Sunday, April 14, 2013

True Love of an Accidental Hipster

This is going to be a bit of a disjointed brain dump.  Bear with me if you can.

First and most importantly, thank you so much, all of you, for your prayers since Wednesday.
 Since last weekend.  Knowing there is a worldwide community praying for your peace and strength, even not knowing, is the only way a person, a family, can make it through a time like this.  On behalf of our fellow parishioners and friends, a heartfelt thank you.

We've been just spending a lot of quiet, unimportant time together.  The boy loves helping me with the living room project....and thank God for that.  A girl needs a buddy when things look like this:

Also, my dear unsuspecting husband was convinced to purchase these stylish, modern glasses recently.
I try to assure him that these are no longer large enough to be considered hipster glasses and he can keep his card carrying non-trendy status a little longer, but he doesn't believe me. My sweet accidental hipster!

Oh, and he bought me this at Goodwill today, so I know it's true love.

Finally, this part of the Gospel of John from this morning:

"Amen, amen, I say to you, when you were younger, you used to dress yourself and go where you wanted; but when you grow old, you will stretch out your hands, and someone else will dress you and lead you where you do not want to go."

Right after this it says that this alludes to the kind of death Peter will have, but because the Bible has layers (layers, y'all.  Like parfait.  Err'body loves parfait.) our pastor also talked about how living out our vocations selflessly means that we can't just "dress ourselves and go where we want" anymore.  When he became a priest, he was clothed in vestments and now answers calls, literally, that take him where Jesus needs him to go, despite what plans he may have made or wish he could make.  As mothers and fathers, we can't buy whatever we want, dress however we want, go wherever we want, do whatever we want anymore.  Often we must go where we don't want to go.  To a crib with peed sheets in the middle of the night, to a mysterious brown stain on the carpet, to the grocery store on a rainy morning when it's 35 degrees, to a new city in a new state where our family is being called despite having just gotten settled right there, where you feel comfortable  But going there is how we live our vocations which is how we live our love for Jesus.

I am often not ready and even oftener not gracious about going where I do not want to go.  I don't want to wear mom-with-five-kids-on-a-budget clothes.  I don't want to go to all those countless unpleasant places throughout the day.  But I am not younger.  I am older and now is my time to show Jesus that I truly love Him.  He has dressed me.  I am ready to go where I do not want to go.

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  1. Beautiful Dwija.....I really needed to read this today. After a roooooooough week with my kids, thank you :)


  2. Beautiful reflection, thank you!

  3. Timely. I'm staring down the barrel of the first morning of homeschooling/ Kevin back at work. I'm hoping I can stay "vested" in my vocation today.

    We went to Korean Mass on Saturday so we read the readings ourselves beforehand. When I got to the part about Jesus asking Peter if he loved Him, I got really choked up. Jesus asks three times, according to Fr. Barron, so that Peter can make up for his 3 denials of Christ. How many times have I rejected Christ? And yet He always gives me chances to say, "Lord, you know I love You," and make up for the denials.

  4. I missed you Dwija. I am glad you had some time with your family just to be together. I love this post and let me tell you, even though it´s hard for me to go places I don´t want to go, I soon realize I really do want to go, I wouldn´t be happier anywhere else, even happy with the budgety clothes :)

  5. Oh my, thank you! I'll have to share this with Ted tonight. lots to think about

  6. You called it "quiet, unimportant time together" but the truth is that those kinds of moments are probably some of the most important in the long run.

    Also, I pretty much came to Fort Wayne kicking and screaming, so your thoughts on not going where we want hit home. This is my vocation, and I will make this place home.

  7. Thank you for your words today. I have been thinking a lot about my vocaton lately and what you say gives me fuel to push forward.

  8. Great post. God definitely takes us out of our comfort zones, but when we follow Him out of them, He will provide us with the comfort that we truly need. Thanks for this post, Dweeja.

  9. When I have my very toddler-like tantrums about going where I don't want to go, I'm so grateful that God gives me the space to sort it out and to decide on my own that I _will_ go, even if I don't want to. Once I've settled down and gotten the tantrum out of my system, something about having a choice to follow or not makes it easier to decide to do the right thing. Kind of like when I let my toddlers pick between two shirts, I guess, when all I really want is for them to get dressed.

  10. A hearty "amen" to this vocation reflection, sister! More prayers for you all, too.

  11. Ah now that's really quite challenging. Thanks a bunch :P

  12. I love the beautiful reflection at the end, but........ Big Willie Style? Yes. Awesome.

  13. Missed you this week. Thanks for an awesome post to end an awesome Sunday.

  14. Did I read that right, that y'all are being called to MOVE away from your lovely part of Michigan?

    1. Oh,no...we aren't being called to move! I was just giving examples of things that married folk commonly have to endure :)

  15. Crying. This has been one of those weekends where it seemed all things were pointing to a change in our lives. One I am totally unprepared to make...and yet, once again, I feel you have written a post that directly affects my family and answers many of my spoken and unspoken prayers. Thank you!

  16. Beautiful! And I love the Donkey/Shrek reference ;-)


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