Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Third Week Redux (with pics!)

So.  It's Tuesday?  I...

Here's the thing.  I really was like "wow, that Friday post was so negative and if people come back to check for new posts and just keep seeing that over and over again, it's gonna be such a downer man." Complete with put-out surfer dude accent and everything.  So I vowed to come and replace it with something new.  Something happy! And fresh!  And interesting!
But just a second ago I aaaaaaaaaaaaalmost got a nap, like I was actually asleep with the baby, and a certain child who shall remain unnamed decided that s/he was not interested in quiet time after all (shocker) and decided to stomp around in the hallway nearby to simultaneously let me know that s/he was rebelling against my impossibly horrible demand and to hopefully wake up the crib-bound child(ren) in the process.

This caused me to rocket out of bed like a watermelon seed being shot from between an experienced thumb and forefinger, heart racing, brain telling me weird things about falling out of bed and/or bad guys repelling from helicopters into my house.  And my immediate response thereafter was to physically remove him/her from the vicinity in a manner that would make my midwife none too happy. Not out of concern for the child, who was of course fine because durable, but because, you know, that child weighs considerably more than the newest one, whose weight has been deemed the limit that I can safely lift.

I refuse to read over the previous three sentences for fear that my brain will explode from grammatical error overload.

That's when I realized that maybe I shan't attempt to fake a giddy mood and maybe instead you would like to see my most recent facebook statuses and tweets in a row so you can giggle at my plight and hashtagFirstWorldProblems your way through them.  Then I'll wrap up with some cute pictures and we can all go home happy.  Bueno.

Wow, I am just a barrel of monkeys over here, y'all!  Sheesh.  And really, all I want to do is to show you our new chicken coop from start to finish.  But I can't.  Brain.  Mush.

Pictures of people instead?  You got it.



Hey, want all of the Anne of Green Gables books free for Kindle plus poems and short stories and all sorts of other LM Montgomery gold?  Haz clique aqui.
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  1. I know that you're not being grumpy JUST to amuse me and the rest of your fan girls, but ... your grumpiness amuses. You are doing grumpy right. And we are thankful, because been there/are there/will be there again. Solidarity.

  2. On the bright side, that baby looks scrumptious and the cookies do too. In different ways, of course.

    And is it terrible to admit I have never read the Anne of GG series? Would I enjoy it, starting them as an adult? I do have a Kindle and would welcome some new material.

    1. Yes, you would enjoy Anne as an adult! I didn't read the books until I was an adult and I loved them.

  3. soooo sweet baby...mmmm cookies...joined WW yesterday,,,dinner not done yet....grumble

  4. Hah. Chickens are stupid. Which is why I have nothing to do with them at my house.
    Country Girl's Daybook: Jesus, Photography, Fashion, & Food

  5. I know you have to hate all the older women who say, "it gets easier" and "one day you'll miss this" and blah-blah-blah... but for real... I seriously am so chill that occasionally the cats will do a welfare check and try to figure out if I'm still breathing. Although, honestly, I don't miss those crazy days. I miss the sweet baby cuddles but I do not miss the horrific fatigue and poopy diapers and no... I do not miss projectile vomiting. I had one who had perfect dramatic timing - he'd send a little curdled koolaid and hot dog bomb flying just as we walked in the door at church... or were stuck in traffic... To this day I can't drink anything resembling red koolaid. I pray for you daily and I appreciate your contribution to continuing the human race! *hugs*

  6. Please don't feel obligated to keep us all updated! These forty days are given to us mothers by the Church to rest and heal, and take care of the baby. I understand the cranky that comes with a newborn in the house, and if blogging is a nice stress release, then go for it, but if blogging is causing more stress, we can wait until you get your groove back. Best wishes.

  7. ROFL at your chickens :) Your grumpiness is far more witty than my grumpiness. When I'm grumpy I usually just yell at people or get all dramatic about small problems. And, um, cute baby pics? Yes please! I'm looking forward to seeing the chicken coop but, no offense to the chickens, I bet your kiddos are cuter than the coop.

  8. I meant to comment last week but: baby brain. Sorry about all your "parts" problems. I'm glad you have a midwife who can handle her ish. They are the bomb-diggity.

    As to this post: I was so happy to be having a girl until I saw pics of Juanito in his Sunday best! OMG baby boys in church clothes are to die for!!!

    Stay grumpy, Grumpy Cat. You be making us all laugh. (No, really, you don't have to stay grumpy. But it IS kinda funny.)

  9. 13 years was a good streak, but do I ever feel for you (no, I didn't have that long of a streak...maybe 4 years) as my "must-have-a-high pain tolerance-7.5 year old-has-no-idea-her-stomach-hurts-daughter" puked in my van last month. Glad that I didn't have a newborn to take care of at the time, but my pregnancy nose could barely take it and we froze the rest of the way home with the windows down...and, what a mess to clean up! Now, I keep small bathroom sized trash bags with a diaper that has been turned inside out inside if it if anyone should know ahead of time that they don't feel well.

    But, really, I'm sorry for your current "funk" as it can be frustrating and you wonder whether things will ever become "normal" again. (Hey, did any of your other children come down with chicken pox?)

  10. Oh my gosh, I love your post about living in squalor! My sister and I say that all the time right after we bring home our newborns. I do the c-section thing, so the first couple weeks are rough. And people are all like, 'don't worry about your house, just worry about those babies'. And I'm like, 'I get it, but I am like LIVING in a pigsty which isn't good for anyone'. Then I make my husband hire a housecleaner for four hours. I did that. With the third baby/c-section in three years because the thought of cleaning completely overwhelmed me. and it was awesome. And I thought I would do it forever. But turns out, after a month, I really could maintain my house once again. That is my story.

  11. I completely rushed to Amazon last night when I saw the Anne post - Yay!! And I'm just happy to see some cute baby pics - so don't stress about the posting. And I laughed in a "solidarity" way about the napping - I had that child too, when I had babies. And he quickly understood the wrath that would incur if he disturbed mommy's nap time because he was tired of "quiet time". Now I have to blast that child out of the bed in the morning. Where was that need for sleep when I wanted it?!

  12. Duuuude. Solidarity. That is all.

  13. Your innards fell out and you have a newborn and a house full of kids and a yard full of fowl. I think you are allowed to post the grump for as long as you feel the need!

  14. (raising my hand politely) It's not the full Anne series . . . Anne of Windy Poplars and Anne of Ingleside won't be available on Kindle for quite a few more years.
    No comment on how many times I have ranted about the short-sighted publishers not making a bundled one-volume ebook of the whole series and making a ton of money.

  15. Your grumpiness makes me smile and makes my grumpiness less so. Thsnk you for being real. Hope things go better next week!

    I hear you on the stomping children during naps. I layed down for a nap on Sunday and I baaaaaarely fell asleep and in comes my daughter to ask where a remote was. I was like "good grief! I am not your only parent! Gahhhhh!!!!!" And my toddler prefers to scream while ppl are sleeping and throw fits, because no one shall sleep when she's being forced to lay down.


  16. Post MORE pics please. My ovaries need a fix.


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