Thursday, April 25, 2013

Theme Thursday: sky

Well.  I'm a tiny bit (and by tiny bit, of course I mean "hugely") shocked and humbled and, well I don't know, nervous?, about how many people have read yesterday's post about the baby-makin'.  So you know what I'm gonna do?  I'm gonna pretend that it's, like, my 10 closest friends reading it over and over again as part of some dare to memorize and then do a dramatic reading competition at some point when...etc etc etc.

Yeah.  That makes good sense.  That'll totally work.

And now, so you'll know that I am not really one of them deep thinkin', writerly types, back to my regularly scheduled programming of nothing but photography link-ups and cheap beauty product recommendations and maybe some stories that include the word turd.  Yay!

f/16 - ISO 100 - 1/250s

Look, Cari.  It's a totally cloudless Michigan sky.

This picture is fairly lame, amiright?  Pretty much a copout resulting from me stepping out onto the front porch the minute it stopped raining, employing the "sunny 16" rule, and applying my right index finger to that little black button.  Done.

Then I remembered, because I don't want you to die of boredom (you're welcome), that Paul took some accidentally amazing sky pictures when he was four years old and was trying to get me to believe he's some sort of prodigy.  Voila!

Storm rolling in....

In reflection....

Okay, enough from me.  Go over to Clan Donaldson for lots mo' bettah' sky pics and words that are fun-er-er.
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  1. No clouds in the Michigan sky in April ... is that like no marine layer in SoCal in June???

  2. I love the third one, I love it!

    I too enjoyed yesterdays post, and might even respond with some of the thoughts it sparked for me!

  3. I saw that post shared so many times from FB friends! Apparently your words touched a lot of people, er I mean, those 10 friends...of which I am one, I hope :)

    Sweet storm cloud, Paul!!

  4. Paul is a genius with the camera.

  5. Storm pictures are the proof, your son is a genius!

  6. Cool storm picts! Love the clouds rolling in.

  7. Love the reflection one! And I'm so glad you wrote that post yesterday because it's how I found your blog :) It's always nice to find other NFPers out there!

  8. I´m one of the ten who read it but didn´t comment but loved it....I just didn´t want to be the thousandth comment :) Anyway, I love that reflection of the sky picture too.

  9. I read it at least three times. So you can subtract 2 from your count. ;)

    Paul IS a genius! Those two photos are in-cray-ee-blay! (How's that for Spanglish from a Spanish major?) Yours is lovely too,of course, but the fact that Paul got that reflection?! Wowzah. I tried t get a reflection shot for about 30 minutes yesterday with no luck.

  10. Man that Paul, what a visionary! The best I get when my kids take the camera is a whole lot of shots of the ceiling or up their noses...

  11. So perdy! I love that reflection one.

    p.s. We booked our hotel- me and the girls will be crashing your pad come early May! Only for little bit. And only if you'll still have us :)

  12. HI! Just stumbled on over here via Grace and wondered about your husband's job situation? I saw a few posts but could not follow the trail... did he get to meet the secretary of state??? Loving your blog, BTW. Can't wait to read more.

  13. Lovely photos!

    Also, I don't understand the Sunny 16 rule? I've only use a digital camera, so I'm curious about what a 'film speed' would mean?


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