Thursday, March 21, 2013

Food and Mud {phfr}

Can food be pretty?

Made this bad boy AAAAAAAAAAAAALL by myself (and if you know how terrible I am in the kitchen [read this if you don't believe me] you will be suitably astounded) the other day.  By myself, I tell you!

Big sister and little sister made muffins together this week.  Real, actual, delicious muffins.  All by themselves!  See above as to why I didn't offer to help.  Wanna see the finished product?  Right here, baby.

Continuing with this week's food theme, this was the boy's actual, not-staged reaction to the crepes that Katie made for French class this week.  And by "crepes" of course I mean "pancakes."

And here is my mud for Theme Thursday...
f/4.5 1/30s ISO 1600

Dudes and dudettes- do you know that the out of doors is filled with snow STILL?  Supposedly Saturday will be in the 40s.  If they are lying, they are getting Crouching-Tiger-Hidden-Dragoned in the face.  Anyway, this is the actual state of our entryway.  How many pairs of boots does one family need?  78.  78 pairs of boots cluttering up the very front of my house.

round button chicken

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  1. I WANT pizza! And crepes! That pizza looks awesome!

  2. I clicked the link hoping for a pizza tutorial. That pie looks Amazebomb! Y u no share the secrets of your ninja pizza skills? And those whole wheat twix walnut cookies, I would eat them all, because you didn't screw up the butter.

  3. Your pizza isn't just's gorgeous!

  4. Food absolutely can be pretty. And that pizza is pretty awesome! Yum. :-)

    How many rain boots does one family need? More than can ever be worn at one, but always one short of everyone having a full pair when they need them. Or maybe that's just my house...

  5. o my goodness, that pizza looks absolutely delicious!!! i need some stat!

  6. I heart Paul's expression there. Holy cow, it's The Jude. Total immersion in whatever emotion they're feeling at the moment.

  7. That pizza ain't pretty, it's downright glorious! The boot pick is excellent, love that bit of red right in the center.

  8. Something about perfectly browned cheese makes it one of the most beautiful sights in the world!

    Also, my mom is a terrible terrible cook. So my sister & I learned to cook from a pretty young age in self-defense and now we're kind of awesome at cooking. So just wait a couple of years and your big girls will be doing ALL the cooking!

  9. your girls making muffins together - SOOO SWEET!! And that pizza is REEEEL good lookin'! And ginormous!!

  10. Oh yes, food can be pretty! YUM!

  11. Mmmm... that looks delicious. (except for the muddy boots. Sorry about the muddy boots.)

  12. I love your mud photo! And now please tell us what toppings you used for that delicious looking pizza!

  13. The pizza looks beautiful! And those most have been some delicious crepes, too!


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