Monday, April 01, 2013

Easter Finery Redux {wiws} {oti}

Because I am the loser mother who can't manage to acquire a photo of my entire family despite my complete lack of planning and time management skillz, I don't have an adorable shot of the seven of us smiling serenely.   Mea culpa.  Maybe individual shots will do?  They'd better or you're out of luck.

But wait.  Can I explain to you something about our BIG holidays (those being Christmas and Easter)?
 Here's how it goes down: wake up, "special things" (presents, baskets, chocolate as appetizer), yummy breakfast, insane dash to get everyone ready for Mass, attend Mass, load everyone back into the van, drive 156 miles to family party, chase children around for several hours, load van up again, drive 156 miles back to our house, arriving home at approximately 10:17 p.m.

That's over 300 miles of driving in one day, y'all.  300 miles IN ADDITION TO REGULAR HOLIDAY CRAZINESS.  This is why the photo selection in terms of "family portrait" and "quality shot of my outfit" (equally important, yes?) are always terrible. Terrible!


Cream blazer: Ann Taylor Loft, purchased 2006 with matching pencil skirt when I was gainfully employed.

Can you see that I've rolled the sleeves?  I felt very chic and fashionable when I put this trick, a la Grace and Jenna, to work.   (Jenna, I swear I did not stalk you while you were putting together your Easter outfit.  We are just. that. awesome.)

Cream sequined cami: FREE!  (thank you again, anonymous clothes gifter friend)

Black pants: Old Navy
burgundy zapatos: Anne Klein via Goodwill (boom shakalaka)

turquoise (plastic) earrings: gift from mama via Target

Mary's frock: Gymboree (free with rewards dollars)

Wanna see my other humans?

Tommy's note to self: never leave manly sunglasses at home

pretending to be serene (Dress is Cherokee, hand me down from friends)

Imagine his shirt tucked in and a real belt on and a cable-kint sweater over that shirt.
I swear he looked presentable at Mass!

Lizzy: dress from Bobbi at Revolution of Love
Katie: Skirt via grandma gift. Shirt from a hand-me-down bag
Lambs: via uncle's farm

My favorite quotes from yesterday's homily:

Love is a PERSON.  Love is a person named Jesus.

You might bring with you struggles and sorrows this morning.  That's okay.  Easter didn't start off very great for Mary Magdalene and the apostles either...

When you fall in love with someone, you can't help but tell everyone you know.  If you've fallen in love with Jesus, share him with the world!

Tardy linkin' with FLAP and Grace

Eat all the chocolaty things!
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  1. At least you got photos of every person in your family... I only got half of us, and one was me. Oops.

    You all look great! I love the sequins!

  2. Love your outfit! Love the animals and the kids too!

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  5. Great group of pictures!
    Happy Easter!!

  6. I could not do all that driving -- whew! My hat's off to you!

    Happy Easter to you and your lovely family!

  7. My kids are green with envy that you had a pony at your Easter celebration!

    Love those quotes!

    1. Hey, if anyone is in Michigan and wants ponies or petting zoo animals at your party, those were brought by my cousin Mike and his wife Judy. Here is their site:

  8. Who cares if you didn't get a family photo? You have LAMBS!!! That totally makes up for it.

    Btw, you look awesome! Bonus points for the rolled sleeves!

  9. You look great! Just the thought of 300 miles in the car in one day makes me ill. And your shoes are hot!!!!

  10. What a fun, sequined top! Love the shoes, too!

  11. It's a MI thing. Didn't we all wear a cream blazer with the sleeves rolled up for Easter??

  12. Love the looks, but the fact that your hubby is secure enough to be in your sunglasses and get his picture blasted on the blog is the best!

  13. you had my at chocolate as an appetizer.


    you look smashing -- like always.

    Jealous of that day. Maybe we could move to Michigan.

  14. That sequined top is so super-fun!!! I really love sequins. A lot. Happy Easter, Alleluia!!!

    Also, exclamation points!!!

  15. As great as you look, Tommy has you beat with those sunglasses.

    I seriously love you in that off-white/cream color, though.

    Tell your husband to stop stealing your thunder!

  16. I love the quotes!

    Those shoes are magnificent! And toe cleavage! Love it.

    That sequined camisole is gorgeous, and your kids are beautiful. And Tommy is muy macho in the girly glasses.

  17. Love the shoes and the sparkly blouse. I need one of those. Sparkle is my thing. I need more in my life. Happy, Happy Easter my friend! EVERYONE looked awesome!!

  18. Looks like a great day. Love your outfit!

  19. They all look beautiful. And with those shoes, those sequins, and that BABY, how could you go wrong? Happy Easter, Dwija.

  20. I LOVE your pics!! Natural is sooooo much better than posed!! And, thank you so much for sharing the quotes from the homily, I actually copied them down so that I can re-read them throughout the octave.


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