobody liked this one except me.  I would totally buy it for myself, though, I swear.  Now listen- I have never eaten a twinkie or a ding dong or Wonder Bread or a deep fried chocolate covered waffle (is that a thing?) or anything else fun like that.  And I tell you this so that you will understand that you are hearing a food product review from a person with, um, non traditionally American food eating habits.  If you, like me, prefer the taste and texture of very thin, dry flakes and the natural bitterness of raspberries and strawberries sans any kind of sugaring (and I say all this with zero sarcasm.  Truly.) then you will like this cereal too.  And, bonus, your kids will keep their grubby, dimpled, adorable paws off, just like mine did.  Winning!

So go to Meijer tomorrow, get ALL their cereals and 50% off, and you can taste lots of free samples and fun jazz like that.

Bonus photo for the "boys" theme link-up at Cari's:
Father: doing the (non-existent) crossword puzzle on his case of precious beverages.

Son: facepalm

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  1. I LOVE Paul in that first picture shoveling the cereal into his mouth like there's no tomorrow! A great advertisement for the product :)

    Also, even when I get cardboard-flavored cereal, my kids beg to eat whatever I'm eating. And enjoy it. Then again, John Paul topped his pizza tonight with half a jar of dried oregano, so there may be something wrong with his taste buds...

  2. This is wonderful... you could submit those pictures for advertisements... lol

    1. Yoohoo....Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeijer! I have a propoooooooooooooosal!

  3. I would totally buy the poptart-donut flavored breakfast...for me!!

  4. I love Meijer and need to get some cereal this weekend. Win!

    1. Also, pony rides for a penny! Can't beat that!

    2. I come home from Meijer with Sammy's song in my head. Dum, dum-dum-dum-dum, dum, dum...

  5. Wow! I'm amazed at how much sugar there clearly IS in cereal there, if a non-sugar-coated one is worth making a point of! Good for you.

  6. I love how there are what appear to be beer bottles on the table. It's twelve o'clock somewhere!!

  7. Can I tell you how much I love Paul in those two pictures? Why doesn't he live here yet?

  8. I was raised in the land of Meijer and am now banished to the land without. I went grocery shopping with my mom when I visited my family in Michigan recently and was like, "Oh, beautiful Meijer." Clearly my girls are going to grow up deprived.

  9. I grew up on Meijer brand cereal! I remember our exchange student when her Mom visited from Brazil decided to take her Mom first of all to Meijer, because where else can you buy a gerbil, mascara, a swimming pool, butter, and milk and a socket wrench in one fell swoop... They took pictures and everything!

  10. How am I Just reading this now- on Sunday!!! Blast.
    Seriously though, I am totes going to Meijer tomorrow and checking out these new boxes since I already buy it all the time anyways, now I have even more reasons to do so.

    And those picture of Paul are amazing!

  11. Big fan of Mejier. Bigger fan of Arcadia Ales.

    We once went on vacation down south and when we asked where the Mejier was, got some interesting looks. For the first two days we didn't know where to get sunscreen and fresh strawberries.


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