Sunday, March 03, 2013

Something I made to go with something I wore (wiws)

It's March Miracleness!  I finished my project for Ana's link-up!

But first- what I wore, which helped to inspire completion of said project.

-Same ol' denim jacket from the fall.  Wearin' it again because it is MARCH and I do not care how much snow is on the ground.

-Fantastic, comfy, lovely sweater dress from Lands' End, which was part of their On The Counter clearance section.  Purchased with a 30% off coupon PLUS 6% cashback from Ebates.  Bargain high alert.

-Remember that light blue sweater I vowed never to wear again?  I done chopped me off some sleeves for insta-color-boot-sock-leggings.

-Super duper enormous earrings, stolen from my 10 year old. Via Old Navy dot com.

-New bag!  Fabulous bag! Combination purse/camera bag/diaper bag!  It comes in tons of colors.  You should totally get one. (not an affiliate link.  I'm just so happy with it.)

(p.s. Thank you to everyone who participated in Girly Blather 2013 on the fb page yesterday.  As you can see, I ended up going with black tights with the brown boots.  What say you?)

Which brings me to: my proooooooooooooooooject...

You know how when you shove things into your diaper bag and/or purse, they get covered in granola crumbs and Desitin?  Anyway, I wanted to be able so shove my camera into my magical bag without it getting filled with disgustingness and being ruined forever.  So I googled "turn purse into camera bag," read a thousand and seven tutorials, and then made this:

I'm ready, summer.  Come and get me.  Ain't none of your sand gonna git in mah lens!

So, I'm linkin' this bad boy up with What I Wore Sunday AND Ana's Cabin Fever Project Doing Extravaganza .


I feel so accomplished!

(p.p.s. do you ever cry during Mass?  Today's second reading where he asks if we think that people who suffer more have sinned more...oh man.  It is a tear jerker for me.  So embarrassing   Growing up believing in straight up karma,  I was taught that all suffering was punishment for our sins, either in this life or a previous one. What a sad, dejected way to muddle through the challenges of life.  I am so, forever grateful to have been given the gift of this Faith of Love.  Dang it.  Now I'm tearing up again.  I'll shut up now.)

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  1. You look amazing, Dweej! Love the earrings esp!

  2. I absolutely ADORE your outfit! I'm loving the jean jacket! It loos perfect with the dress :)

  3. You jacket and purse make me craaaaave spring. And, pretty dern amazing, that insert!

  4. Two words: earrings and purse. Love them both! And what a steal on a cute bag!!

    That is a very nifty idea turning your purse into a camera bag. Muy impressed.

  5. I love your purse organizer!
    Exactly what I said on my wiws edition... No desitin marks allowed inside my purse!

  6. I once read a quote from a very wise man, who said "Karma must be a load of rubbish, otherwise why do those who have committed heinous crimes never suffer so much as a cold, while I nobly get up in the middle of the night to bring my beloved wife a cup of tea and stub my toe in the process?"

    Or my ex-brother-in-law's horrific (but logical within the process) take on Karma - "If I punch someone in the face, they must've deserved it."

    Grace is where it's at :)

  7. I love your bag - inside and out! And I wish I had a 10 year old to steal earring from too - fab!

    It was an emotional mass for me too, but it was the Gospel reading that did it on my end. Dang mascara...

  8. That bag organizer. Ah-May-Zing. For serious. And great job on the sweater-dress deal!

  9. Oh yes! I have cried at Mass. The earrings are fabulous! Your 10 year old has good taste. Great bag and cool camera organizer!

  10. The insert is amazing!

    About once a year I have a good, ugly/pretty tears cry during Mass. Usually after receiving the Eucharist. I, just, it, yeah. . . I have no words but to say God is so good. So good.

    1. Yes He is! Holy Thursday is the worst/best every year, without fail.

  11. Nice outfit! And even greater project!!


    If you could see my diaper bag currently you'd know why that is all in caps. I am determined to do this- determined.
    I am so glad you linked it up, love love love it all!!!

  13. Yes, I cry during mass. I was never an emotional crier before kids, but they have turned me into a blubbering sentimental mess.

    LOVE the denim jacket with the dress. Yes, I pretty much just ignored the snow today, too. Snow be gone!

    YOUR PROJECT IS AWESOME! (And extra points for involving your boy!)

    Nice earrings. I gave you a little mention in my WIWS b/c I finally wore a bracelet, directly influenced by your piece on wearing stuff like bracelets.

  14. holy shmokers! love the outfit and love the purse insert...putting it on my to-make list asap!!!

  15. You look lovely today. And there were two reading options today, so I must have gotten the other one...

  16. Ow oww with your Tiffany's blue peakin' out of your boots! I'm a huge fan of your camera organizer. I just got one for myself a few weeks ago too.

  17. You are the woMAN! Love the craftiness, the bag is amazing, and you look gorgeous!
    This was such a great post, and I love that you also make it apparent what a beautiful heart you have.

  18. Is it weird to think you have such a nice neck??

    You look awesome!

  19. Awesome outfit! the earrings with the denim look so cool, and way to tie in the turquoise in the earrings with the sweater/socks.
    Thanks for the fun facebook tights survey.
    And thanks for the moving reflection on God's mercy. I have never known someone who was raised believing in 'straight up karma' before. what a relief Catholic Christianity must have been! When I think about or talk with my kids about pagan religions, from the worshipers of Baal, to the Aztecs, to whoever, i always imagine with pity how much they need to know the truth of who God really is. Can you imagine being one of the ancient Celts, who did human sacrifice, who learned the good news from St. Patrick?! Maybe you can! and how good for all of us believers to be reminded how great God's mercy and abundant, didproportionate love is! Moved to tears again.

  20. Please don't shut up talking about your reflections on faith. You have such a unique perspective. My only knowledge of karma comes from My Name is Earl re-runs. No, that reading doesn't make me tear up but I've never thought about it like you do. Thinking about it from your perspective, I totally get how you could feel very emotional about it. Your perspective is totally uniquely you. Keep talking, Dwija!

  21. This is definitely one of my favorite WIWS outfits! The socks? Genius. What I love even more is transforming your bag! I so need to do that. Hey, you should link up over at my place for "Making It Count" where you bring your Pinterest pin or an online idea to life. You certainly did that! :-) Here's the link.

  22. Gorgeous outfit! I see this boot sock things everywhere and I think I'm just going to have to try them.

  23. Black tights were definitely the way to go, I love the pop that the blue adds, and that bag organizer is brilliant!

  24. I am not usually highly influenced. I believe handbags are from the devil. I still use the one the hospital gave me...when I gave birth to Leo. BUT! We just found a completely rotting 3 week old oozing black banana exploded in the bottom and I don't want to touch that bag. Maybe that's the reason??? But I want that bag right now I might click "Place Order". But there is a leeeeetle tiny problem. Oh husband...Why you no have no monies in the bank for me to spend????

  25. Oh and the insert is WICKED AWESOME!!!!

  26. The insert is AMAZING!!! OH, totally getting a HUGE purse now, as I can be OR-GAN-IZED!!! :-D
    And yes, I do cry in church. Songs, readings, you name it - I well up pretty easy.

  27. 1. LOVE the new purse! Especially the yellow color/cognac color - that will go with everything!
    2. Yay for repurposing the sweater!
    3. I'm so impressed with your bag organizer!

  28. A. Love the outfit. And w/ the glasses & bag? You look super glam!
    B. That is such an awesome project! Let me know when you open your Etsy shop & I will most def. purchase one. :)

  29. Can you sell those on Etsy?? I'll buy 10. Oh how I wish I could sew!!!

  30. That is a cool stuff which you had carried. Johny Santangelo


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