Thursday, March 07, 2013

Chewbacca Costume, Cute Baby {phfr} {t.t}

My husband is working on some kind of project involving strands of burlap.  Lots and lots and lots of burlap.  Piles of burlap. He tried to tell me something about natural looking camouflage something something but all I heard was "blah blah blah Chewbacca costume blah blah blah."

Chewbacca costume!

1/30 f/3.5 ISO 800

1/15 f3.5 ISO 400
Someone has learned how to yank aaaaaaaaaaaaaaall the toys, piles and piles of toys, off the shelves.  Don't let her somber expression fool you- this makes her very, very, very happy.

When you're the baby sister, sometimes this is just going to happen to you:
1/80 f3.5 ISO 400


(Does this count as a "pile" of water?)

1/60s f3.5 ISO 400

Laundry. Piles and piles and piles of laundry.  Always with the laundry.

Cannot WAIT until we can start hanging the wet stuff outside again instead of on the indoor drying rack. C'moooooooooooon spring!

Linking up today with Like Mother, Like Daughter and Clan Donaldson, both of whom you should read immediately if you aren't already doing so.  Related:  Why?  Why aren't you already reading them?  Hurry!

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  1. Ah yes those moments when your brain and eyes fight out the whole Big mess ~ Happy baby issue.

    Seconded ~ Come on spring!

  2. Ghillie suit! Your husband is awesome.

    Oh, and your babe is adorable, as always.

  3. "Blah, blah, blah, chewbacca whatever, blah, blah" that is what my husband hears from me when I give him instructions to do almost anything. Your baby is adorable with the flower on top of her head, never take it off :) Gotta go, laundry is calling me too!!!

  4. Yes! You did the laundry piles. And you know how I feel about your Baby Chubalicious. Seriously, it's not fair to my hubby to read your blog in Phase 2. (Wink wink!)

    1. I'm with ya girls just make my ovaries ache!

  5. "Chewbacca" has a much better ring to it than "burlap string man". I say he should be glad for the Chewbacca moniker. ;-)

    I'm hoping to find a way this spring to string a tarp or something up so that I can hang clothes outside. (I did put up a clothes rod for drying over the unused tub, so at least I don't need two drying racks taking up space inside!)

  6. Oh my gosh. I was JUST saying to my husband yesterday how much I miss my clothesline and can't wait until spring is fully here. Thankfully, in the ATL, I won't have to wait too much longer. And laundry is the bane of my existence. As I ran around a few minutes ago collecting some because (once again, for the 100 millionth time) my oldest is out of clean uniforms.

  7. Can Tommy please hurry up and finish his Chewiesuit so I can wear it when I come visit?

  8. My 31 month old says he wants to come play with the baby. He also likes the butterflies on her shirt. And he really really wants to help me type..
    .............. dots! he says
    vb vb ....................

    Can you tell my husband won't be home until latE?

  9. So, I really mean this, your baby is one of the cutest ever. The end.

  10. What in have to go on about that costume, it can't just end there!!!

    And the baby behind the toy pile, I would love to come play. My big ugly kids can stay behind in Florida.

  11. holy cuteness look at that amazing baby!!! i still think lucy looks so much like her :)

  12. Ahahaha I love the ginormous flower RIGHT in the middle of her head!

    1. Cecilia INSISTED that it was going to look A-may-zing. She was totally right! ;)

  13. That baby is adorable and I have one that like to pull ALL the books off any shelf she can reach.

  14. Sweet baby with a flower on top!

    Chewbacca costume! Ha! Would suggest for next year's Halloween, but burlap on the face sounds uncomfortable.

  15. I love the clarity on these pics. they are awesom. My faves? Chewie and your baby girl's smile. It lights up the whole photo!!

  16. haha love the flower on the head. What a cutie pie. Sometimes I see photos of babies with flowers so big they are going to get lost under there ;)
    Love it!

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