Thursday, March 28, 2013

More pictures! Celebration! Food! {phfr}

Today we celebrated my biggest little person's birthday.  How can I have a 12 year old child?  How can it be?  It is truly unpossible.  Oh, and someday I swear I'll write her birth story.  Poor thing.  First to be born, last to have her arrival story told.

Today though, more pictures.  Pictures of all the things!

The birthday girl chose tonight's dinner- salmon cakes.  And I, the woman of zero culinary talent and no imagination whatsoever, managed to think of turning them into Crabby Patties (a la Bob Esponge.  Or "Spongebob" for all you English speakers our there.) except they were Salmony Patties.  Of course.

Look at that!  I even made...MADE...tartar sauce.  Oh lawdy, lawdy they were good.  If you want the recipe, get out your America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook (which of course you have, right?  Because if you didn't how would you ever make anything delicious?) and git to cookin'.

p.s. I used canned salmon instead of fresh.  Feeding a family of 7 on a budget for the win!

And then....

f/2.2  1/800s  ISO800

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 She is always so sweet letting him "help" her blow out the candles, so even those this picture isn't great, I had to put it in.

Cecilia was having  great hair day

Also note: I did not choose ANY of this clothing. Matching via sibling psychic connection.

In addition to a desire to rip out each other's hair 26 times a day, they also share a love  of  atlases.


I love how Cecilia is managing to pretend to be super interested in this yarn.  For a child who's just turned three, her social skills are truly top notch.  Hilare.  See also: excellent hair day.

My husband is great.  When I turned around and saw this, I had one of those "Wow, I am so blessed" moments, you know?

round button chicken

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  1. Would that be a Christmas shirt Cecilia is wearing? I hope so. My 5 year old wore a Christmas shirt to school for St. Patrick's Day because it was green. The day after, his jack-o-lantern shirt, because he loves it.
    Your salmon pattie looks wonderful. (great photo, too!) We love salmon, but I cannot use the canned kind. I tried, once. I can't get past the bones and the general horrible look of it all.

    1. Normally I wouldn't use it, but because it all gets smashed up turns out looking the same in the end!

  2. You take really awesome food pics lady! Way to make this pregnant girl hungry.

  3. Happy birthday to your sweet girl. That last picture stole my heart, too. Blessed, indeed.

  4. What a great life! You're blessed.

    And I see no problems with the hair, after mine looks like that and I call myself.... stylish, that's the word.

  5. Awesome happy pics! Happy Birthday to your big girl!

  6. The first pic had me drooling and I'm not keen on fish. That's a great shot. Your family is so sweet! And I know how you feel about not believing she's 12. My baby girl will be 12 in a few months and I can't believe it's gone so fast! Too fast.

  7. Happy birthday to your girl!! I must try these salmon patties sometime. Sounds fantastic. The cake looks scrumptious, too.

  8. What a very sweet {pretty happy funny real}... and as my biggest little (we like to make her crazy by calling her that in public) is 14 (risking comment craziness with another paren) I completely appreciate the angst at not having written a birth story. Happy birthday to your daughter!

  9. You are so, so, blessed. And 12? Your life is about to seriously change, forget the girl, your life will be changing, Mom.

  10. Your salmon cakes look awesome! I want some!

    Happy birthday to your girl! My oldest girl just turned 11 in Feb. She also loves atlases and yarn.

  11. That picture of your husband with the kids is so sweet. Even though I'm the teacher in the house, my husband has a knack for teaching little kids big things and I'm so crazy touched when I see him in action doing so!

  12. You and your hubby make gorgeous little people! Happy birthday to your oldest!

  13. Happy Birthday to her!
    Well done to you, great pictures!

  14. Happy birthdays to both of your Birthday girls. Looks like you had some fun celebrations.

  15. Happy Birthday to you biggest little! And, stop posting pictures of food while I'm pregnant! Mmmmm!

  16. Cecilia's hair is amaaaaazing! I kind of love crazy messy hair, until they reach the age of awkwardness, and she's so not there yet :)

  17. Looks like a great birthday celebration! Gotta make some of those salmon cakes! The thing that cracks me up is Katie's t-shirt, who'd have thought set-your-own-rules-Katie would wear something so "trendy"!
    You are truly blessed, my friend!

  18. I remember the room you were in at the hospital when Katy was born to be pretty swank for an Irving establishment. Happy birthday, Katy!

  19. Awesome photos! I really like the hamburger one. Maybe because I'm hungry? Or because a hamburger is always the right photo for a lady pregnant with twins? ;)


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