Thursday, June 19, 2014

Baby, accessories, and other good stuff {phfr} {FF}

This weeks has  When a new baby is born, I always know it's going to happen and then it always happens but then when it happens I'm like "gah!  what is happening?!?!?" But I'm not good at sharing things while I'm in the middle of them, so I will emotion-dump on you in retrospect on some other day, okey doke?

Let's keep it lite 'n' lively for now (trademarking lite 'n' lively rightthissecond.  It could be a low calorie chili recipe or something. Oh my gosh, so just kidding.  Even the idea of that sort of makes me gag).


If it's wrong to call your newborn son pretty, I don't wanna be right.  What a delicious morsel he is!

How do you plan and pack for something really exciting and special?  The Edel Gathering is less than 6 weeks away and I have JUST delivered a hefty child, so there is only one place for me to start: accessories.

Are you in love or are you in love?  I found these while trolling ThredUp a few months ago and they were exactly my size and I knew I had to have them.  The foundation of my shoes for the Friday night party righty right thar, my friends.  No idea what I'm going to be wearing on my torso, nope.  But shoes?  I got it.

 I do believe we have a sibling lookalike situation going on over here....

I'm gonna copout on this one and just show you another accessory that I got to go with the outfits I don't have.  Ebay, friends.  Never forget about Ebay.
Four dollah.  Terrible picture.  Just trust me- it's good.

{bonus 5th favorite}
I have this old pair of Athleta running shorts, size large.  (Oh my gosh, no I have not been running.  Sistah please.)  They are absolutely the most comfortable, fit-all-the-time, never-ride-up-the-butt shorts that have ever been created, I'm sure of it.  The sad news is that the styles I see on their site now are really different than what I own.  So tell me ladies: have you tried any of the current styles of Athleta shorts?  Are they glorious or just meh?  Halp!


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  1. What a handsome schmandsome little man!! Love these pictures. :) And the fluffy words. ;)
    Country Girl's Daybook: Jesus, Photography, Fashion, & Food

  2. I wish I was going to Edel so I could see you in your super cute accessories. And see your adorable bebe.

  3. Ha ha ha ha ha! Love this post. Your foundation rocks!

  4. I want your shoes. That is all.

  5. I LOVE Athleta, particularly their skorts. Oh! And their tanks. But I don't have current info, because I'm overdue with #5 right now and I don't seem to fit into Athleta skorts whilst pregnant...weird, right? Anyway, spill if you find something good!

  6. They are meh, and all sorts of fancy fabrics that are not good for nether regions on ladies that need cotton to BREATHE. At least that was my skort/Capri/pant verdict last year post hefty bambino.

  7. Definitely a pretty baby! And I so need to check out thredUp.

  8. I don't even know what Athleta shorts are. Call me clueless (on so many things). Enjoy this season of "Gah!"

  9. OooooOOOH that baby is like warm chocolate chip cookies! Y'all should be glad I don't live nearby or I would eat him right up!

  10. I'm impressed that you even got this post out with a new baby :-) So you're already my hero!

  11. Love Athleta shorts - great wicking fabric, inner pant-liner thing is very comfy (no chafing.) They run true-to-size. I much prefer "technical fabrics" to cotton. If you are working out in heat and humidity cotton shorts (or worse, underwear) are like running in a soggy cloth diaper. Athleta is pricey, but GapFit and Old Navy Active (they're all the same company) have very similar styles at a much lower price point.

  12. You can return any Ahtleta stuff you don't love, so there is really no risk. FYI, I don't know if you are busty or not, but I am and finding a good sports bra has always sucked. Athleta sells the "Glory Bra", and it is AMAZING. I am ordering another one, as I like it better than my regular bras. Nursing is a little weird in it, as you have to come up over the top and just look like a farm animal in a milking demonstration, but still worth it.

    Also, I love this baby!

  13. Yep, he IS pretty! He is beautiful! He is beyond beautiful! (I'm a grandma, I'm allowed to get all gushy about babies...). And those gorgeous orange shoes! Want!!! And I wouldn't mind still having feet that could wear them, too. Alas. In my house they'd just sit on my mantel and I'd admire them. Maybe fill them with marigolds. On the other hand, maybe you'd better just keep 'em.

  14. Well , sillies, Ebay again! They have a treasure trove of Athleta. Seriously, check it.


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