Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I'm not Pinished, so look at these pictures

So I thought I would be all clever and give you another sneak peek at the (still-unfinished) living room/dining room brewhaha and link it up over at Scrutinies for Dorian's Pinishers thang, mostly because have you ever seen a more awesome graphic?

No.  I thought not.

BUT, there is a theme.  And the theme is Food.  And my living room (blessedly) contains no Pinterest-derived food at this time.  But next week....oh, you just be ready, okay?  Prepare thyself for mediocrity!

So.  What?  How 'bout some pics from Sunday, which was happy First Communion day at our parish?

First time wearing fancy shoes. Bendy baby turned them into chew toys.

Not one of mine, but still...with the tears!  And the  smiling like a goon!

The awesome thing about this one is the face of the girl in the upper right corner.

Look at his smirk.  Look at their smiles. Love this.

This was her elephant trunk. Exemplary church behavior.
This photo will be recreated if those two chubby babies ever tie the knot.  Mark my words.
Oh, he does love his little Mary.

And look!  There are 10 of them!  Top Ten Tuesday, here I come.  Aaaaaaaand, guess what?  All in manual mode.  Amongst Lovely Things, you got me too (a day late) for Manual Mode Monday.  Voila!  All the links!
Top Ten Tuesday at Many Little Blessings
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  1. Goodness that FHC dress is gorgeous! Your little elephant is pretty gorgeous too! So cute.

  2. First Communion here, too, this weekend. And my "baby" was in the group! My last First Communion.... :(

  3. Adorable. Or Handsome. Or regal. Or sweet. Depending on which picture I was gushing over.

  4. Cecilia looks so cute in her dress and sneakers! And Mary, with her Chucks!

  5. Oh, what a beautiful First Communion dress!! Also, I love the dress and sneakers combination :)


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