Friday, March 15, 2013

Ridic Stream of Consciousness + video (7qt)

friday friday Friday!

 Oh my gosh, y'all. Never sign your kids up for a class at noon. Okay probably you can because you are more organized and proactive than I am. Me? No. Disaster. In my defense, I thought it was at 9 am when I agreed to it.

Which is....further proof of how disorganized and opposite-of-proactive I am

 So I'm writing this into a blank email because technology hates me. Srsly, the blogger app is a giant turd. And, unrelated to blogging, I have yet to find a facebook app for Android that actually, ya know WORKS.  But I can't. Why?  All I want to know is why.  Wait, I know why- I'm cursed.

 Choo choo-in' this thought train back on I'm sitting on a sofa in the "library" of the repurposed elementary school that acts as the hub for our homeschoool partnership. I say "library" because there are 23 people up in herl and not a single one is reading a book. Pretty sure my baby is pooping. You ain't lived 'til you've pooped in a fake library!

 Holy cow, where is this going? Noon classes equal evil. Yes. Now I remember. Because we're here from 12-2. Away from the house from 11:45-2:30...

Aw, a little boy just came up and asked if he could play with the baby. Kids with no artificial age limitations to friendship! Woo hoo!

So if you have kids, you probably know what happens between those hours. Did you guess "nothing"? If so, you are incorrect! Because EATING AND NAPPING are what happen during those hours. Eating and napping: The holy grail of non-panicked children. Also, the holy grail of non-grouchy, non-rambleicious mothers.

Oh! Look! Only 25 minutes left! There are some boys trying to play a card game at a nearby table. 3 of the 4 don't know how to play and boy 1 is explaining how in the same way Dr. Doofenshmirtz tells a story. See also: the way I wrote this "blog post"

Wait.  Probably I'm required to say something about the awesome week our Church had, aren't I?  Y'all- homeschooling.  The bomb-diggity.  All my kids were here to watch the white smoke rise- which everyone saw as black first until it turned white.  Running!  Squealing!  Hearing the bells at St. Peter's!  Hearing the crowd chanting!  Calling other homeschooling friends to make sure they were watching!

Sweetness.  Total sweetness.

And anyone reading this blog has probably seen aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall the happy pope memes already, so I'll just share my favorite ('cause smiling's my favorite, too):

And then this.  It's got no words.  Just watch the body language.  Look at the joking.  Happy.  Generous with his affection.  Maybe I'm biased because my husband has this Hispanic arm-grabbing, hand shaking, physical affection thing goin' on for everyone he knows but man, I love it.

Please forgive me for this ridiculous waste of your time post!
Drink green beer tomorrow!
Learn from my scheduling mistakes!

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  1. ohgoodness I cannot get over how freaking cute our pope is. I mean, JPII was cute too. But this guy... he kills me. (Is this appropriate? Sorry. He's cute. Once at a discernment retreat in Ann Arbor the sisters held a vote as to who was cuter, JPII or Pier Giorgio. It was tough).

    Sorry, your stream of consciousness was contagious.

  2. Still to this day I cannot function between 11:30 and about 2pm. It's like there's some internal baby clock I have that shuts me down. Taking actual children out in that time frame sounds like madness to me!! :)

    1. It is absolute madness! Do you see what it did to my ability to use the English language? Oy.

  3. Why is this whole post making me laugh so much? I love it. And those hours are evil. It's one of the reasons I quit our once weekly homeschool resource center class thing. The boys loved it but I couldn't handle it with the baby and the subsequent crankiness and lack of sleeping that resulted from the loss of nap. and me being completely dysfunctional during those hours.

    Is that Cardinal George in the video? If so, he was my adopted cardinal AND we used to live in Chicago AND he once blessed John Paul while in utero. So basically I'm famous.

  4. I already lurve him. And I'm already sick of people saying, "I heard he is going to change the Church teaching on..." Gazonk!

  5. Oh my goodness! That is the best video on the interwebs right now! Love it!

  6. Yikes! I work full-time so I am like, never, in charge of my kids between 11:30 and 2:30 -- but even I know that eating and napping takes place during those hours. Hang in there, you'll make it through.

    And I love love love love Pope Francis. So great. Love the name. Love the man. So great. So great.

    Thanks for a smile on this day, my friend.

  7. I don't have any kids that currently nap (except the baby who naps at all random, unpredictable times) and I still HATE, HATE, activities that happen around lunch time. Because eating is sacred in our house, and I HATE packing lunches to take on the go, and I like to be home during those hours, so I feel your pain.

  8. Okay so #1 This post is awesome and #2 the Pope is just adorable!

  9. We also squeeze baths in during that time (for some after lunch clean-up) so that would wreck the whole day!

    Oh, and <3 Pope Francis! Blessed to have been home streaming with my kids AND husband. He was working from home that day by a stroke of good fortune.

  10. Í am so showing that video to my husband when he gets home because we love Papa Francis so much!!

  11. I love that video! Isn't it funny how much you can love him so instantly?

  12. Ahhhh bless. That's the first vid I've seen of the new pope and he looks like a sweetie. Great stuff. Love the rambles - keep at 'em.

  13. That video is SO CUTE!!! I only wish there were subtitles - I want to know what was so funny! And why it looked like he was blessing packages of baby wipes. And why he was talking about a perpetual motion machine... Seriously, so cute! Thanks for that :)

  14. LOVE THE VIDEO!!!! He kind of reminded me of my dad, the way he grabbed the person with his left hand. My dad *always* did that, and he could talk to anybody in the whole world and both parties would have fun. Well, except for anybody under about 25. But he was terrific with adults!

  15. Ugh.. worst time ever!! Boo...

    LOVE that video!!!!! Our Pope is straight up adorable. I'd love to know what he saw talking about with the Cardinals; he was so animated at times!

  16. I love your post and I have just fallen in love with our new Holy Father, as well! The video has me smiling from ear to ear. He is so full of joy and laughter. :-) Thanks for sharing it! Have a great weekend. God bless, Lisa

  17. Dwija, you realize this is how my brain operates every day?!

    I love/ hate Bedford for the same reasons. we do 9-2 on Thursdays, so I feel your pain with the no napping/ distracted eating baby woes. But the enviornment there!!! Ahhh, so many different points of view, backgrounds, ideas, but all based on educating our children in the best way possible. (Also I love it because I don't have to do laundry when at Bedford!! BONUS!)

    Also, I would love to have a meal with Pope Franky and let him tell jokes and kiss my baby. You can't help but be optimistic about the church's future with him at the helm!

  18. Okay you were definitely sampling the green beer already, amiright?? And that video of Pope Francisco ;) was hilarious with the subtitles!!

    I only just start to drink my coffee at 11 am so I think everything is out for me. homeschooling. carpooling. cleaning. cooking.....

  19. Papa Francisco! ...or as my college kids have started saying "Papa Frankie" :)

    I just love him. And that video? I die. I don't even care that we can't hear what they're saying...his body language is more than enough.

  20. Hadn't seen this video yet. Love it! We have a jolly Pope.

  21. Hadn't seen this video yet. Love it! We have a jolly Pope.

  22. Watched with no sound on my office computer (speakers over in the church for laptop presentations) but so so awesome - and Dolan is so big! Love it all, love him already (Pope Francis)

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