Monday, June 30, 2014

Me blog good someday

But today is not that day.

This is an "off" week at la Casa Borobia, meaning that there are no camps or trips scheduled.  So: recover from last week (VBS, Dwija & Lizzy birthday), prep for this weekend (baby's baptism! 4th of July! open house for friends who are moving!), and plan for "on" week next week (2 big girls working at horse camp at the barn down the street.  Monday thru Friday, 8-4 p.m.  Help me Jesus.  Seriously Imma need your help).

How about a slew of unedited photographs so I don't go for two whole weeks between blog posts?

OH!  Today is also our 14th wedding anniversary.  FOURTEEN YEARS.  You know what other thing I've done for 14 years straight?  Breathe.  That's it.  I've not had the same address or lived in the same city or state or worked for the same company or had the same haircut or owned the same clothes....wait, I take that back.  That ugly red boucle sweater

Okay, so the ugly red sweater is the only thing in my life that has outlasted my marriage.  That's sayin' something about acrylic, y'all.

Blahblahblah, rambleramble.  Pictures!

There's paul in the brown burlap, happily trotting off to jail as a Christian during their performance of St. Tarcisius

Katy is in the orange shirt in front of these littles, helping them to sing their sweet little song on the last day of VBS

If I had more time, I'd draw little arrows pointing to my 3 kids in this pic.  But I don't.  Moral: Dominican Sisters of Mary Mother of the Eucharist are WINNERS.  Have them do your VBS next year, srsly.

Katy and her doppleganger (you've seen this on the fan page already, I know.  So sorry.)

My birthday buddy with her kindred spirit. Like, bffe y'all.
 Double birthday at the lake...
my birthday buddy ridin' dirty...

Paul is still a duck

Charlie is STOKED

It was not so gloomy.  What's up camera? #noediting

2 year old booty

deeeeeee- LISH

sweetness overload

I told them "the only summer pics I get are of you guys eating..."  DON'T MIND IF WE DO.

Wow.  Such yum.  So Michigan.

candles in peach cobbler

sibling help

git in mah belleh

And one more for the road....

Every child of ours has ridden in this swing.  13 years and still humming!

Whew!  I did it!  Love you lots.  Sorry for the....something.  Or lack of something.
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  1. I could hear your voice in my head as I read the captions for this, and it was cracking me up.

  2. You know me and how I love the photo posts. You did not disappoint. Happy belated birthday, and happy anniversary! Kev and I had ours yesterday. It's such a trip to think that I've been married to that man for over 1/3 of my life.

  3. Happy anniversary! You've been married exactly twice as long as us. For the math challenged, that means oda g is our 7th wedfing anniversary. Good times.

  4. You could just post gratuitous baby pictures and we would all be happy. Happy Anniversary! I can relate to the longevity craziness - I grew up as a military brat and moved SO much. Now, I've been married almost 20 years (in September) AND lived in the same house my entire married life. Crazy!

  5. Happy anniversary to you two live birds!!!
    You are AMAZING! And you just had a baby. You also have some seriously good looking kids!!!

  6. Love MC's bathing suit, cutie booty.

  7. Happy Anniversary! I love all the pics!!

  8. Hello! You've been added to my favorite blog list. Check it out at my blog:

    From your whole food-y!
    Janie Lynn


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